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Tired of being single? Follow my online program Attract Any Man… *** Matthew Hussey shares conversational flirting …



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  • Rock N 3 years ago

    Worst question a woman can ask us guys within the first few minutes of a
    conversation is “what do you do for a living?” Us guys already know your
    trying to slid the financial qualifications in real quick before you go
    any further with us. You’ve got to also realize we are screening out the
    gold diggers before we go too far also.

  • Emeline Lex 3 years ago

    Damn, I wish I met guys who could carry interesting convos.

    Not the “hey, how are you?” “What do you do/what school do you go to/what
    do you do in your spare time”? Sure these are great to get to know someone.
    But within the first few minutes of meeting someone can’t we try to spice
    it up a bit? 

  • lydia marie smith 3 years ago

    marry me! xx

  • Cassie Faye 3 years ago

    If I am a student should that be work mode or fun mode?

  • Moe MGTOW 3 years ago

    LOL The women in this comment section acting like baboons in heat. 

  • Valerie Adel 3 years ago

    your cute =)) :* ♥

  • TheVocalMale 3 years ago

    You’ve got a lot more to learn about how women operate!

    The reason they ask what you do in relation to a career, etc, is to assess
    how fat your wallet could potentially be. Don’t underestimate what you deem
    as a boring question, unless you intend on being mugged over some time in
    the future. 

  • Annie M 3 years ago

    great video

  • Pájaro De Madera 3 years ago


  • delys754 3 years ago

    can you give us some questions that we could ask??

  • Tina Larsen 3 years ago

    Hes good…I like him…

  • Luanie D 3 years ago

    Can you give us ideas on what to do if your ex stops talking to you for 3
    What about that? People sometimes say, let it go and there are other fishes
    of the sea, and blah.. but it isn’t easy for everyone to just let go and
    accept that the person you love, is ignoring you for long. There are plenty
    of other people who are in this situation like me, so what can we do?

  • SWIFTzTrigger 3 years ago

    This guy is a genius, He is helping guys out AND girls out. You have no
    idea how awkward and self conscious guys are, always thinking girls think
    they are creeps, boring, etc. Giving these tips to women should make them
    more forgiving to the men who are nervous and usually pretend to be
    confident lol. 

  • Katrina Whirlpool 3 years ago

    yes let me know when you figure that one out.

  • Charm Kyle 3 years ago

    oh! maybe an engagement ring…..

  • 2468boo27 3 years ago

    thats me too!

  • cherrywineandsoul 3 years ago

    stop being so sexy, Matt!

  • guiriquita 3 years ago

    He is a momma boy. He is. So go figure…

  • Ashley B 3 years ago

    lol i forgot that i had said that

  • SammieFallsInReverse 3 years ago

    what to do if its kind of long distance (2 hours away) we skyped for 8
    hours and even fell asleep while talking a couple days ago but know i cant
    get his attention for long and actually feel like im annoying him..

  • Brenda Charles 3 years ago

    I think he is talking about when you’re flirting. Its not something you
    want to be straightforward in basic manners. Its something that supposed to
    be fun and spontaneous and carefree. If you only talk to people in a formal
    way i feel sorry for you. You should try and act more playful with your
    friends or guy/woman you meet. It’s really amusing.

  • esthernassar 3 years ago

    im in loooove

  • bluqua 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh, I laughed SO hard at that!

  • Addie Harman 3 years ago

    How do you know?

  • Stacy Eaglin 3 years ago

    The i-phone had a weird way of taking care of Sexy. Lol 😉

  • Girlygirl 3 years ago

    Note to self: stop answering seriously to serious qtions.

  • xmenfan07 3 years ago

    Having an Iphone does NOT make you sexy… HAHAHA!!!!

  • Sugar Skulls 3 years ago

    I always come back to these videos when I think I forget about your advice.

  • Laura D 3 years ago

    Delicious man.

  • Crystal Senior 3 years ago

    he is so confident and sexy , i so fancy this guy ! wow and his smile ….
    why cant man be like this Gentleman . matt …

  • Electricgagaxx 3 years ago

    so…will these tips work on you? 😉

  • ingozee 3 years ago

    are you a gemini, aries, or leo or something

  • kikiwilde 3 years ago

    Im Blushing……….Cant we just be ourselves?Its sooooo much work….he
    is cute though

  • againandforever 3 years ago

    I’m sure she’s aware of that. It’s the accent that makes them unique.

  • Mahron 3 years ago

    Dear God, why don´t you stop me watching this xD i have to study for my
    exams haha.. love your Videos! Can´t get enough! .. Where can i meet you, i
    guess i need a talk with you and your Iphone man 😉

  • JennMcFly 3 years ago

    Transcrined english: “when you have to go to dosto which israelis have lost
    is something that he’s a little more than once.”…what? LOL

  • soyunperdedor88 3 years ago


  • defjamchic100 3 years ago

    Okay got it, change to my silly switch. Thanks! I was wondering.. the
    person I am after a meeting can be serious, but who I really am is straight
    boucing off of walls fun/funny!

  • viralmonkeymarket101 3 years ago

    So when a guy says, where are you from… I’ll say from heaven on the
    seventh cloud :).

  • Vanessa Ledesma 3 years ago

    It’s ridiculous how sexy he is

  • Julie Warner 3 years ago

    no. that’s his right hand.

  • Jacqueline Holguin 3 years ago

    daniel radcliffe look alike !!!

  • Emily Tolman 3 years ago

    I love this guy, how do I go from work mode to playful fun mode? I feel
    like I am to serious and boring and nobody really asks me out, please help!

  • Alyssa Girald 3 years ago

    iphone or no iphone you sir, are a very sexy man 😉

  • NNLouise 3 years ago

    I asked my crush something about physics (because we had to write an
    exam).. he answered totally absurd.. at this moment I was like: “wtf mate,
    I ask you about important stuff” but now I’m like: “uuh he’s flirting.. I
    still fail my exam”

  • mc nc 3 years ago


  • bobkat77sm 3 years ago

    dear god xD thats hillarious! a sexier iphone :L ahaha! you made youtube
    entertaining,.. i dont even know how i went from music to this xD ahah..
    goddamn i should be studying for my exams :l

  • Alyssa Girald 3 years ago

    iphone or no iphone you sir, are a very sexy man 😉