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The Internet, smartphones and rapid social networking sites have changed the way people meet each other and the nature of hook-up culture. Jaime Neely explores unique dating services that see users getting to know each other virtually before intimately.



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  • Jessica Marren 2 years ago
  • Laura McQuarrie 2 years ago

    omg the “Girls Around Me” app does not sound like a smart one to use at ALL.

  • Courtney Scharf 2 years ago

    “i don’t even know how this app is legal” lololol

  • Brandon B 2 years ago

    I ain’t scurred…come find me!!!!

  • Amanda Greer 2 years ago

    Lol “This is the ultimate app for creepers and stalkers.” Also, #2 makes me
    think of “Taken” 🙁

  • Ryan Fowler 2 years ago

    LOL @Brandon

  • Ian Panganiban 2 years ago

    I’m gonna check out whoshere for sure!!! lolz