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Happy Valentine's Day! Check out how I met Justin in today's romantic video! We also share dating tips, for anyone thinking or currently have online dating profiles!
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  • Kelly Eden 2 years ago

    OTP <3 SO cute!!!

  • Tess Fallgren 2 years ago

    I met my boyfriend online, we talked for like a week then he told me he
    wanted to meet up and i said yeah sure (we had just seen pictures of
    eachother at that time) but however we meet everyday after he asked me out
    the first time and we made it official after two months and now we have
    been together for 3 years :)

  • Jemnifur 2 years ago

    aww ! I love your love story! I think it gives more hope for people who are
    skeptical of online dating – especially people who are ‘creative’ like
    yourself! I met my last bf on okc and we dated for 2 years! So I can vouch
    for it myself! But I did have to weed through a lot of weird-os maybe it’s
    just the NYC dating market.

  • Jalexa Schell 2 years ago

    This was wonderful to see; you guys are freaking adorable!! Kinda remind me
    of me and my bf: we have a long, kinda modern day fairy tale story and its
    so rare I think, to see other couples who are cute and old fashioned and
    nerdy like us in a world where romance is truly dying…. Zilla, I just
    discovered you today and have watched all your videos (our V-Day was
    yesterday) and I could just write love letters to your personality! You are
    adorable and genuine and just awesome. I wish we could go on a double date
    with you guys! Lol! Happy Valentines Day to a beautiful couple and thanks
    for sharing your story! 

  • Zilla308 2 years ago

    happy love day! find out how I met justin in today’s video!

  • Vanessa W 2 years ago

    You guys are too cute! I never had much faith in online dating, but if guys
    like Justin are on there, there’s hope! 

  • Vince Alvendia 2 years ago

    You guys are freakin’ adorable! And is Justin’s hair ever NOT on point?

    Happy Valentines Day to you both!

  • Beth Widony 2 years ago

    This is so cute I’m married so I didn’t need the dating advice but again
    this was super cute and funny

  • ♡JAY MARTIN♡ 2 years ago

    you guys are so cute together! Perfect couple<3

  • Lainie De La Cruz 2 years ago

    You guys are super cute! I had a great relationship with a guy i met on
    myspace lol lol yea im old. Okc tho havent gone past the first date cant
    seem to mesh with anyone in person. 

  • Javier Beltran 2 years ago

    Such lovely humans, you two!

  • Banana_Savage 2 years ago

    Aww so sweet! Me and my boyfriend met online too! Been together almost 4
    years now. 

  • ekpoohpeastitch QT 2 years ago

    Stephanie!! your hair is always so kawaii!! and.. your love story is SO

  • Courtney Dawne 2 years ago

    Steph! I’m dying this was the cutest video of all time! I love you! 

  • miss35173 2 years ago

    You two are great haha

  • Ps3N3rd92 2 years ago

    Aww you guys are so adorable! :’)

  • TwinkieChanTV 2 years ago

    “That’s a C+…” “That’s all you need…” HAHAH I LOVE YOU GUYS <3

  • roxana cardenas 2 years ago

    So lovely

  • Cristal L. 2 years ago

    I met my fiance at too! We are getting married in June. We are
    a 92% match *obamanotbadgif* We are both very big geeks so we get along
    very well. I’m very happy for your guys. You are very cute! =^~^=

  • MissLollyFoxx 2 years ago

    I was laughing and smiling during the whole video. You guys are amazing and
    wonderful 🙂 So happy you found each other <3 

  • Estefania Bautista 2 years ago

    I recently got into online dating and I was super embarrassed about it
    because I never heard someone in their 20’s to do it, just like middle aged
    women. So far I’ve clicked with this one guy. We’ve basically have been
    talking everyday. This is still new to me and I’m still recovering from a
    past relationship but watching this video gave me the confidence boost I
    needed. Thank you! 

  • warhol cow 2 years ago

    Cute video! Fun hearing your guy’s story. Your eyeshadow looks awesome too!

  • Jarmie Eggeman 2 years ago

    Cute! I also met my bf of 3 years on okcupid as well! We had met at a sushi
    restaurant, and he just had an eye exam and had a bad reaction to the
    solution that makes your eyes dilated that had lasted 3 days and had to
    wear the sunglasses inserts with his broken glasses the whole dinner, but
    was adorably cute and sweet. So glad I gave online dating a chance.

  • Emily Nicole 2 years ago

    Awkward dirty talk soul mate!