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Learn To Pick Up Women Naturally, Without Lines, Scripts, Routines: Being able to “pick up women” is an obsession for many guys…



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  • Darth Revan 4 years ago

    I used to be pretty shy when it came to girls. Based on my experience with
    girls, I’d say that you should just hit the gym, and get into gear with it.
    I am now 16 and believe me, once I started getting bigger and stronger,
    girls started noticing me more! They started coming to me! Trust me on this!

  • Stephan Erdman 4 years ago

    Know what to do around women…but aren’t doing it? Watch this!

  • Oliver Horner 4 years ago

    This guy may well be very wise, but the subtitles are fucking hilarious!

  • Veryne Troyer 4 years ago

    my friend thought about suicide because he can’t talk to anyone doesn’t go
    out has never really had a girlfriend and im scared what will happen (bye
    the way im not the real veryne troyer

  • Arngothor61192 4 years ago

    Everybody has accents so that was irrelevant. Just sayin’ 🙂

  • TheDudezer 4 years ago

    German guys know their stuff.

  • flonga2302 4 years ago

    This was exactly what I needed to hear. I learn everything, but I was
    always stuck in my head. I really needed this, I’ll take action now!

  • Michael Bornnard 4 years ago

    I don’t care what women want. I’m not here to please them.

  • RossMats 4 years ago

    Thanks for the vid Stephan. 😉

  • sammynaana 4 years ago

    hello stephan, pls how do i get ur skype username? or email or something!
    al like to hear from you live.

  • vacant2012 4 years ago

    “There’s no rejection, only feedback.” If you take that concept to heart, I
    suppose it doesn’t really matter what your explicit goal is. The way you
    worded your post, it sounded as if “shifting the goal” cheapens the
    interaction for you somehow, because you’re no longer “dependent” on
    getting approval from the girl, just avoiding getting shot. My point is
    that, when it comes to socializing, thinking less (Stephan’s too I think)
    about an interaction is almost always a good thing.

  • jeff cunningham 4 years ago

    dude that’s just it, you think you are but your not, watch his videos i
    promise you will think different of yourself.. trust me i used too think
    the same but now i’m better, talking too girls is like putting butter on
    toast, and it all because of this guy, trust he knows his shit.. watch all
    is videos Your welcome.

  • NightWatchI3 4 years ago

    It just makes me and the other person feel awkward, while the only think I
    supposably gain is the fact that it will be less awkward for me next time,
    so it goes in circles, it makes absolutely no sense if this is your goal.
    It’s like if you get a stranger and start cutting yourself and him with a
    razor only to get better at cutting people. Your subconscious mind knows
    you are not masochist or sadist so such recursive goal doesn’t make any
    sense to it and it can’t feel motivated to do so. Continu

  • Frank Komisar 4 years ago

    Hey Stephan, I couldn’t agree with you on this more. For me the best way to
    make use of your lessons is to take them in as casually as I can, and then,
    just forget about it. Let the sub-concious take care of things. I have
    never for once concentrated on anything you say here while out ‘on the
    pull’, but I know that it helps because of the results I am getting. So I
    say, relax and let the present flow, and make the best of the situation.

  • waterdrinker9 4 years ago

    I know, just making a joke. Even Stephen liked.

  • luckyyu2004 4 years ago

    great one stephan. NICELY DONE. i have been on stephan for a year and it is
    great, last semester i had six classes and i got girls from every single
    one. here is my tips to all of you. JUST DO IT, if you see a girl you want
    to talk to and situation allowed, say whatever you have it your mind to
    her, JUST SAY IT. it is ok even it comes out embarrassing or awkward, you
    know why, you took the risk as MAN should be while almost 9 out 10 guys
    over there are avoiding. you are the man

  • TheDudezer 4 years ago

    He is definitely German are you kidding. He may not live in Germany but he
    is totally German.

  • vacant2012 4 years ago

    Your goal should never be “to get the girl.” Yes, getting the girl is a
    nice side effect, but there are too many variables at play to reliably be
    able to have a “great” interaction with every girl you talk to. Your goal
    should be “to approach,” which is the only real variable you have any
    control over. You definitely can’t control the woman’s reactions to you, so
    “shifting the goal,” as you say, is actually a good thing in the long run.

  • NightWatchI3 4 years ago

    Therefore it deduces that your actual goal is something else which is to
    get the girl (howevery you might interpret that). In summary: you can’t lie
    to your subconscious, your subconscious is in control of your feelings,
    motivation is a feeling. End.

  • Royal Comments 4 years ago

    u should never get in. can be that you are too nice, that you wait too long
    on physical contact, that the subjects u talk about are not interesting, or
    you should pick the girls out more carefully the ones that gives you signs
    and flirt with you. or you can be too scared too takes risks. its great u
    talk to them now you just have to create your own game. the exact reasons
    only you can find out but this might help a bit helped me ;p

  • raz negar 4 years ago

    Lol! you read my mind

  • Zhemin Lin 4 years ago

    LoL, Lets HOPE NOT ;”D

  • Dara Smyth 4 years ago

    thanks for your videos stephan,very 41 never being been good at
    approaching or talking to women while out.But im getting better.Who did the
    subtitles on the video,really love the bit with the finger puppets,was that
    put in for fun!

  • Stephan Erdman | Authentic Game 4 years ago

    That’s right. /;=|

  • vacant2012 4 years ago

    This analogy doesn’t make any sense. Do you really think talking to a new
    girl is like cutting yourself with a razor blade? The probability of you
    spending the rest of your life with any individual girl you talk to is so
    infinitesimally small that worrying about the “outcome” of any one
    interaction is stupid. This is real life; “soul mates” don’t exist. No
    matter how “debilitating” the interaction is for you, I guarantee that the
    girl will have forgotten about you by the next day.

  • dragonswed002 4 years ago

    U shuld tell dem to be confident about their self and have the Im going to
    fail mind-set trust me it works.

  • RossMats 4 years ago

    Hi guys, just wanted to update everyone especially Stephan. The question in
    this video was by me. Just recently I FINALLY did my first approach. How
    did it go? HORRIBLE. But, I now have this feeling of great accomplishment
    and slightly more confidence. I know I need to stay persistent if I want to
    succeed at changing myself for the better. (BTW) Everything Stephan said
    happened, so I stopped thinking and just did it. Thanks Stephan!

  • 0strichPolicy 4 years ago

    Compliment, show your interest. She will get it. 🙂

  • The Decent Hitman 4 years ago

    Me too man… Stephan has a video about that and I’m trying to follow it:
    It is a gradual process, but the girl has to view you as a man rather than
    a human friend… Check out the video, he explains it better.

  • Roman Kofmehl 4 years ago

    Then you should get that thought out of your head, change something..I
    don’t know start getting fitter (gave me a huge confidence boost), find
    that something you’re good at and makes you unique. I used to be very
    introvert and was always depressed, and chubby..xD it’s in the positive
    mindset, have a go at it, become the strongest version of yourself man 😉

  • TheFox251 4 years ago

    Stephan I’ve always had this issue. Thing is it’s easier said than done. I
    know the stuff but can’t find the courage to practice it because I fear it
    blowing up in my face.

  • LUXITANE 4 years ago

    Men just need to relax because this is when confusion stops. I just don’t
    get too good with that but I’m trying to. I don’t think muck about dating
    and trying to date because I can’t relax,But when I succeed in that things
    will be much clearer…. 😉

  • drklenk 4 years ago

    Somewhere he told that his parents are, I think. And he sounds very german
    as well 😀

  • vacant2012 4 years ago

    First step: breathe. Step two: say Hi. How are you? Of course, if she was
    walking next to you while you were writing this comment on youtube, it’s
    probably a little late for that piece of advice..

  • PizzaIsGod 4 years ago

    Where is the video that he talks about formula something? i searched on
    this channel and didn’t see it. anyone?

  • Reece Harding 4 years ago

    Hey, this isnt dating advice or anything but i have a friend. To me she is
    more than a friend but is off limits due too being in a relationship. :/ I
    want to keep her as my friend but cant help but feel he is coming in
    between our friendship. I’ve told her this but i have this gut wrenching
    feeling that im being replaced, please help.

  • waterdrinker9 4 years ago

    When a dude with an accent tells you to do something or he’ll shoot you,
    you do it!

  • 0strichPolicy 4 years ago

    Why her?

  • groove3111 4 years ago

    dang tephan im laughing so hard right now cos u said the gun and the 1000
    dollars lol haaha lmao im gonna share this with my counseling group
    tomorrow this is so funny man lol

  • Athylus 4 years ago

    I’m a shy guy. I still approach women in clubs in the occassion I go out as
    of lately, or ask them for a dance even. I do get turned down, but I don’t
    give a shit. If you’re going to fuss out over a rejection by someone you’ll
    never see, let alone speak again then you gotta get over yourself. Enjoy
    life, and stop giving a shit bros! 🙂

  • Anthony Dark 4 years ago

    Stephan, I like this style of video you’re doing! the way you’re just
    sitting calmly on the sofa and giving advice. The way it shows more of your
    profile allows us to see a lot more of your body, which in turn lets you
    utilize this and use more body expression to emphasize points in your
    video. I for one think you should keep doing this, I believe this greatly
    supports your advice!

  • nobodysperfect06 4 years ago

    one questions, why are women so damn attracted to men that lead, why do
    they expect men to lead all the time? why are women hard-wired to be
    attracted to men that are “leaders”?, what is so masculine and manly about
    it? what is the logic as to why leading is a masculine trait?

  • Stephan Erdman | Authentic Game 4 years ago

    Then you use my “180 method” that you can get at my website. Alternatively
    you use any one of the three methods I give you straight after signing up
    to my free mailing list to overcome nerves and anxiety or if you have any
    money you get my approach at will book and prevent this kind of unpleasant
    state before it even starts.

  • freddi martinez 4 years ago

    lets practice

  • NightWatchI3 4 years ago

    If this has anything to do with motivation then you encounter another
    problem. You _feel_ this way (it’s a feeling) so you can’t be motivated
    about something if you don’t see results in the short term unless you are
    fanatic about it. Also your goal should be very well defined and you have
    to know that this is what you want. When my subconscious asks do I really
    only want to approach a person for no other reason than the aproach itself
    the obvious conclusion it comes upon is no. Continues…