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In this video you'll learn how to increase your chances of women messaging you back on online dating websites. Make sure to log onto and sign up for my free weekly dating tips for men.

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  • BobbyHaet 2 years ago

    Its funny because you can tell this is the type of girl who would ignore
    99% of guys messages online. 

  • Ivan Sanders 2 years ago

    It’s seriously tough getting dates (for both sexes) when one is over 60.
    Fifteen years ago it was a doddle. Most of the older women are seriously
    disturbed. I say this not only from the viewpoint of an arguably
    prejudiced single man, but also as a qualified clinician. And of course
    most women more than five years younger simply don’t want to know. Indeed a
    large number of them solely pursue men younger than themselves. Often much
    younger. However, most Gordian knots can easily be broken and here in the
    land of mountains and millions upon millions of sheep (Wales) there does
    lie an answer. In the absence of a sheep dog one needs to be fit and have
    some skill in the art of lassooing. The females are often way too hairy
    (depends on the time of year) but once caught and smooth talked are
    generally outstanding kissers and always low maintenance. All females love
    to be chased and here in Wales that universal panacea for success holds
    true. Shall I make a video? 

  • Justen 314 2 years ago

    Ok cool, new to an area and figured online dating is going to give me a
    great head start, thanks for the advice. You have any advice on making a
    good profile?

  • MrOldclunker 2 years ago

    Have you seen the women online over 40 years old. OMG scary.

  • Matt Baron 2 years ago

    Nice tips Em..

  • strake750 2 years ago

    This is bullshit,I’ve spent time writing introduction messages to women
    only for them to be completely ignored,most of them don’t even visit my
    profile,which probably means the messages don’t even get read

  • K Gubbas 2 years ago

    Women don’t go on online dates. they are too scared

  • Allan Horian 2 years ago

    Nice video..