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  • James Linings 3 years ago

    Would be great if you could do a small review for us! We’ve only just
    really started but the feedback we’ve received so far has been great. Check
    us out! silverliningsdating[.]com

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    It’s a little weird but a GOOD weird 🙂

  • Jessica Dawson 3 years ago

    I’m 21 so it’s legal hehe 🙂

  • Jessica Dawson 3 years ago

    How old are you is it weird that i think your hot

  • Review Guy 3 years ago

    Thanks Jason, your a badass mutherfucker that gets dem bitches !!

  • Mohammad Moniruzzaman 3 years ago

    Gaining Digit Game shows you far better ways to pick up ladies and get
    their names and phone numbers. Every single thing I learned, I learned from
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  • Conundric 3 years ago

    4:30 I lost it.

  • Review Guy 3 years ago

    The thing that bugs me about dating sites is its like…. i dont try to
    have a generic message when ever i message someone..and never get replies..
    ive literally been on a couple dating sites for years now and never once
    been on a date through them.

  • Sycho03 3 years ago

    Online Dating Experience: if someone is trying to be your
    girlfriend/boyfriend after the 2nd or 3rd message…it’s time to Block
    them! AND having at least 3 pics for reference than just the profile image.
    They’re good tips, I was subscribed to about 20+ different dating sites but
    rejection sucks so maybe I’ll go back and try dating someday and I’ll keep
    your tips in mind! 🙂

  • Nathaniel Snow 3 years ago

    She’s not going to give a shit about you… HAHA, sounds about right.

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    He always pays his taxes in a timely manner and has great advice on tax
    shelters and Roth IRA’s so I take that as a complement thanks!

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    I want you to be OUT OF STEP!

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    Zero. If I did get paid, I would just casually ignore your comment. I just
    wanted to giveaway stuff to viewers that I didn’t have to pay for. Glad you
    like breakdown!

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago


  • piplup10203854 3 years ago

    thumbnail oh yeah lol haha

  • xGATOxMALOx 3 years ago

    These tips are good for IRL dating too.

  • SideofClouds 3 years ago

    “Don’t send dick pics.” lmao

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    Ha thanks Jess!

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    good one…

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    You know it!

  • Kjaleja Alejandre 3 years ago

    The ‘wink’ is the creepiest thing…I don’t know why but I literally want
    to punch them in the dick for sending it. I had a dude I met once
    ‘accidentally’ send a wiener picture…….yay….freakin creep.

  • Kyosuke180 3 years ago

    Two thumbs up for atheism.

  • sgprailfan 3 years ago

    i like ignoring religious views when looking at profiles, unless its really
    obvious that person wouldn’t date someone with my views.

  • Joe Market 3 years ago

    Don’t send dick pics…

  • CleverAcronymsProd 3 years ago

    Hey Jason, why don’t you do “5 things you wish you would have known before
    you started making Youtube videos”?

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    Thanks Heather! Oooh I like the regret one…

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    Gotta switch it up. Pictures, jazz up your interests. New people join those
    sites like every minute!

  • Rose V 3 years ago

    Jason let’s go on a date!

  • Jess Soto 3 years ago

    But seriously. 5 gay things. Please boo.

  • Hanklovesprimus 3 years ago

    Gimme the iTunes cards so I can buy minor threat songs

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago


  • Kulascus 3 years ago

    Fuck… to late, Horton… I’ve already sended to her pic of my dick 🙁

  • MariusIoannesP 3 years ago

    Do you have an opinion on Bronies? I’d like to hear what you think of that.

  • jacksmyman 3 years ago

    I agree w sideofclouds!!

  • jasonhorton 3 years ago