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How to create the perfect online dating profile on POF.

As the world's largest dating site, we have the most valuable insight into what women are really looking for on Plenty of fish.
We get a ton of emails from our users asking for tips on how they can be successful on POF. We're opening up our vault of tips and tactics for the first time to help answer this sought after question!

We'll help you make your POF profile the best it can be!



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  • nothingtoseehere 2 years ago

    Honestly if you’re going to put this much effort into it you’d be better of
    putting that effort into a girl on the street……. this is a waste of
    time I thought the whole point of internet dating was to be more real you
    know ? like yeah im not perfect neither are you lets look past that and
    have fun. Fuck people take themselves to seriously these days damn

  • Johnny Crespo 2 years ago

    The main thing women really care about is looks. Let’s keep it real..

    Yeah, having an interesting profile and smiling in your pics might help but
    they’re either attracted to you or not. So, I’d say don’t try so hard and
    never put the woman on a higher pedestal than you. Talk to her like she’s
    human and you’ll find someone who’s good for you in time.

  • lelechim 2 years ago

    As a woman, I must say that although I’m admittedly not looking for a
    relationship (just signed up for the lulz), I see way too many men with
    almost nothing in their description, just “Hi” or “Message me” or “Ask to
    find out”. Not only is it super boring, but it makes it seem like he’s
    hiding something.

    The career thing is also important to me, although I find it depressing
    that most men on POF my age have better jobs than me 🙁 I don’t think any
    self-respecting man would want to date a woman in her early 20s who doesn’t
    have a “real” job.

  • sminthian 2 years ago

    The problem is the flood of emails that women get everyday. They get
    10-100 favorites/meet-me’s, and they usually just get completely ignored
    since there’s so many of them. And up to 50 emails a day, they usually
    don’t get past the subject line. So, in the end, the only thing that gets
    their attention is your main pic thumbnail. If that’s not good, you’ll
    never hear anything. 

  • I'm rabbit 2 years ago

    i am some one who copied these steps and still yet to get any interest

  • Chainheart Machine 2 years ago

    Women should watch this.. its more for them with their ridiculous profiles

  • Brian Anderson 2 years ago

    That dude is funny looking. He could make it as a stand up comedian with
    those looks.

  • Jason Youngman 2 years ago

    Sara! you are an awesome narrator

  • williyam1234 2 years ago

    Can you do a video for gay male?

  • OhioBigDaddy 2 years ago

    Would POF please allow users to post short Videos 🙂 

  • cfcreative1 2 years ago

    Short attention span seeks other of short attention span. Some people will
    get this joke.

  • Scott Karlton 2 years ago

    What happened to instant messaging? That’s where I had my highest success

  • Brian LaForge 2 years ago

    I dont know why people are saying it’s hard to meet people online.. I go on
    there and every time I do it seems like I just laid a trout line! plenty
    of fishys swim my way, lol !!! ya just gotta be goofy guys.. dont be all
    serious and know when to keep shit to yourself.. you dont need to divulge
    that you dont have a drivers license anymore or that you make min wage, lol
    both are my worst downfalls but hey, who need to know that crap.. just be
    positive, confident and goofy.. make em laugh ya know.. hell google some
    funny shit if your a dull boy, lol It;s really easy if you know what your

  • Daniel Braaten 2 years ago

    and number 1 tip, wax your eyebrows

  • Attract That Person 2 years ago

    Good tips on what to do to improve your profile for dating sites. Thanks
    for sharing!

  • persianboy153 2 years ago

    I keep trying!!!!!! No luck!!! Message me or check me out!!!! Bmw153

  • Alfredo Larios 2 years ago

    Pft I found someone on here. The key was communication. Women dont really
    reply on there. Usually they are all dull. Guys are horn dogs so I wouldnt
    blame them

  • Gaetan Junior Keya 2 years ago

    Love it!

  • godis go 2 years ago

    All this is crap. Women are way more superficial than men. All they are
    interested in is your look. To be successful with online dating for a guy
    unfortunately there is really just one thing you must put emphasis
    on……YOUR PICTURES! Thats all that counts. What you do, your profile,
    etc really dont mean much. All they really care about is your look. Women
    are waaaay more superficial than men

  • afropop beta 2 years ago

    Men: Please- Update your wardrobe. If you are still wearing pants with
    PLEATS in the front, you are officially behind the times in a Major way.
    No hats. No braids, tank tops and shirtless pics. Keep it simple. 

  • BlackCaptainProd 2 years ago

    … Poor grammar… not bad.

  • Buster9 2 years ago

    I think that woman aren’t comfortable with meeting men online but woman
    need to be more open about potential dates online. It makes sense,here you
    have a company that is committed to putting together someone compatible to
    a tee for you & yet some woman are still not sure about meeting the guy.
    Woman are still ‘comfortable’ meeting somebody through a friend,work,family
    or in worst case,a local entertainer at a bar or club;Drummer,DJ,Singer.
    Why.? Ladies you really don’t know those STRANGERS.!

  • adamt5 2 years ago

    i take the time to write a message by reading their info and talking about
    things in common or that are interesting. i’d say i’m an attractive guy,
    intelligent, funny, and mature and responsible. the only response i’ve
    gotten out of about 20 messages now is because i jokingly snapped at a girl
    – which she seemed to like. and i’m not going for women ‘out of my league’
    either.. it definitely seems like the girls on these sites want way too
    much and have ridiculously high standards. no

  • From Inbox To Romance: Online Dating Tips Made Easy 2 years ago

    I know a lot of users need help with their profile, messaging, being funny,
    what to write in a first message, etc. I made a few videos to answer these
    questions. I hope it helps POF users. I know I’ve used POF with success in
    the past.

  • antirl 2 years ago

    How your name is MisterCool in real life.

  • MitchofSmeg 2 years ago

    Nice tips, my only problem is i am pansexual, so i would like the ability
    to have “either” instead of forced to pick 1 as i dont have any preferred
    gender. Other then that, thanks for tips.

  • adamt5 2 years ago

    i think people should be forced to every 5th message or something.. a karma
    system will get them to. this sending hundreds of well-thought-out messages
    with no responses is exhausting and ridiculous.

  • EstaFortaleza 2 years ago

    oh hey, i think if i focused really hard i could guess why most of the
    people commenting here are single

  • tom jones 2 years ago

    Most of the woman on site look for a super star on POF and yet they as for
    a honest hard working man and when you respond to them the do not reply

  • adamt5 2 years ago

    likewise, my friend. i think it comes down to basic sincerity.. which is
    obviously lacking. i say : karma system to weed them out. the best is when
    they read and even review your profile only to ignore you.. that takes
    nerve, imo. if i get a message, i sign off so they don’t see me looking
    them up.

  • Amazing26 2 years ago

    something like Hay hows it going im name nice to you i like your profile an
    would like to know more lets chat get to know 1 another never ask if she
    wants to chat tell her lets or we should something like that

  • hallsteel36 2 years ago

    So… is Sarah single..? 🙂

  • HaBaBaMBiZ 2 years ago

    LoL look at the video prepared for women watched 5k and this one 500k
    pathetic =) and 10 points to pof for choosing a loser type guy for this
    video hahahahahaha well this just proofs that rules on this video arent
    valid for women, they can take mirror pics and write BS to their
    description hahaha just a cleavage photo is enough for 100msgs daily : in
    other words “I have the kitty I make the rules” =)

  • ksmuffin 2 years ago

    Why do women never reply? I put good thought in my messages. 🙁

  • James Hudson 2 years ago

    if only she could write my profile

  • Derick Moncado 2 years ago

    Hi Sarah, when can I take YOU out on a date? You’re gorgeous!