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  • William Flinchbaugh 4 years ago

    Or Bailey Jay, dear lord I would date her in a heartbeat, love everything about her.

  • Todd Rad 4 years ago

    LOL Charles, I agree with comparatively equal sentiments. And, what is even smarter, -I’ve emailed okcupid a few times in the past with specific game changing ideas, (like freebees you don’t give), for marketing and mechanics
    Never heard a peep. Not a wonder they have no huge growth. Just unsatisfied returnees. Ever watch your bored roommate crawl back up to Blockbuster only to rent the same movie as he did two weeks prior.
    Additionally, being a doctor/techie doesn’t not make you a do good’r

  • create a dating site 4 years ago

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  • Charles Thompson 4 years ago

    Good think they are free, or I will being paying women to blow me off when I talked to them. That’s why I will never go though a pay site again/

  • ONLY1RAMUZIC 4 years ago


  • jkjed1 4 years ago

    POF used to be a good site…Now they are tough on men–I guess men who put up profiles on that site are ASSUMED to be married or “old men just looking for hookups” (according to the goofy-owner of that site). POF has no member-support team. There are MANY people complaining about their profiles getting dumped for no verified-reason (no warning, just dumped). Best to just use a reasonably-priced dating site and end your membership when you finally find someone worthwhile).

  • mishu akter 4 years ago

    I was useless with girls until I came upon Simple Gained Girlfriends. Try it out, I don’t mean to boast but I’m able to get any woman I want now. Google search Simple Gained Girlfriends, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

  • Faith Baillie 4 years ago

    hey matey im on= POF

  • Scum Bag 4 years ago

    They both suck! They’re full of fat, ugly flakes like emmy1374 who think they deserve a guy who is a million times better than them, and will even pass up men who are already too good for them.

  • al bama 4 years ago

    i noticed that too man. im a white guy and the ONLY chick i can talk to regularly is a very pretty blk lady from my city. even the white chicks on pof are ridiculous, setting standards too high lol. idk the girl seems like shes a little out of my league but i guess she enjoys my personality. lol these sites suck 4 real. and as awht guy looking 4 blk women ur right, theres like 5 percent of them on there. smh

  • Malibu Beatz 4 years ago

    fuck online gurls

    school is where all the fine babes @

  • al bama 4 years ago

    yea i did the same, there was only 1 cute girl i talked to and it went pretty well. lets hope its a real chick lol

  • soulspinner99 4 years ago

    they are not free actually! bollox dating web sites!!!

  • 1942nuclear 4 years ago

    i seen janet mock she is a man, at least i got a immediate sense she was a guy, and would not feel comfortable haveing her as a date, even if she looks ok with her hair and face, no matter what she did it still doesnt hide that little part of a man characteristic

  • 1942nuclear 4 years ago

    i will go at least and check out janet, and see what you are talking about

  • Transilhouette 4 years ago

    I take estrogen, just like many women who have had hysterectomies. My hormones are identical to hormones in a cis (non-trans) woman. I don’t HAVE male characteristics. I have a female body. My personality is also feminine. Many cis women have far more masculine traits in their bodies or personalities than I do!

    One day you’ll learn that we’re no different than anyone else. Like I said, you already have female friends who transitioned when they were young. Seriously, go look up Janet Mock.

  • Transilhouette 4 years ago

    She’s gender queer, then. She’s not trans.

  • Transilhouette 4 years ago

    Why would you be afraid of dating a trans woman? If you can’t tell they are trans, why does it matter?

    Most trans women will TELL you they are trans. If you don’t want to date them, fine, but that’s sort of like saying “I don’t date asian women”. If you don’t like someone, you don’t like them…don’t blame it on their race, hair color, size, or trans-ness.

    And why don’t you get it? Not all trans women have masculine faces. Look up videos of Janet Mock!

  • Transilhouette 4 years ago

    My viewpoint is a woman’s viewpoint. There’s nothing confusing about it! I know /very/ few women who would be disappointed in a date if a man refused to pay for her meal.

    You wouldn’t be able to identify most trans women. I know trans women (after GRS) who date and have sex with both men and women–without disclosing that they are trans. Moral issues aside: you cannot distinguish most trans women from cis women. You only notice the few that you CAN distinguish!

  • Transilhouette 4 years ago

    Trans women ARE women. Dating a trans woman is no different than dating a cis woman (especially after GRS, if you’re genital-obsessed). But this conversation has nothing to do with my trans-ness! We are both participating in public discussion of this video.

    I responded to your statement that men “are at a disadvantage” because you feel that it is “proper for men to always pay”, so women are “tagging along for the free night life”–which is a sexist viewpoint. My one point is this: DON’T. PAY.

  • Transilhouette 4 years ago

    Don’t be ridiculous. It’s 2013, and damn near everyone has admitted by now how sexist it is to insist that men pay for women in heterosexual dating.

    As a woman, any man who offers to pay for my meal runs a 50/50 risk of appearing a chauvinistic asshole not worth my time. He might be generous, but it’s not a worthwhile risk to take unless he makes it /very/ clear that there is no sexist slant to the offer.

  • EvilAgent93 4 years ago

    I thought just about every site was a scam lol.

  • Deborah Bennett 4 years ago

    I met a guy from a pay site, he had the personality of a freakin cabbage, I said to hell with this, I have more fun with myself and canceled the subscription.

  • Deborah Bennett 4 years ago

    what is a griefer lol?

  • jen white 4 years ago

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  • 1942nuclear 4 years ago

    part 2 comment, they can live like a queen off the backs of hard working men who may only have limited income to spend on activities and night life, and if a guy is a problem the girl can just stop the date, so she has no financial loss. when men ask in profile to share expenses on dates you can bet no women will not be interested, also my sister said their are groups of women that scam together, picking the same guy and using him as their target for fast cash, trips, night life, handouts, food.

  • discountbrains 4 years ago

    I guess u could say yours is a success story for OKcupid. POF is a total scam for guys at least..

  • discountbrains 4 years ago

    You’re right, its a total scam! Only one wrote me back because she was interested in art and commented on my artistic projects. The site is meant to scam males.

  • cashindiars 4 years ago

    check direct emails with photo

  • kenneth lucier 4 years ago

    never met no one in person off any of the dating sites

  • chris mailey 4 years ago

    this bith is an idiot

  • dannielpreto 4 years ago

    Stop using logic and making sense… this is YouTube, sir, we must upheld our fame as being a bunch of idiots.

  • Destro7000 4 years ago

    They’re both just full of normal people, it’s just your perception from the experiences you’ve had that has made you dislike them. Not everyone has met bad people on them.

  • DetroitLove4U 4 years ago

    No online dating services is best.

  • Neva Eppler 4 years ago

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  • Seta Tara 4 years ago

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  • Ry Guy 4 years ago

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  • Agustin Johnson 4 years ago

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