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President of Love Systems and expert dating coach Nick Savoy gives you his exclusive tips on how single guys should approach and flirt with women. Having a g…



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  • ronimacarroni 3 years ago

    Having to be in that constant state of plotting pisses me off

  • frankie743 3 years ago

    I agree with Magic nuggetspua.They should have more stuff out.I think they
    are Highly informative and useful.

  • larrygt1 3 years ago

    see what i like about love systems and mm is that they show how and what
    you should do apon the real world naturals dont show that naturals just say
    be confident and thats it okay but what the fuck do you do in a club how do
    you interact love sytsems or mm they beak it down piece per piece of what
    you should do in the real world of picking up and what to say and
    demonstarte value be fun interesting have a game plan of what to do next be
    prepared infield youll see how important it is.

  • boleiaorg 3 years ago

    thanks for the great info!

  • Peter O'Grady 3 years ago

    Dude, you have to go back to school. Do full stops ring a bell? No? What
    you wrote is garbage, whether or not it makes sense to you. Who could
    bother trying to understand that?

  • ilovenick1234567890 3 years ago

    great advice, but how do i engage the conversation, touch her and be
    accepted by the group ???

  • LoveSystems 3 years ago

    For beginners we advice to get a routine stack to get comfortable talking
    to strangers and beautiful women. This and more is all explained in our
    book Magic Bullets, the bible for dating and seduction.

  • Lumina Inova 3 years ago

    This guy is great, 🙂 Women arent that bad when you understand what to do
    when you with them 🙂

  • Magicnuggetspua 3 years ago

    Yeah you guys should post more of those short clips. They’re useful.

  • LoveSystems 3 years ago

    @bellicose2009 Totally agree!

  • Whisper 3 years ago

    I agree, natural sounds great in theory but unless it’s broken down by
    steps it would take years to master.