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Finding Beck with Beck Flately Season 2 Premiere
Online Dating tips for Men: Photos

Men, you need help… from a girl. I'm a girl, so I feel uniquely qualified to give you some pointers on what your online dating photos look like to women. Avoid these common pitfalls and you'll have panties droppin' all across town. For real, tho.

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…Or don't and people will blame you for it when they stumble across it themselves later down the line. “Why didn't you say anything!? My life would be totally different if I knew how to create an online dating profile! My life is RUINED!!” That's just one possible scenario…and there are many others that are equally as horrible, so I would just share it if I were you. Way less work and emotional turmoil. And that's what life is really about, making smart decisions with where to focus your energy so you can get the things you want. So simple, but we make it so hard for ourselves. Ok Bye. Share it.



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  • Beck Flately 2 years ago

    Thanks!! More tips coming on tomorrow’s episode! Stay Tuned! :)

  • PSE Mentalist 2 years ago

    That was totally priceless and hilarious …LOL Beck two thumbs up in the
    air for you 

  • Beck Flately 2 years ago

    Season 2 Premiere of Finding Beck. Share these Online Dating Tips for Men!