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Eliot Chang's “Comedy Central Presents” half hour special was voted #2 in Comedy Central's Stand Up Showdown 2011. Other TV appearances include E!'s “Chelsea Lately” and Showtime's “Minority Report.” Also an actor and improviser, Eliot studied improv in NY at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) and then with Armando Diaz at the Magnet Theater, where he was on the house team “Jungle! Jungle!” He tours yearly and has performed at over 400 colleges. Born in NY and now based in LA, Eliot splits his time between both coasts.



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  • cantonboi2 2 years ago

    Prior to seeing this video, I did everything you guys mentioned. I’m an
    Asian guy and average 1-2 new messages a day from pretty girls of all
    colors. Just man up and be cool, there should be no excuse for us to fall
    behind…The cute girl I went out on a date with mentioned she received
    20-50 messages a day lol, so spend time spitting verbal game. 

  • Curly Cassy 2 years ago

    I agree with all your tips. I don’t reply to “Hey” messages… just say
    something genuine and plan a meet up. I would say yes to an afternoon

  • Chris Legaspi 2 years ago

    JT, did you test results for height? MY guess is the 6′ and above profiles
    do really really well for some reason lol

  • WillYouLaugh 2 years ago

    “Compliment the physical but qualify the emotional” 

  • uhavemooface 2 years ago

    Met my fiance online and she moved in after about two weeks. We have been
    together for almost 7 years now. So online dating is not that bad although
    you do need to communicate in order to learn more about him or her.

  • WillYouLaugh 2 years ago

    Online Dating Tips For Asian Men (and most guys too)

  • Pretty Sexy 2 years ago

    LOTS of Asian men are dating white women these days.

  • koenigturbo 2 years ago

    I like your videos and I subscribed so, Don’t take this the wrong way, but