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Meet real women next week using online dating. Watch these tips on how you build your profile, send the first email, and find a great relationship by using o…



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  • Uzoma93 4 years ago

    If you’re 19 and looking for other reasonably attractive 19-22 year olds, its difficult. A lot of girls reply 4-5 times, and then when they get 100’s of messages from other guys, they stop, maybe your msg even gets lost. It is very easy to go on dates with overweight girls though, if you don’t care about looks. I stopped online dating when I got a girl, came back on out of curiousity, same girls who were there 5 months ago are still online, looking for “Mr Right”.

  • create a dating site 4 years ago

    Great video, there is alot of money to be made running your own dating sites!

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    Abso-fucking-lutely… Well said, amigo

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    So much proof to the contrary it isn’t even funny…

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    Looks aren’t everything!

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    There may be something to that. That’s what makes this so much fun!

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    your spam’s showing…

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    W.R.O.N.G. wrongwrongwrong…

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    Thinking that is not helping you out at all, man…

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    Check out the Online Dating Playbook I mention in the video, it’ll help with that

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    Um, what? a scan? I don’t do any of the PUA stuff – seems like overkill personally, but if it works for you great!

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    So you missed the part where I said free sites suck? And that’s so not true it isn’t even funny… Sad actually

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    gotchya… 🙂

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    Check out the Online Dating Playbook I mentioned in the video and it’ll help out. Your spam’s showing by the way

  • oliver2855 4 years ago

    Thank you brother.

  • HandyMan101 4 years ago

    Never get online dating advice from a tall handsome guy with dark hair and tats.

    The average dude has no shot with today’s women.


  • HandyMan101 4 years ago

    There’s no such thing as online dating for men.

    It’s online getting avoided by women.

  • youisiaint 4 years ago

    Women DON’T want “nice guys”. They are in DENIAL and they need to realize this.

  • Veronica Umboh 4 years ago

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  • dorna moss 4 years ago

    I think it depends what you want. Men who put up photos with other women are more likely to be ignored by women who are looking for nice guys. If you want to attract a women who likes “bad” boys or whatever, then putting up photos with other women might be the right thing. Otherwise, bad idea.

  • golapsarmags 4 years ago


  • Latin Lover 4 years ago

    Lol online dating sucks for the average guys, unless you lower your standards a lot, you will have no success, even fat girls get hundreds of messages a month, you have no chance

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    So not true, it isn’t even funny 😉 Don’t let personal preference interfere with human nature

  • MsGoldenRatio 4 years ago

    Men should go up to a woman and say “Hi can I buy you a drink?” You must NOT stand there laughing with your male buddies whilst you check her out either because if she looks at you then she will think you are immature. Mature men do not need other men to give them courage….they stride out and they go and get what they want because they are men and they have balls. If an alpha male gets rejected he would just say “okay Princess no problem”. Show confidence and you will be confident. Capisce?

  • eatingvegan1234 4 years ago

    Do not have photos of yourself with other women. She will avoid you.

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago


  • Michael Windstorm 4 years ago

    My Fifty Online Dates by Michael Windstorm. A hilarious true story about fifty unforgettable online dates! Laugh and learn!

  • Alexis Mccain 4 years ago

    Heimlich maneuver

  • Steve Henderson 4 years ago

    I agree with you Jake, we are really “selling our self” when we are online,

    I had a lot of difficulties just to get women to respond to my messages, until I found this secret “trick”.

    I learned to set up my profile the right way. This was a huge change.

    If you want to hear my full story go to DatingAdviceHelps . net

  • christine vasquez 4 years ago

    very good advice!! Job well done!!

  • DatingSecretsVideos 4 years ago

    Good Stuff.

  • Barry Sabahat 4 years ago

    You are a smart fellow!

  • ayla5253 4 years ago

    It’s not just about posting the right profile. What happens when it’s time to meet? If you want to know the right things to do or say, how to use attraction science in your favor, how to utilize non-verbal communication effectively , check out meetsinglesgetadate at the dot com

  • Gamereaper150 4 years ago

    i thought that was you in profile pic

  • Online Dating Survival 4 years ago

    It helps. So does proper spelling though…

  • MandMREDHOTSiren 4 years ago

    Ur cute

  • hoopy1111 4 years ago

    I hope I don’t look like anyone from jersey shore lol

  • TotalWafflez 4 years ago

    Bullshit.. I signed up for okcupid website and low and behold all I get is fucking views and I write to them and all I get is views and my profile is nice to.. Women only want a hot guy who is tall rich and fit fuck that.

  • Logan800 4 years ago

    Hell yeah, this is what I’ve been telling so many men you need to pay! So many of these women are plans so many games because they don’t have to pay for anything if they are forced to pay, then less bullshit! Well done video man.

  • joge82 4 years ago

    Why did you look @ your Tattoo buddy. Or is it a randomly “A scan” checking your body though.