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Plenty of cans, I mean plenty of fish, and dating sites, are 100% usless & waste of time for men.



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  • m33lad 4 years ago

    ya, & they drive you nuts, even if you look like a model.

  • VGames4Lif3 4 years ago

    Bitch on these sites think they are entitled to the 1% of hot guys that are nly there to fuck. They all have baggage. That is not only online but also in the real world. FUCK THIS SITE AND WOMEN. RAPE Them bitches. WOMEN THINK THEY HAVE A VAGINA MADE OF GOLD.

  • get wet 4 years ago

    Markus is gay.

  • m33lad 4 years ago

    No bro, unless you flash your dick & dont throw yourself at them, & dont compliment them, its not our fault at all. I signed on POF 2 years ago, & deleted my profile, & went back on their last month, & the exact same girls are their. That should raise a flag in our heads, that there because their suffering from mental disease & dont wana talk to anyone & by pissing off & rubbing the blame to guys, & sitting back getting off from their own mental disease. THEIR 1000% at fault!!

  • carcano38 4 years ago

    Bravo. I rarely come across a serious video on this subject. I’d have to say about 80% of the videos out here are telling the guy it’s his fault and there’s something wrong with him otherwise women would be beating down his door, blah, blah. In other words it’s the man who’s a screw up and in the Western World it’s just the daily trashing of men and the reason it goes on is because of those MANgina’s out there who take it with a smile on their face.

  • avgrim77 4 years ago

    I get that all the time. If you have no interest why even respond? These females will talk to anyone but just want to play games. Immature little twits. This bitch probably gets too many messages and now thinks she is a f ing princess and you are supposed to bow down & kiss her feet. At least there are more females in their 20’s who look decent. I’m looking for mid 30 closer to my age and most are fat or wrinkled & dried up but they still have the princess attitudes even in their late thirties.

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    The amount of buillshit that goes on on that site is ridiculous. Fake profiles, random deleteions, messages being edited, old-aged femminists allowed to harass guys, Markus making threats to members, the site being horribly insecure, the list goes on.

  • m33lad 4 years ago

    :) Thank you, My good sir.

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    m33lad rules,

  • m33lad 4 years ago

    ya, I noticed that. Their all over north americans websites. Stupid ppl with 2 cent for a brain, thinks that we’re dumb

  • JonaBay 4 years ago

    lmao. that person from Nigeria was obviously a scammer. Nigeria is notorious for online scams.

  • rozayrawstar83 4 years ago

    Waste of time

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    They are all true…it’s real bad.

  • m33lad 4 years ago

    wish more men did that, sadly they don’t. But thanks for the positive feedback though. Mj1

  • m33lad 4 years ago

    lol :p

  • Damiano Wynn 4 years ago

    I hear many bad things about plenty of fish.

  • Realon therocks 4 years ago

    That’s because they’re envious and they will never have what they want as far as men go(most men I know don’t want bitchy, bitter negative women at all, the same could be said for women with men) and the moderators don’t want men to know the truth. These are women that I put in the “forever alone” category”.

    THX for the feedback and keep speaking the truth :).

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    they believe they have it in the palm of their hand :(

  • TheDarkhero60 4 years ago

    too bad these women will believe they got the world on there shoulders because of these thirty weak men

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    Yep, they sit and attack the men, then run to the forum moderators when you retalliate, because they can’t take it. And with videos like these that are about POF, watch comments that may appear – the POF moderators and bitter forum women often trol lthese.

  • Realon therocks 4 years ago

    Shouldn’t woman focus on attracting a man first before they bring up all this kid bullshit? That typical line alone makes me ignore any message they’d send me.

  • Realon therocks 4 years ago

    Now that another subject all together I wish someone would do a video on. If you’re a man that posts something on the forum you have to watch what you say or you’ll get banner and/or attacked. The forum is filled with bitter women that love to bash men and a bunch of kiss ass mangines that back these pieces of shit. POF forum ONLY caters to women and if you voice an opinion women don’t like or worse yet speak the truth about women you’re instantly put on their shit list.

  • Onlyme2015 4 years ago

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO @ if you replied with a fuck , it would be more polite.

  • Onlyme2015 4 years ago


  • m33lad 4 years ago

    you got it right on the dot!! Sadly most men throw more stupid complaints to them none stop too!!

  • Dean Smith 4 years ago

    It’s Full of idiots, women love Ego boosting, and another thing how can a pretty lush women be single with a Good Job it’s beyond a Joke, it’s only got Mothers with half of dozen kids over Weight and most of the pretty girls are Jokers morons with no intentions forming a Date just chat rubbish and not even reply back, ATTENTION SEEKERS with mental illness, ‘Princess syndrome’ it’s becoming like a virus spreading they want all the attention just by their photos they are not looking for a date

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    Ever been on the POF forums? The amount of deranged – 50+yr old women who make themselves feel worthwhile by bashing and banning male members is ridiculous.

  • m33lad 4 years ago

    bravo bravo!! *clap* *clap* you got it right on the dot.

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    All these kind of sites do.

    POF, to me, seems like a female counsilling therapy website, where women with insecurity issues visit.