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  • newcoyote 4 years ago

    This is good advice and you would think it would be common sense but far
    from it. I did the POF thing and took it very seriously. I mean I put a lot
    of thought and effort into it. Considering what is a stake, why wouldn’t
    you? Why would you be half assed about it. You’re looking for a partner for
    crying out loud. One of my tactics (for lack of a better term) and one that
    should always be applied in competition is, know your enemy. Know who you
    are up against because that is what is going to get in your way. So I did
    it, unethical as it sounds, made up a genuine looking female profile to see
    what kind of replies “she” got. Wrote something fairly basic with pictures
    of a moderately attractive woman.Yes I had her permission( a friend who
    thought it was hilarious) & took it down when I got my answer. Yeah. The
    vast majority of messages were almost comical. 90% is about right. “Hey.
    Sup girl?” or “Hey sexy” or some other equally ridiculous message. Guys
    seem to have an inability to see themselves from outside of their
    selves.Maybe that is simpler advice. Put yourself in the recipients
    position and consider if what you write is what you would find the least
    compelling. I guarantee “Yo babe hook up wit me” is not getting you

  • Steve Forman 4 years ago

    Show your boobs! :D

  • Losty419 4 years ago

    ZzZzZzZ dribble ZzZzZz MINDLESS GARBAGE ZzZzZz But she can be ordinary
    zZzZzZzZzZ “Sacrafice your dignity and pride” ZzZzZzZ you have a better
    chance catching a leprecahn with a asian accent than getting this attention
    whore’s undivided attention.

  • zeta reticuli 4 years ago

    i get heaps of request from WOMEN, But there is one thing WRONG There

  • LIMITBREAKSTUDIO 4 years ago

    Interesting video, I do videos about online dating as well so if you get a
    chance check it out!

  • OCcrazy1 4 years ago

    how she making money

  • Jain Palma 4 years ago

    Some thing else : I have to add : try to talk to few girls at the same time
    . the more girls you are talking to , the less you have time to respond
    their msg , she probably thinks you are a cool laid back guy ! Sexy , smart
    and not so sticky !!! Girls love it . ( in a good word , try not to msg
    them a lot !) That turns them on . OK, I have to go, I am going to fk a
    girl on my sofa, I never met her , but since I texted her last night , she
    was interested to get a fk on my sofa 😉 goodluckboys

  • Jain Palma 4 years ago

    .. You are wrong ! Girls are looking for a big c**** , I f**** 7 Dif girls
    in a week. They don’t care your name , lol I use pof , ( few only secrets
    for u guys : workout, be a good talker, and try to find a good moment to
    talk about sex with her! Such as late at night when she text you : I’m in
    bed , so try to make her to masturbate with your dirty talking or your pics
    !Guys , I swear I do it ! So fking easy ! U need to practice that. U don’t
    need a good car , u don’t need to spend money !

  • shivercanada 4 years ago

    Oh look another women trying to make money off of men. Who’d a thunk!

  • tommytj7 4 years ago

    Well it doesn’t matter what one writes…..what they look for….is how he
    or she looks and there age……and then location….if that meets there
    needs then it goes on.

  • Ryan Waskewicz 4 years ago

    I spent 2 weeks emailing the girl from this video only to find out in
    person she looked like Jack Palance

  • Mandelyn Reese 4 years ago

    Great video! You’re well-spoken with great advice, and lovely!

  • Cata potamus 4 years ago

    what about the ones who don’t write anything in there profile description?
    and do women even look for men on dating sites.. or is that a fucking myth
    ? women… pfft fed up with em gotta be a fucking hero to get a fucking

  • MsCankersore 4 years ago

    Lets be honest here, If I were the male equivalent of you online dating
    wouldnt be so hard.

  • anthony beylotte 4 years ago

    I’m an ordinary guy and I feel as though I should be myself in any
    situation. Messaging, ect..

  • Nancy L 4 years ago

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    to move on and keep chatting with you.

  • Norman M 4 years ago

    Everything you need to know to seduce a woman Visit Once you
    that she was interested and they don’t want to have to make her more
    invested in order to want to move on something.

  • Subair Ap 4 years ago

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