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Online dating tipsfor men part 1

Your here because you have a problem.
Your main problem is that your POF
Profile is having if not all then one or more of the following probems:
Girls are just not responding to their Plenty Of Fish Profiles!
2. Girls are not returning emails… when a guy send them out on plenty of fish dating.

Online dating tips part 2
Or girls are not even bothering to click on their profiles to begin with!
3. Most importantly NO DATES! Which means NO SEX!!!!
4. Your fed up and tired of being alone because no one seems interested in you on POF.
Now who wants that kind of response?
I certainly wouldn’t.
I mean who wants to sit at home with a bunch of dudes playing video games because girls are not responding to your Plenty Of Fish profiles?
Or, even worse sitting at home alone!
If your like most guys you want the following:
1. GET A TON of responses back in their in box.
I know how good that makes you feel as a man.
With one dating site I just sat there and let the emails roll in with girls phone numbers and offers for dates.
I counted 17 in one hour.
No bull.

Online dating tips for men part 3

I have the documentation to prove it.
2. GET GIRLS to approach them first.
Yes women do approach guys first.
Guess what?
This is the only way I do internet dating.
I sit back and let girls approach me first on Plenty Of Fish and other dating sites.
On Plenty Of Fish I have women who have sent me not just their phone numbers, but tons of those gift things they have on that site.
And it feels dam good to be the one in the drivers seat instead of women.

Online dating tips for men part 4

Hey I am going to tell it like it is and most guys just want to have the opportunity to get a girl friend or go on dates so that they can just get laid.
I agree, who wants to be alone?
Ask yourself that very question.
Why be alone?
I want you to ask yourself a question.
How much is it costing you each and every month that you don’t take action to do something about your online profile to make it more marketable?
Think about how often you have to spend time alone by yourself punishing yourself over and over again because your tired of being alone?

Online dating tips for men part 5

Think about everytime you see couples when you go out having fun and you have to go back to your lonlely home with no one there but you.
How much is this costing you each and every month in mental pain, self torture and anguish?
No man deserves to live in that type of self inflicted hell, all beacause you threw up a stupid useless profile and your too lazy to do something about it.
That is what your laziness or lack of investing in yourself is costing you each month.
Everytime there is a good
movie out and you have to go alone or with a bunch of other dudes making it a weener fest instead of you with a beautiful lady on your arm you do something to your manhood that is irreparable.
You know what I’m talking about too.
I know you feel me on this subject.




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  • michael nolan 2 years ago

    Again you need photos of what your doing to get the best results on
    there..for example if you put up pictures of you camping then women that
    like that will vibe with you and send you a message. .you cant just use
    bunch selfies if your average.

  • Gregory Cole 2 years ago

    What’s up Supreme. I sent you a message a few months ago ,and i was talking
    about my recent divorce after 10 years. Well i met a few females on tinder,
    and i am currently dating two. Im 36 and the main chic im dating is 43. She
    visits me regularly, and cooks for me at least once a week,and we now have
    a very active sex life. I’ve known her now for about 2 months, and she
    recently told me she really enjoys having sex with me and giving me head.
    That is all cool ,but after my divorce i started on a path of running my
    life like a business as you often have taught . I feel like im getting
    comfortable with her. What do i do to keep my head in the game of life and
    continue to reach my goals ????

  • NickMack 2 years ago

    How about turning off your computer, taking a jog in the nearby park? And
    who knows, you might even bump into a hot girl jogging as well.

    Seems better than roaming the internet for girls…

  • Bangura x 2 years ago

    hey supreme , check and rate my profile… just put it back up

    please respond in a vdieo