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  • ManOfDeath567 4 years ago

    Sometimes these things happen. Just recognize the fact that she’s busy.

  • dubsteppwarrior 4 years ago

    then boom you ask her out….boom coffee..the boom boom later

  • Jad T Jones 4 years ago

    How to ask a girl out on plentyoffish

  • alone66666 4 years ago

    i’m not an expert, but i’d say shes not =)

  • tafi2faby 4 years ago

    Hello … i have a question ,,, there is this girl im chatting with on Facebook and she answer all my msgs but so LATE ,, i mean i send her a msg today she might answer the next day or the day after … so what does that mean ? is she interested or not? Thanks

  • Christiaan Veldhuizen 4 years ago

    Description is a bit off, nice vid.