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More info on the items shown in this video: Tea Towels: Wonka bar: “Pro-Active Print” 0845 121 2280…



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  • Julia Persson 4 years ago

    24/8 is my birthday =)

  • imaturtleXD 4 years ago

    haha the top comments are to do with Harry Potter! Really great ideas- I think I’d go for the tea towel, but the ticket idea’s cool… and the flip book.. oh :L

  • daisydrop22 4 years ago

    that tea towel is scary my mum and dad are called jo and Jonathan

  • iinmediasres 4 years ago

    “How rude!”

  • Danielle Elbaum 4 years ago

    August 24,2013

  • MsMimimonkey 4 years ago

    I love the chocolate bar!

  • Kait Ramsey 4 years ago

    you use a save the date as an early reminder. A lot of times invitations don’t go out until a month or two before the wedding, but save the dates go out as early as six or seven months before the wedding. It’s so people don’t schedule something.

  • Itsjoolsx 4 years ago

    I can’t wait until I get married

  • Luke Kushner 4 years ago

    @sixtieschickuk you send out save the dates early, just as a remember this date, and the invitation comes later on more towards the event.

  • sixtieschickuk 4 years ago

    I’m confused about the ‘save the date’ concept (I think it could be an american thing) wouldn’t the date of the wedding be in the invitation? Could someone tell me what is it exactly?

  • TheWolf743 4 years ago

    It looks like just a dish towel to dry your hands with or dry dishes.

  • Alma Esquer 4 years ago

    what’s a tea towel??? I’m american /.

  • Rose Glover 4 years ago

    Unfortunately, I am so traditional when it comes to weddings that I am for the traditional printed invites. Boring I know, but everyone’s different. It’s not just tradition for me too-I love vintage ideas-a wedding styled around the 1950’s would be my dream!

  • Caro Gomez 4 years ago

    im 12&watching these videos .__. their soo entertaining xD

  • TourdeBabelMariage 4 years ago

    I love all “save the date” ideas. Very original.

  • TheMuzikheart 4 years ago

    Awesome ideas :)

  • TheLamiaC 4 years ago

    16 here..and seeing ur videos makes me wanna get married!

  • Loopylexi123 4 years ago

    The link is in the box

  • Ellie Green 4 years ago


  • Natalie Jones 4 years ago

    Rip woof!

  • jrex0045 4 years ago

    Was wondering were I can find the Wonka bar so i can order them. We are trying to use this idea for our wedding but cant find were to get it.  Can anybody help?

  • charlotte menham 4 years ago

    @artist45 it’s a very American thing but it has been becoming more popular in the UK over the past few year

  • Patricia Schmitt 4 years ago

    you are getting married on my 20th birthday 🙂

  • anakhanda 4 years ago

    your getting married on my 3 year anniversary 🙂

  • Elsy Durrett 4 years ago

    what date is she getting married

  • VampireAngel1905 4 years ago

    Fleur’s sister reminds me of J.K Rowling!

  • Jodie653 4 years ago

    OR you could save yourself hundreds of pounds and just create and just print it on a bit of card and hand decorate them. Or even create an event on facebook and save the fancy stuff for the actual invitation.

  • RedDiceMedia 4 years ago

    That was a really great video. If you ever get the chance check out ourr channel for our save the date video.

  • Rebecca Evans 4 years ago

    Love the tea towels! I would love to receive that as a S-T-D!

  • Rosie Lloyd 4 years ago

    The lighting in this video is amazing! Do you use artificial lighting? Xx

  • YummyNiall 4 years ago

    Thats what ut says

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    I want to get MARRIED period. HAha

  • Mandip Kaur 4 years ago

    Oh my God, the Wonka bar is genius! I’ll definitely be using that in about 5 years lol

  • aestheticsoul692 4 years ago

    i love the last one

  • Numana Usman 4 years ago

    i don’t care who thinks it is…but in my opinion not everything in a wedding is expensive somethings are cheap also…:)

  • Growths 4 years ago

    Maybe people think yours is the rubbish comment? :)

  • Numana Usman 4 years ago

    why so many likes on this rubbish comment? they aren’t bashing, they are telling that it’s so expensive so that ppl can knw also because you can even get something even cheaper than that? it’s not necessary to have everything expensive in a wedding…u can get something cheap at least 1 thing?

  • bcarter99bc 4 years ago


  • argggggggggggpirate 4 years ago

    Eh seems like a waste of money

  • BeeBeautyChannel 4 years ago

    I loooove the Wonka chocolate bar!! Too adorable!!