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Sometimes planning a first date can be tough, so Josh Sobo gives us his tips for the perfect first date! What are your first date tips?

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  • Chey _N 2 years ago

    Am i the only one who thinks, McDonalds would be amazeballs first date
    destination ^_^

  • Beza Norahun 2 years ago

    My first date was at Taco Bell…..because Taco Bell is my boyfriend.

  • Shannon jrzgirlz 2 years ago

    I love Little Italy!!! Bella Bella Bella

  • Ari Ed 2 years ago

    It’s funny how most guys think that all girls want to go to a fancy
    restaurant and get all dressed when really I would prefer to go to
    somewhere like taco bell with my sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers lol

  • Ganisha Styles 2 years ago

    I’d want to go to chipotle lmao im so basic

  • Jason Anderson 2 years ago

    my dream first date:

    stay at home with pizza, movies, pillow forts, music on a record player,
    and lots of laughing

  • Ashley Cline 2 years ago

    SDK should be on here more often. 

  • Regina George 2 years ago

    Hij lijkt op Ferry Doedens hahahah lol

  • Angie B.C. 2 years ago

    Oh my gosh, I do NOT want to go to a fast food restaurant for a first date!

  • pizzatrain 2 years ago

    I am a type of girl that doesn’t even go somewhere out, I’d probably stay
    at home and eat pizza and play games tho lol
    but if I had to go outside, either McDonald’s or a quiet, cute place, like
    a bridge in the evening or something like that.
    but, like i said, i prefer cozy sofa and games yay

  • Desirae W. 2 years ago

    I’d be 100% okay with Applebee’s for a first date just saying

  • Mylifeasme 2 years ago

    I think the place doesnt really matter if the guy and the girl bond well
    and have fun together and have a good time the date is gonna be perfect

  • Coco G 2 years ago

    JOSH! Great Video! Great Advice! PS: Thought **your SDK video**
    **”How to Be Miranda Sings…THE DIRECTORS CUT** Was **pure genius & so
    “artsy”** AND **SO FUNNY** **Very very creative!!**

  • BriettaPolly 2 years ago

    They should put Josh Chomik and Josh Sobo in an AwesomenessTV video
    Maybe on what they like in a girl??


  • Casey Sugrue 2 years ago


  • Ellen Lipsch 2 years ago

    i’d rather go to the pizza hut then to a fancy restaurant

  • SassClassTV 2 years ago

    Oh Sobo. That was the best thing I’ve heard hahaha. Only because more than
    half of my guy friends always ask me to help them with first dates and I
    agree with everything you just said lol. 

  • lovinthebiebz 2 years ago


  • Chelsea Erin Egamino 2 years ago

    can we have more guys like him pls

  • Becky Steele 2 years ago

    I want one of him omfg

  • Caroline Patterson 2 years ago

    who is his gf?

  • epaige37 2 years ago

    I think fancy stuff should not be right away… You should do more laid
    back things to get to know each other so you don’t have the awkward dinner
    thing the first time. Plus don’t spend money if it doesn’t work out :p

  • gloria aldana 2 years ago

    what about starbucks? lol

  • ButtercupBeauty 2 years ago

    tbh though if he really care about me he would take me to taco bueno <33
    not taco bell lmao

  • Nana Taborda 2 years ago

    I would love to go to McDonalds for a first date… Is that weird? BUT I
    would not mind if he took me to the Brooklyn bridge lol

  • kupcakekam 2 years ago

    no 2 for 20??? why not? its food! i don’t care! 

  • dejongmarinde 2 years ago

    His first date was perfect bc he is perfect. AMIRITE LADIES

  • Silver lining 2 years ago

    I like him! But honestly i wouldn’t expect anything fancy for my first
    date, going out for drinks is just fine 🙂 But if he did make such an
    effort i would be really pleasently surprised

  • Leah Bailey 2 years ago

    Exactly steer away from the 2 for $20, go to the 2 for $5

  • Trinity Davis 2 years ago

    Take me to taco bell on the first date. I will love you

  • Kaylee Jamieson 2 years ago

    Most of the girls are like “I’d like to chill in sweats and eat food” and
    stuff like that, but if I’m interested in someone I wanna go balls to the
    wall on the first date. I’m talking dressed to the nines, romantic dinner,
    romantic mood, though I don’t feel like it has to be expensive to be good.

  • veshim karle 2 years ago

    301 club

  • Tabarak Al-sabaawi 2 years ago

    I Would Love to go to burgerking 

  • Vicktoria L 2 years ago

    Love this. A girl should be wined and dined & YES put effort forth. 

  • Lexie Gomez 2 years ago

    The best first date would be going to a kings game #firstdategoals 

  • Nebtom N'Da 2 years ago

    I love food so I don’t care where I go. P.s. Taco Bell is LIFE

  • Alondra Higuera 2 years ago

    Bruh.. I would be cool if we just went for pizza. Like, right now? Yea..
    I’m hungry..

  • Gray Sanso 2 years ago


  • Stephanie Mensah 2 years ago

    am i the only one who isnt into the cheesy romance?

  • Victoria Bleu 2 years ago

    lol i’d go to taco bell or mcdonalds on the first date, as long as it wasnt
    the Only place we went.

  • diana lopez 2 years ago


  • Marjet jakobs 2 years ago

    I would love to go to mcdonalds on a first date.

  • Elizabeth Schulze 2 years ago


  • Lauren - 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind going to mc Donald’s If it was just Was for food and then
    did something it’s the thought that counts I think it would sweet as long
    as your with someone you like

  • ScarlettsLife104 2 years ago

    OMG i love taco bell.. :)

  • Shine MC 2 years ago

    Well…I don’t really care I mean DO take me somewhere nice but I don’t
    need a guy to give me roses and be all romantic honestly just take me to a
    nice restaurant or like my FABVORITE restaurant brits fish and chips!

  • Lucky Gal 2 years ago

    I’ve seen you before on YouTube!

  • Chiara H 2 years ago


  • TornadoTyTV 2 years ago

    What a cutie boy boy ^.^

  • Tadi m 2 years ago