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In this video you'll learn how to increase your chances of women messaging you back on online dating websites. Make sure to log onto an…



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  • Em Lovz 3 years ago

    Good call Kenny. You can get ahold of women in so many different ways these

  • Em Lovz 3 years ago

    Much appreciated 🙂

  • Kenny Adventures 3 years ago

    When you look at it, those are some high #’s 50-100 as far as messages go.
    That could be across the board as for FB, Twitter, sms to her phone, etc.

  • tharaka coach 3 years ago

    Good Work Em Lovz….keep it up

  • Em Lovz 3 years ago

    Who says you are ugly??? There are tons of women that would be into you.
    Email me directly at