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  • mark dedaj 3 years ago

    lol im pretty sure he knows about this stuff more than you or else you
    wouldn’t be here, no offense lol

  • Jad T Jones 3 years ago

    I works for each his own 😉

  • ixtapa6 3 years ago

    ask her out on the 2nd or 3rd message? are you mad man?? girls will think
    you are way too keen and a psycho askign them out so quickly!! they like to
    get to know a person! My advice would be chat to them and let THEM give YOU
    their number.. they ususally do when they are interested, you dont even
    have to ask! 😉 Good videos tho bro, enjoying them.

  • lee n 3 years ago

    Good video sir what do you suggest if they don’t reply to your message been
    out of the dating scene for years very rusty.

  • Jad T Jones 3 years ago

    This video is about what to say when you want to ask a girl out online

  • alex118anACE 3 years ago

    subscribe guys its worth it

  • Nort McGort 3 years ago

    I’d say the 2nd message is too soon. Jad, I think your right when you say
    the 2nd message should be more personable and the 3rd message is where you
    ask her out. I see where ixtapa6 is coming from and with many girls he may
    be right. But as you say, “it’s a numbers game”. Especially with the amount
    of messages SHE gets. Strike while the iron is hot.