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Too often men learn how to approach women with the wrong attitude. Learn about the four attitudes that don't work with meeting women, and learn the right att…



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  • Ray Rico 3 years ago

    Arash brought me here.

  • SpiderShane1 3 years ago

    @Maniac50AE true that. And afc’s wonder why their girlfriends are fucking us

  • Adrian Veidt 3 years ago

    Lust is the most important thing. If I don´t have lust, I can stop chasing

  • puddin6010 3 years ago

    @LifeRegenRevolution WOW….Your rare….You go boy…LOL

  • Hudsucker94 3 years ago

    With a name like wonderwomanfan4life, where do you range on the 1 to 20 fat
    chick scale?

  • Air Bag 3 years ago


  • WJValente 3 years ago

    In other words, you must be “non-outcome dependent”.

  • PETELAD1972 3 years ago

    What if I’ve been getting on normally with a girl i see almost every day a
    work, asked her if she fancied hooking up one friday and got back an “i
    don’t know, i’m really flattered though”. ? (before knowing this stuff).
    Now, How can I now turn that round? or is it Game Over?. I only see her for
    a short time, we do different shifts.

  • WonderWomanFan4life 3 years ago

    @ALEXtilionx the only guys that can be excused is the mentally retarded or
    thos who have no arms, no legs, and can’t talk. other than that if you
    cannot get laid in 2011 you must be disqusting because we are living in the
    NASTIEST era ever. my best friends DAD is like 55 and he has like 4
    girlfriends. He is always asking us about kool restaurants to take his so
    called lady friends and he is not gorgeous but he is FUN and Clean looking
    not with Fungus on corners of mouth from eating bad pussy

  • AlwaysBeClosingABC 3 years ago

    Funny, I watched all of these videos and did not notice the chocolate on
    his mouth. Now that several others pointed it out, I’m wondering if it’s
    really chocolate, or scabs?

  • WonderWomanFan4life 3 years ago

    @ALEXtilionx No i am definitely not ugly. nor am i chasing some guru old
    dude who has fungus on his mouth trying to ask this ugly ass mf how to get
    some pussy. Seriously> if you are a guy in this day 2011 and cant get laid
    you must suck 100% and are totally nasty and basically something is wrong.
    because there is really no since an a guy not getting at least laid by a
    woman who is a 6. its just you want young 18, 19 year olds who do not want
    you .seems you have issues txting me over old shit

  • Tom Mackio 3 years ago

    @mattowarrior Yep, Scientology is for nutcases

  • Barry Chuckle 3 years ago

    yeah tube vids help make it simple to pickup 5 out of 10s but if you want
    to pick up hot gils you really need to have game or they wont even look at
    you must see the video on PUA66.COM In her experience, there were only two
    kinds of guys: the ones into sports and the ones into video gaming

  • Ebuverthebicepcurler 3 years ago

    Hey, fat chicks likely have less sex, so you have a lower chance of getting
    an STD.

  • melesio87 3 years ago

    This guy is hilarious 1:03 1:11 1:21

  • joeysixtysix 3 years ago

    Loser not Looser……Loser. A knot can be loose……you lose a football
    game. Loser.

  • ch0s3nd3r 3 years ago

    @randombaz herpies

  • thetattytruth 3 years ago

    clever guy

  • panagioths kati 3 years ago

    and if nothing of these works,there are still prostitutes xaaxa 😛

  • Andrew B 3 years ago

    @RicHimself no, you’re right, there’s a whine in the background. knowing
    ross, it’s probably a really high voice saying “BUY ROSS JEFFRIES’ BOOK”
    over and over again.

  • Ebuverthebicepcurler 3 years ago

    I can agree on your assessment of skinny woman. In general I go for a Lily
    Thai, but sometimes even the fat or skinny ones will attract me.

  • keltik316 3 years ago

    the beard is a good idea. Masks how fucking ugly he is.

  • FuckOFF 3 years ago

    Don’t be the first guy to talk to the chick. Be that second guy, and you
    end up with the best chances ever. I’m telling you you will strike gold,
    and get laid.

  • rricardo1987 3 years ago

    I just recently began absorbing (Paul) Ross Jeffries’ material. A third of
    this stuff I dismiss as being creepy, another third I completely agree
    with, and the other third I find way too complicated (I think women are
    complicated anyways). I do believe Ross Jeffries has a lot to teach, I am
    completely open to learning new things, and the way things seem to be
    going, I think it will be a very long time for me to even begin remotely
    grasping the godly knowledge that Ross Jeffries offers.

  • James Green 3 years ago

    i love that bit about the hot girl that rejects you has this magic
    telepathic power to transmit to all the other hot girls to reject you too,
    phew !! thank you u teach and make me laugh at the same time .

  • SpiderShane1 3 years ago

    @kenzaifun good luck with that

  • Daxman1984 3 years ago

    @apolit11 I dont find your comments rational so i will end this discussion
    here. I have absolutely nothing against gay people so i dont see why you
    need to speak so bluntly about this group? Like i said before i am not a
    religious person but that does not mean i am uneducated. That is something
    you seem to assume in your comments. NLP and the power of mind truly go
    hand in hand because someone with a strong psyche can not be manipulated.
    Trust me i’ve tried in on a COP, doesnt work 🙂 Cheers!

  • Artorias 3 years ago

    @apolit11 Don’t worry dude, I have a girlfriend. 😉

  • Ebuverthebicepcurler 3 years ago

    Because the majority of men don’t like them. They at least have sex with
    less men.