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Pacific talks about the pitfalls of online dating sites…The games women play, the epidemic homosexual ads, the attitudes of women, etc..



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  • sam malone 3 years ago

    homosexuals are sick as hell bad as child molesters they are so nasty!

  • StinkyFlyfart 3 years ago

    Everything is true what he says. I tried meeting guys off different dating
    sites, so did my mother and the ones we did meet always had something wrong
    with them, but mostly they were looking for a quick lay or casual sex.
    Forget about meeting ur match both physically and mentally. If u want to
    meet a quality type of person, u gotta do it in real life. The ppl who r
    online r exactly the ppl u don’t wanna meet. So both I and my mom got off
    the dating sites we were on. Sure u could meet bad or physically not ur
    type of ppl in real life too but the chances of that r far less then

  • You do realise you are not “all that and a bag of chips” yourself don’t
    you? I am a fun, happy, healthy, financially independent woman and let me
    just confirm that your exterior is of no interest to me but your negativity
    and attitude is entirely unattractive. Maybe that’s why you don’t attract
    the kind of woman you are after. Plus if all those “fatties” took your
    “advice” and lost weight, why would they then choose you? Stop looking at
    the exterior, concentrate on the values that are really important and open
    your heart – then you may be worthy of another’s heart.

    Oh, and by the way, your apparent constant impersonation of women on dating
    sites is really weird.

  • Marcos G 3 years ago

    Craigslist is a free site so of course your going to run into easy sleazy.
    Common sence is are best tool and i like a woman with a little husk to her
    🙂 not to much but just enough to make her soft and hugable. Have you tried
    Morman dating sites?

  • tmason995 3 years ago

    Overweight women try to make us men feel bad for not wanting what they have
    to offer.

  • steve5123456789 3 years ago

    Love this guy.

  • Halo2100 3 years ago

    Eharmony is one of the biggest dating scams on the internet. They charge
    around $300 for 6 months and most of the profiles they match you with are
    expired non-member profiles. Then the few who are active they match you
    with are very picky and if you don’t meet their laundry list from what they
    read from your profile then they will block communication before you can
    get a chance to message them. American females have unrealistic views on
    dating and most will find themselves old and alone.

  • avm316 3 years ago

    These women probably don’t have very good social skills if they have to
    post dating profiles on craigslist to meet people. They also add a bunch of
    ridiculous requirements such as “A guy has to be attractive.” Yeah right.
    If perfect guys are going for overweight women, then I have a bridge for
    sale. Beggers can’t be choosers.

  • David Goldfish 3 years ago

    Most women you find on online dating are serious damaged goods!

  • Dick Grayson 3 years ago

    Haha another classic video. Pacific anyone that says that youre being
    “mean” for speaking the truth, only says that because the truth is painful
    for them to handle. Oh and about the high maintenance females- the only
    thing worse than physically attractive women that are stuck-up,
    insensitive, selfish, manipulative, display a false sense of entitlement,
    and delusional sense of self-worth..are the unattractive and overweight
    fatties containing the same emotional baggage and delusional mentality…

  • pacificoceanasia . 3 years ago

    Thank you ALL for the comments…like I said…we all see the ELEPHANT in
    the room, but most do not want to talk about it…and it is high time we
    do…yes…rare hot women are hard to find…especially nonfat and nice hot
    women at that!

  • Wilbur McCallah 3 years ago

    I dread the experience of going out in public anymore because it’s so
    revolting. In quick observations it seems 90% of American women are fat and
    ugly. I just came back from a grocery store and it was horrid, you can’t
    swing a cat without hitting a fatty in every direction I looked. Fatties
    and unstyled plain feminists destroyed this country for any single guy that
    has a taste for class and ladylike dignity. This phenomena has also driven
    up the stock value of a rare hot woman.

  • The Blakester Experience 3 years ago

    I was on Adult Friend Finder several years ago and an obese woman messaged
    me. I wasn’t attracted to her, telling her I’d only be friends with her.
    One thing that really turned me off was she had male friends with benefits.
    Um, no thanks! But that’s the thing, women in this country can be grossly
    obese and still find horny guys willing to have sex with them, and that’s
    why they have become picky too. Dating sites are a waste of time for normal

  • Jason strauss 3 years ago

    All that and a bag of chips lol

  • RalfUriah 3 years ago

    You tell em Pacific… I love this video!

  • pacificoceanasia . 3 years ago

    Thank you! I am also tired of the FATTIES that want us to accep them with
    their foul looks & attitudes. Rather than diet and exercise..they want men
    to “Accept them as they are” while they have their bucket list for the
    “perfect male” Sickening hypocrisy at best…

  • briank06261973 3 years ago

    Craigslist is a cesspool. If I were single, I would never search to hookup
    with anyone using Craigslist, nor any dating services for that matter. You
    never know who you’ll end up with.

  • goatstaog 3 years ago

    Craigslist is a terrible place for online dating here on Vancouver Island.
    It seems people stick with POF or one of the paid sites.

  • jeannie yeung 3 years ago

    I’m certain that there are men who do the same. Can you say that a slim
    young blonde, wearing a bikini, showing off larger than life ta-ta’s aren’t
    going to have similiar response on a dating site? Men laugh to the bank
    too. Let’s not forget the notches carved on a bedboard. Not all fat people
    are verbally OVER opinionated and agressive. Maybe it’s the one’s that you
    run into?

  • jimad12 3 years ago

    I completely agree with man as we speak right now I gave up on dating women
    here. Keep posting you are awesome!

  • rayamat01 3 years ago

    I think women tend to swear off men after several bad experiences with men.
    Its their fault though. They choose to go after the “assholes” or “bad
    boys” if you will. The whole dating scene is so bizarre