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  • Kezia noble 3 years ago

    Dating advice 

  • b1ackbob 3 years ago

    Wow, how much botex are you packing in your cheeks. 

  • Releasethezazen 3 years ago

    Thirsty simps everywhere with not a drop to drink. Get a hold of
    yourselves. Kezia is awesome, but don’t put her on a pedestal until you at
    least get to really know her in person. Don’t put any woman on a pedestal.

  • TheTraveler 3 years ago

    All these morons here commenting on her breast, do you not have better
    things to do? Its clearly an advertising gimmick to attract more viewers,
    you have such little understanding of how chicks think no wonder all you
    suckers are here.

  • videowilliams 3 years ago

    I like the new opening/closing sequences, respect your
    straight-talking/hard-hitting advice, appreciate the delightful way you
    dress and have been subscribed to you for yonks.

  • Ben Cutter 3 years ago

    One word… Boobs

  • Munchies romero 3 years ago

    Dear kezia. I have a little problem. There’s this girl that lives next door
    to me. I talked to her a few times when we saw each other outside, probably
    like 3 Times. Last time I talked to her, I noticed that she had her eyes
    wide opened when she saw me, and she looked like she was really into me
    when I went to talk to her. Recently I wanted to ask her out but it turns
    out she doesn’t come out of her house that often. I was thinking of
    knocking on her door one day to ask her out. Problem is that we don’t know
    each other much and I don’t know how she might react :P

  • Screww Yourr Policyy 3 years ago

    i’d rather pay you to suck my dick instead of “coach” me.

  • Majestic AquariumsTV 3 years ago

    How often do guys cone to your seminars then try out your advice on you?

  • KingPharroh 3 years ago

    Hmmmm I wonder…

  • hexrohexro 3 years ago

    just promise me you’ll never cover them tits. it’s all I ask.

  • aloosh firas 3 years ago

    You are very Cute !
    And your tips are all awesome cause they make so Much sence !
    Thanks for sharing them 

  • NYCrazyRob 3 years ago

    Lol, I think that top is some kind of test to try to keep eye contact. @__@

  • epicDuftbaum 3 years ago

    Damn, that accent sounds so sexy^^

  • DroppingTheDeuce 3 years ago

    Are you trying to seduce me?

  • sramctc 3 years ago

    It is hard focus on your eyes, Ar ………… anyway, you look tried :)

  • JCGrantatAC 3 years ago

    0:11-0:13 should be played on a loop.

  • DoomFinger511 3 years ago

    I come for the advice. I stay for the low cut shirts.

  • Robert Thompson 3 years ago

    That look at the end…ha ha ha! What if I want to be the ONLY ONE who
    benefits? I can’t help but be greedy when it comes to having a Lady bless
    me with herself. When I have a woman’s desire to be mine, I typically blow
    it because of possessiveness, and, “Heart on Sleeve” mentality. I would
    rather be able to KEEP HER enticed, but never squeeze her delicate
    butterfly, or even touch her free-spirited wings. Thank you very much, by
    the way.

  • Abdullah Alkahtani 3 years ago

    Hey Kezia, If your three promises work with me to get you and have a date
    with you then—>Here is (My three promises to you):
    1. I’ll always give you the straight sex hard hitting answers and solutions
    that you always dream of with your dream man!
    2. I promise you that you’ll never hear me give a shit about what people
    say about you I’ll treat you like a princess, like William with kate ^_^
    3. I promise you that I’ll give you the most honest insight into the male
    mind. Here’s the deal if you want me that’s my Twitter address
    #LikeAGangster1 and I hope to see you soon ^___^

  • Abdullah Alkahtani 3 years ago

    Can you teach me how to sleep with you on my bed? I’ll pay you if you

  • Davo Hayrapetyan 3 years ago

    in this video boobs are bigger and more open.


  • Astro10024 3 years ago

    NY loves Kezia. Great to see you’re back!

  • MrGamingMatrixx 3 years ago

    You can really learn from her. Because you wonna know the thinking of a hot
    girl? She helps you because she is one and even tells it to you!

  • James Bond 3 years ago

    If those are the new digs, good job Kezia.