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More questionable life advice from Kaelyn, Lucy and a few glasses of rosé.

Have you seen the last Non-Sober Advice video?!

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  • Stephen Perry 2 years ago

    How to talk someone into getting a cat.
    Step 1: Watch this video
    Step 2: Hit pause at 1:39
    Step 3: Revel in the cute
    Step 4: Go get a cat

  • CamillaAnd Rachel 2 years ago

    love these advice videos and love YOU!

  • Hayley and Megan 2 years ago


  • That Awkward Lesbian 2 years ago

    I love you guys <3

  • Nixsa Martinez 2 years ago

    We laugh all thru the video. My favorite… Career change.. Mom, Dad… I’m
    going to be a Prostitute hahahaa.

    I was kind of a bully cause i was abused before, then i changed and I’m
    amazing (N) lol.

    We love you all… IN LOVE WITH ISAAC.


  • Dante Briefs 2 years ago

    I am offended by you saying only goodbye to the ladies, there are gentlemen
    here too 😛 xD

  • Alex Davis 2 years ago

    Ho-Me is where the heart is!…well there and also in chocolate ! 

  • Tiffany Daugharthy 2 years ago

    I love it you two are amazing thank you

  • Jelly and Day 2 years ago

    “I MET LUCY WHEN SHE WAS A TEENAGER.” Getting this tattooed on me tonight.

  • Jóna Þóra Friðriksdóttir 2 years ago

    Mariska Hargitay oh my god, She deserves more than a moment of silence..
    What a woman!
    Also, Eat… Out (Kaelyn’s face killed it)

  • Kimmy Beyah 2 years ago

    It is so so sad that Lucy who is a beautiful girl and could get herself a
    really good man given half a chance, was recruited, brainwashed and had her
    life destroyed by that frumpy lesbian. that’s what they do, convince
    beautiful straight girls they are lesbians because they’re angry they’re
    not men. I’m sure if Lucy’s parents had taken her to a good priest one who
    specialises in exorcisms perhaps they could save her. It’s not too late.

  • MissTwilightHater 2 years ago

    Kaelyn really suits her hair like that :)

  • Katie Emma 2 years ago

    Kaelyn looks so pretty! (also Lucy, duh)

  • ariana taveras 2 years ago


  • Julie Meyer 2 years ago

    Oh my God. I love you so much!!! You’re so special to me, thank you for
    everything. I’m crying right now, just because you’re so beautiful

  • Emma Jade 2 years ago

    You are both so beautiful 🙂 I love these kinda videos, everything you say
    is on point! Especially the decline of the bully on Facebook, I could not
    agree more!

  • anija basketballsimmons 2 years ago

    i love you guys soo much omg i cant even explain how much

  • TheGLOSSette 2 years ago

    Its funny you mention Ellen Page cuz she is a lesbo too. My bf found out
    and got very upset lol cuz he likes Ellen and he’s worked with her once or

  • George Mayer 2 years ago

    Lots of love from Ottawa, Canada!

  • Living Rosa 2 years ago

    Okay, great advise but more importantly… why are you not going to
    playlist live? 

  • Tom Bullock 2 years ago

    Thank you for posting this! You’ve helped me in more ways than you’ll ever
    know, thank you so much! I love you both 

  • Charles S. 2 years ago

    Wonderful video! Helped to distract me from worrying about my boyfriend who
    has pneumonia! <3 Joe!

  • eagle Adler 2 years ago

    When i want to seduce you. Guess what? You will very fast forget about your
    lesbian bullshit. I am an real aristocrat. And i am willing to bet you two
    want to be princess. So shut up, bitches. 

  • Jayden Sky 2 years ago

    I vote Isaac for President,

  • labellavita34 2 years ago

    Both of your skin looks amazing!

  • Anna FE 2 years ago

    omg kaelyn’s jumper and make up!

  • Nikki. Jukki 2 years ago

    You are so awesome! Love you :D

  • Corrine & Matt 2 years ago

    Second post 🙂 xxxx

  • Lina79 2 years ago

    Love y’all so much!

  • jemma humbles 2 years ago

    Your awesomeness exceeds all other awesomeness, you have won the internet,
    everyone can just stop internetting, there is no point, because you guys

  • NZsarge1 2 years ago

    I’ve been watching some of your past videos and noticed that you were at
    one point at least interested in honeymooning in New Zealand which would be
    cool, just FYI (just incase you weren’t already aware) same sex marriage is
    legal in NZ. I like the advice you’re giving on this video, well considered
    and reasonable responses. Nice work.

  • FrootLoop 2 years ago

    Eat… Out.
    Oh you two are just splendid. <3

  • Delaney Roemer 2 years ago

    I love you girls so much! You both have inspired me to come out to the
    world and except myself! And I am very appreciative that I have you girls
    to look up too! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Long-Distance-Lovin 2 years ago

    You guys make me smile. 🙂 I’ve been in a LDR for 3 years now (visiting my
    boy now, actually) and we’re closing the distance in June!!! Thanks for
    being incredible.

  • Sophie Wulfe 2 years ago

    Ok im sorry but i looked down at lucy’s boobs and right when i looked up
    kaelyn looked at me like “wtf are you doing?!” It was weird..

  • kaaitie 2 years ago

    I remember subscribing to you guys after I saw your long distsnce videos
    that you made together during the times you were able to meet… NOW you
    guys are finally together, and I love seeing you guys upload so often. You
    guys have been such an inspiration… I love you both ♡ 

  • mazn hsham 2 years ago

    the blonde one has the most magical eyes on earth <33

  • tesiafrrench 2 years ago

    You should make your non-sober advice a regular thing on your channel. Like
    “K&L’s 1st of the month non-sober advice”. You’re hilarious !

  • Morgan Patterson 2 years ago

    Unfortunately in Pennsylvania and 28 other states you can be loose your job
    for being gay. Even though my company says that they will not discriminate,
    I’ve also signed a few papers saying that I can be fired for no apparent
    reason. I say be safe and don’t come out at work if you think there’s a
    possibility that you could be fired. On a more positive note, steps in the
    direction of equality are being made now more often than ever!

  • Moni Swth 2 years ago

    Mamagram testing ! :’D i just died of laugh ! Thanks lucy 😉 

  • Timo Neumann 2 years ago

    Oh and Zeiss Lenses are awesome, but how is this non-sober, except they are
    fucking expensive? :D