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How to avoid making these top 2 mistakes most men make in online dating PLUS How To Flirt Online. Here's how to get a woman's attention and get responses! Fo…



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  • joshspiker1 4 years ago


  • srkdon786 4 years ago

    i agree a very thin line

  • Dating Tips For Men 4 years ago

    awesome tips

  • ottawadrummer 4 years ago

    Online dating is like inserting your head in between a door and the frame and slamming it repeatedly.

  • badass447 4 years ago

    Great advice!

  • Binayak Pokharel 4 years ago

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  • Jacob Reehl 4 years ago

    Theres a difference between being picky, and being a bitch.

  • Jacob Reehl 4 years ago

    I agree. They think we “owe” them something when we don’t owe them diddly squat. Guys, try to avoid resorting to online dating. Your self esteem will take a nose dive no matter how good looking you are. Most women will not reply to you, and if they do, it’ll be a one worder. Women are too needy online and we deserve better.

  • Hossein Turner 4 years ago

    no shit!

  • Tom Hair 4 years ago

    New online dating site

  • Macdonnell1 4 years ago

    1000% correct! Head to the mall and shop. Great way to enlist the help of ladies who enjoy helping a guy out in the fashion arena. I know what I want from a clothing rack but I prefer a lady make the final decision.

  • Macdonnell1 4 years ago

    Great tip for guys: Go to Neman Marcus mens shoe department. Try on a dozen pair of shoes. At some point during your shopping venture you *will* see a cute, available lady wandering the vacinity. Bust your butt to grab her attention and enlist her input in your decision to purchase a couple pairs of shoes. Face it! We suck at buying shoes, guys. Woman LOVE to show a man the ropes in the shoe department. Buy her lunch as a return favor and see how it goes.

  • Jemmy Padmore 4 years ago

    I had a crush for a girl who worked near me for almost 2 years, but I could never seem to get the courage to ask her out every time she would visit my work whenever she had break. I was sure she would reject me, I’m not anything like those pick-up gurus. My 3rd date with her is tomorrow night. Do you want to learn how I succeed? Trust me, check out the link I have posted on my channel and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Charles Adams 4 years ago

    The main mistake men make is Don’t Be Ugly. If you are ugly then give it up.

  • Brian Crump 4 years ago

    People are allowed to be picky. Come on when looking for a mate you shouldn’t have to settle. Fuck that, I want the perfect person for me and if I have to be “picky” or “shallow” well it’s my right. Is it not?

  • horrorbusiness78 4 years ago

    Should just cut to the chase and put a picture of your dick on your profile and nowt else (make sure it’s hard first), be blunt about it. Theres a red hot tip for y’all

  • Ana Dubic 4 years ago

    Neat idea, just how did you figure out this works well? Once I discovered Simple Gained Girlfriends I become seriously at ease with women, it’s a life changer so check it out on Google.

  • TJPatzo 4 years ago

    Your words are everything I have been thinking, but couldn’t verbalize. Thumbs up!

  • randman21 4 years ago

    I disagree with almost everything you said, but the power trip thing is so real. There are countless websites dedicated to the “desperate” or “stupid” messages women get from guys. The women ALWAYS claim that either a friend set them up on the site, or that they just keep the profile for entertainment.

    BUT that’s only certain women. Insecure douches, who I can smell a mile away. Otherwise, I am a big proponent of online dating. I’ve met some awesome people.

  • 1too3fore 4 years ago

    First mistake men make is to sign up for on-line dating. NEVER AGAIN.  If you can avoid this first mistake, you’ll avoid making any other on-line dating mistakes, too.

  • kevin smith 4 years ago

    If i was to approach 100 single women. Realistically, i could sleep with most of them. If i email 100 women on a website, I may get 3-5 percent respond rate. Being creative, and genuine, and taking time to read about the girl on the profile is a complete waste of time. I believe in numbers. In one week. If you hit every major dating site heavily, you can contact thousands of women and have a potential 40 solid leads by week 2. Then go on a date, get them home. you need to skype first.

  • kevin smith 4 years ago

    I personally believe that 90 percent of girls that actively use dating site have a false sense of self worth. In a real life situation. Possibly 1-2 guys a day, if the girl gives the proper signals may approach that women. Online they have hundreds of leads a week. You can find a great girl tho online. You just need to put a solid push and hit hundreds of girls up at once. Take one 8 hour day and email every single girl on that site. Then go out with the girl that responds.

  • mmestari 4 years ago

    Brad Pitt has himself said, that he had no success with women untill he become famous.

  • cubbex 4 years ago

    Date sites are the result of our actual social narcissism. bad parenting or simply some kind of dysfunction on their brain makes them to be like that, people that is so insecure the lost their external consideration and empathy. The actual idea of date sites is just fucking pathetic.

  • Cant quit and let them win, have to beat them at their own game.

  • MegaDiamondmine 4 years ago


  • ejdf870 4 years ago

    Where did I mention that “ALL” women on dating sites are no good? Can’t find it? I thought not, because I happened to say that “most” women on dating sites possess deplorable traits, and men need to avoid these sites like scabies.
    To make matters even worse, most dating sites are sausage parties. Many desperate men compete for the attention of a handful of women, who as a result get swollen egos and become super picky. Not a good paradigm for a man to be in.
    Thank you very much.

  • Brian Crump 4 years ago

    How is it you are having problems finding love? You are smoking hot (as much as I can tell from a 1×1 pic). Where are you looking for men and what type of man are you looking for?