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Online Dating Tips For Men
How to get women to notice you review:

Your here because you have a problem. Your main problem is that your POF
Profile is having if not all then one or more of the following probems:

1. NO RESPONSES!!! Girls are just not responding to their Plenty Of Fish Profiles!

2. Girls are not returning emails… when a guy send them out on plenty of fish dating. Or girls are not even bothering to click on their profiles to begin with!

3. Most importantly NO DATES! Which means NO SEX!!!!

4. Your fed up and tired of being alone because no one seems interested in you on POF.

Now who wants that kind of response? I certainly wouldn’t. I mean who wants to sit at home with a bunch of dudes playing video games because girls are not responding to your Plenty Of Fish profiles? Or, even worse sitting at home alone!

Well I have an idea that can get you out of this self inflicted hell with my online video course that contains the following videos:

Video 1

Will teach you how to take power photos that will boost your response rate at least 9 times what your getting right now. This sadly is the main area that 99% of the men who use sites like Plenty Of Fish totally fail at and is the number 1 reason why their response rate is so poor! Why take chances? Let me show you some of the things you will learn:

The Ten Commandments Of Taking Profile Photos!

The Power of dress!

How to use nonverbal communication to make your photo’s sizzle and force her to notice you!

The main thing that guys DO NOT do when they take photos that will make them look 120% more attractive!

Plus much much more…

Video 2

This tutorial is about developing a powerful user name or profile name. This is also an area that most guys don’t pay too much attention to. I will teach you:

How to create a user name that will peek her curiosity

Show you what types that are total game killers that guys are there are using right now!

Show you what your user name should consist of

Plus more!

Video 3

Did you know the second most important element is your headline? Just like any type of advertising headlines are vitally important to your online game. Let me show you:

11 vital lessons that you need to learn when you want to create a headline that will Knock Em Dead!

How to structure your headline so that it explodes your profile!

How to use a headline to hypnotize her into clicking on your profile before she can even think about it!

Homework and other exercises!

Video 4

Now we will get into developing your actual profile. This is the sizzle of the steak portion that DUDES utterly and completely flop out on. I know its hard to sit and think so I am taking the guesswork out of it for you by teaching you:

10 Ways to quickly and easily create pulling profiles!

With examples pulled from the internet of perfect profiles to learn from!

Writing exercises that will help you uncover your own magic!

Plus a lot more! You will create a profile that works…

Video 5

Here I will teach you about how to cold approach the right way online. So many guys try sending out those generic game killer outgoing emails and it is no wonder they get ZERO responses. Let me show you:

How to create knock em off their chair introduction emails that will pull results!

3 important criteria that you must know right now before you send out one email!

A simple 4 step process that you need to follow while your creating a first time email to a girl!

Yes there is a lot more in this video!

Video 6

This is a 2 part video series where I went online and took 2 profiles and pimped them out right in front of your very eyes. You get to see me do the magic as I am doing it so that you can learn first hand how to pimp out your profile. This video will show you:

Where I get a FREE piece of software that I use to create pimped out profiles!

3 Tools that Plenty Of Fish has that you will use to create that magic of pimping your profile out with! I will teach you about basic copy writing

Live video of what to do and how to do it!

Bonus videos:

I am also including my course on creating hypnotic profiles as a additional added bonus. This powerful course contains 11 more video trainings so that you get a TOTAL PIMP YOUR PROFILE training. I am not leaving anything to chance.


You will get access to this sites additional:

Podcast shows



More info go to:



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