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OkCupid is a waste of time and I have had absolutely no luck or any good results on it. I do not recommend it for christian guys. I feel like I will never find someone to connect with and marry.



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  • Stinger911 3 years ago

    Good video, man. I feel you. I’m not Christian so I am promiscuous, and
    by my standards I’ve had some success there every once in a while… a
    couple relationships and some short term flings… but the amount of work
    you have to put in, in terms of banging on doors and sending messages and
    dealing with the head games and attention whores honestly overrides the
    convenience factor of being able to do it while sitting home in your

    I think a big part of why so few women reply on OKCupid is because of the
    stupid “Replies Selectively” bar, where if someone actually writes back,
    their reply bar goes from “Replies Selectively” to “Replies Often”, and
    women want to maintain the image that they are selective.

    Another part of it is the sheer statistics… there are about 2 dudes for
    every 1 woman on the site, meaning that even if you look over her profile
    and write her a well thought out message, it’s going to be buried under a
    heap of copy/paste spam and regular old “Hey whats up” messages.

    Decently attractive women in real life ALREADY have a ton of options… on
    OKCupid they can sort of just languish and do nothing while a metric
    shit-ton of interested suitors line up. I think many women look at OKC as
    a “just in case” protocol. Like “Just in case the guy who’s fucking me
    leaves me or I get tired of him, I can instantly have one of these guys.”

    One thing is for certain, and that is that the odds are definitely stacked
    against men in online dating. It is probably better to just learn cold
    approach pickup and proceed to meet girls at clubs, book stores or

  • wishen4fishen2 3 years ago

    I am done with American woman.I know some are ok but after going to Asia
    and dating Asian woman,there’s no going back for me.This cracked me up
    about your internet dating experiences.I do not even bother with any of
    that but I reckon I’m kind of old school that way,much prefer meeting a
    lady in person and go from there.I will most likely end up marrying a
    Filipina woman myself.So many are wonderful ladies it’s hard to keep your
    heart from melting to soon ;-D I’m giggling but as you know it’s really
    true huh.Your a straight shooter bud,always a good quality.

  • DoucheMaster Flex 3 years ago

    Everything in this video is true. Okcupid is bad for your mental health.
    Hardly any women write back, despite tons of effort in contacting them. If
    they do write, the conversations are always vapor trails. Same for any text
    messages. All the women, even the most unattractive ones think they’re hot,
    and are entitlement minded. There’s nothing on there but attention whores
    and bitter, man hating women who love leading men on wild goose chases.
    This site will damage your self-esteem and confidence. The same goes for, all these free sites suck.

  • ohkaye911 3 years ago

    haaaaaaaaaa :p I’m curios! I think I wanna sign up there and have some
    fuuuunnnnnnn! :D

  • Jay Beato 3 years ago

    this is such a helpful tip for girls who’s in online dating! Next time
    they’ll know better. 

  • Simply Sharon 3 years ago

    I so enjoyed watching your expose. I know Jesus is speaking to you and
    advising you. You exude spirituality. God has blessed you with a
    beautiful face but has given you to brilliance to be selective and speak
    your mind. Yet you should consider dating a Bi-Sexual women because YOU
    have the power within you to convert that chick on chick action to come to
    an abrupt stop. You belong in Alabama. Alabama needs you. God want you
    to stay in Alabama. 

  • MaharlikaAWA 3 years ago

    I am so sick of the profile pics of girls doing kiss faces or tongue stuck
    out. Its just gross and makes you look like a tramp ladies.

    Oh and another issue on okcupid are transexuals. They should not be allowed
    to make profiles as females and should have their own category so they dont
    come up on my search results. 

  • OmniviumVelocity 3 years ago

    A short first message is best. They don’t even want a long, detailed
    message that shows you read their profile. Lately I’ve been just asking if
    they want to chat and getting a decent amount of responses – on okcupid. On
    pof, my experience is similar to yours.

    Also a lot of women say they are bisexual, but they are really just
    bi-curious. Because when you look at their questions, most of them answer
    “I have not had sex with someone of the same sex but I would like to”.
    Meaning they might be open to trying it but they have never actually dated
    a girl before.

    It seems like most girls are bi-curious nowadays, so as long as they
    answered that they have not had sex with another girl, I’ll still send them
    a message. And some girls put bisexual and then say they are only looking
    for men, so you can tell right away they are just bi-curious.

  • Heather Caywood 3 years ago

    We aren’t actually here for ourselves anyway we are here to win souls for
    heaven we had to be won by love not by being critical and judgemental. Jus
    sayin. Need to focus on your relationship with Jesus and make it better
    than you will know how to treat and respect the opposite sex oh and being
    impatient will lead to sin trust me I have went through that most of my

  • Savannah Miller 3 years ago

    you seem like an asshole, that may be why you’re not having any luck…

  • Jordan Stovall 3 years ago

    Good video and kudos for telling it how it is. I will say that pay sites
    are way better than free ones. Girls are less promiscuous and more serious
    about dating on the pay sites. OkCupid is full of attention whores who will
    never message you back.

    But basically, girls can “date up” online, and guys have to date down. Guys
    outnumber the girls on the dating websites AND typically have to be the
    ones to initiate contact. That’s tough to overcome if you’re only looking
    for the “hot chicks.”

  • Heather Caywood 3 years ago

    Quit using the fat word your coming of as a douche Jesus wasn’t a douche
    and this would be why Jesus is the only male ALIVE that loves us
    unconditionally and you are way to critical meaning your just like those
    girls who set too high of standards and basically your coming of as you
    just want one thing. Guys say one thing and meaning something completly
    different. Go figure its frustrating no matter what but I’m going to
    finally do me and be happy insted of being some Wordly Christian Single.

  • Rj Lim 3 years ago

    hello dudes, Nice tips

  • leona leo 3 years ago

    You probably hated ny profile picture but I totally agree with you dating
    online is just a waste of time…but for those who just love making fun it
    would be enjoyable for them….

  • daewon07 3 years ago

    Yes I completely with this these sites do nothing but lower your
    self-esteem, it may be hard to meet people in real life but the results
    will be much better

  • Tony Elashi 3 years ago

    SOOOOOOOOO TRUEEE 100% Everything you said specially the NEVER reply sooooo
    arrogant !!

  • Heather Caywood 3 years ago

    Well I quit going on dating site because what I found was guys who say they
    were Christian but acted far from it. I get it not all guys are attracted
    to bigger women I’m not attracted to certain guys but atleast I respect the
    people I’m not attracted to exspecially being Christian I have found
    majority of guys to get on my last nerve but I have found a few guys that
    weren’t Christian to be respectful but I am staying single because lets
    face it its more time you have to focus on why your here.

  • mingteedee 3 years ago

    I didn’t get your real name, but anyways, here’s my advise to you when it
    comes to dating Christian Filipinas. Most solid/practicing and genuine
    Christian Filipinas do not search for their dates online. You can find most
    of them in churches or church groups. In the Philippines, there are a lot
    of Christian Sectors with various denominations. We have Catholic
    Christians, Protestants, Baptists, Born-Again, etc. Unless you are not too
    particular with what exact type of denomination a Christian Filipina you
    like, you can choose from these selections and then you find a friend who
    has the same denomination that can bring you to church with him/her. Or
    search online for the location of the church near to you then visit it and
    mingle. Try to church-hop if you can, until you find the right church for
    you. God bless! :-)

  • rkem1000 3 years ago

    dude i feel u man. OkCupid is a fuckken a waste of time and dating sites in
    general! I crafted so many messages and never worked out!

  • DoucheMaster Flex 3 years ago

    I have a theory that Okcupid & POF are sophisticated scams. I am not saying
    they are both connected, but I feel the people running these sites want to
    breed failure and frustration in order to keep the same people on the site,
    to create reoccurring traffic on the sites. I also feel they are some how
    targeting the same type of mentally disturbed people. They both probably
    have a secret type of marketing/advertisement scheme. I’ve wondered if they
    advertise in websites full of dysfunctional people. I swear, I have never
    met such dysfunctional people, as I have on POF or Okcupid on any other
    type of website, or even in real life. It is too much of a coincidence that
    BOTH sites have similar cookie cutter profiles, and all have photos that
    are very similar. Even the members on both sites seem like they’re the same
    type of people. I’ve noticed that in POF, in the past most female profiles
    had “teacher” under occupation. How many people can be teachers on website
    like POF? They are probably fake profiles, or are targeting a group of
    people who are dysfunctional (Maybe public school teachers fit into that
    category?) In the past both sites have been exposed as having fake
    profiles, or keeping “dead” profiles up, as active members. Okcupid has
    been exposed selling member data & the OKcupid CEO is already involved in a
    huge scandal involving political donations, and has beef with Mozilla.
    Okcupid is a multimillion operation, so it makes you wonder if the site is
    full of shenanigans. If you go on any other different dating site, and you
    will notice things are very different. Not all profiles are cookie cutter,
    and not everyone has pics of Machu Picchu. Both OKcupid and POF are
    sophisticated scams.

  • Coach Nate 3 years ago

    Women are destroyed in this country.

  • Steven Q 3 years ago

    Well we may be single forever…depends on the path we take, and what
    others decide.

  • KILLAMINT 3 years ago

    Agree with all of your points about Okcupid & dating sites in general.
    Basically it’s a huge waste of time (for average men). The woman on these
    sites seem to only be looking for “hot guys”, you know: the pretty boys,
    the above average dudes. And then they seem to only respond to dudes that
    have “experience”, know exactly what to say, have mad confidence, swag,
    and thug appeal. What they fail to realize is that these types of dudes,
    more than likely, are talking to multiple chicks. My friend is on Okcupid
    and got well over 5 chick’s #’s and none of them have a freakin clue whats
    going on. Yet me & my cousin (us being average guys) are on the site and
    get no type of attention. And if we got attention it was usually from an
    ugly, fat/out of shape, funny looking chick, or a single mother. I had a
    chick ignore my message and than had the audacity to look at my profile
    months later! I kept my messages short & sweet, no point in writing a lot
    to the chick since she’s going to ignore my message anyway. All your
    descriptions about the pictures are SPOT ON! I’ve seen girls w/ other girls
    in their pictures (can’t tell who’s who), dudes in their pictures (“just a
    friend”), girls facing away from the camera, ronchey photos, & sunglasses.
    And a lot of them have a laundry list of standards. Then there are a lot of
    single mothers. And I’ve seen transsexuals on there – Ugh!! These girls
    don’t realize that unlike us, their biological clock is ticking, especially
    when it comes to having children. Just let these females be single for the
    longest time. Who know’s if they’ll wake up to the BS they’re perpetrating.
    So I’m bout to delete my profile. Approach woman in real life where it’s
    actually easier and more natural. More likely to get a date that way
    anyway. Okcupid is a studpid name anyway.

  • bronzecap 3 years ago

    Good video bro. The women on OKCupid/POF are all cut from the same cloth.
    Their body composition is 99% emotion and 1% water. Nothing in between.
    OKCupid chics are so pretentious. I am in the shit hole Buffalo,NY and
    you’ll find the same girls who’re on OKCupid are on POF. What females needs
    to be on 2 dating sites? My area is so wretched I prefer to take my chances
    downstate in NYC which is 100’s of miles away. Love how they’d rather
    exchange messages back ‘n forth yet as a means to show a more deliberate
    interest you give them your # and they never call! They change their blurry
    albeit misleading default pics from the neck up every day as if the
    previous one they had up wasn’t working. Just asshole narcissistic
    sociopaths who hate men. I came across one nutcase’s profile who demanded
    you not have muscles, wtf? Black women know that they are at the bottom of
    the barrel so they try to exotify their ethnic lineage by putting “other”.
    I am an educated black man, clean cut, ripped yet if a female on their
    desires a black man it’susually the sterotypical “black thug” covered in

  • jonatan black 3 years ago

    wait.. so this guy is judgmental about other people (people are too ugly,
    old etc for him), and then complains when girls exercise their judgement
    and not want to talk to him? dafuq.

  • DoucheMaster Flex 3 years ago

    I also feel most of these free sites are anti-male, especially Okcupid and
    POF. You can totally tell OKcupid is geared towards women, just from the
    logo design, the colors and the layout. Men aren’t considered at all, we’re
    just treated like we don’t matter to these websites. This guy pretty much
    exposes POF as an anti-male site: P.O.F. is anti-male

  • songster1628 3 years ago

    I recently closed my Christian Mingle account, which is owned by Spark
    Networks. I discovered a partner dating site launched by the same company,
    which also provides dating options for gays and lesbians called
    At a time when Godly marriage is under serious attack, it is shear
    compromise for Christians to support companies that endorse, and
    facilitate, the creation of Homosexual relationships. Helping Spark
    Networks enables them to pay for tech support, customer service, legal
    fees, and any other costs incurred while conducting the business of
    creating homosexual hook-ups.

    I know that some will rationalize their participation with Christian
    Mingle, because they’ve convinced themselves that it’s God’s will, but if
    we were talking about a different scenario, such as abortion clinics
    providing low cost examinations for Christian women, would you go there?
    Would you approve of your daughter, or sister, going there? I believe that,
    as Christians, we need to take a stand against companies who labor to blur
    the lines between right and wrong, good and evil, while using Christian
    dollars to do it.

  • Christopher Tucker 3 years ago

    I will never date another American women and for sure i don’t want a pinay
    who has been influence by the American culture cause they will end up just
    like the rest of the American women. but you have to do what makes you
    happy good luck on your journey just be patience it will happen on Gods

  • Gabe Admin 3 years ago

    Okcupid is very anti-male and shady. They banned my IP for no reason. It
    all started when I messaged one woman with a normal message, she replied
    back with nasty sarcastic remarks and then called me childish names &
    cursed me out. I replied back to her and told her off, then reported her
    profile. Guess what happened next? They flagged my IP and blacklisted me. I
    used google to search for her profile afterward, and it was still up on
    okcupid! I’ve tried to get back on the site, and even with a new email, and
    creating the account off another computer, they will delete my profile
    without warning.
    This proved to me that Okcupid will always take the woman’s side, despite
    her being the aggressor or abuser. They will let females do whatever they
    want on their site, and violate their own rules and terms, (Such as how
    that woman did, yet her profile wasn’t deleted) but, if a guy dares to
    stand up for himself and tell a female off, he banned and gets blacklisted.
    I’ve also heard they sell your personal data, profile info and pictures.
    Screw okcupid, boycott that POS dating site.

  • illmatic826 3 years ago

    & btw I read this one girls profile & she said don’t message me by saying
    “hey how are you, be creative” & I was like wtf haha

  • Wes2299 3 years ago

    One thing I absolutely hate when reading profiles of women are lines like
    “I live life to the fullest” or write an entire life story as if we really
    give a shit. You really learn a person’s mentality when looking into their

  • jerry jah 3 years ago

    you are young and good looking its a shame online dating is such a scam.
    Ok cupid deleted my account when I was insulted by a woman and I responded
    to her insult. Oh and the profiles for the asian women are fake and the
    asians are super duper gold diggers.