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All about boyfriends, (and girlfriends), with tips and suggestions! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!



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  • gsheywood1441 4 years ago

    she is very pretty unlike jayne jk jk!!! hahahahaha

  • gsheywood1441 4 years ago

    well i have a crush on this boy named tommy and he likes me so i am fucking happy give me more tips!!!!!! hahahahahaha jk jk

  • Reece Gruemmer 4 years ago

    Well, we’re 11! You think we really know that much about boyfriends? And that’s a HUGE part of our life: burping, actually soda drinking, and LOTS of screaming. Also, dancing, and singing and stuff like that.

  • Reece Gruemmer 4 years ago

    Well, my dog’s name is darby and I calll him a poopy instead of a puppy because he eats his poop.
    WTF is your name about, omganonymous111. It sounds like a frikin orange.