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Looking for love in all the wrong places? Ellen has found some great new dating sites that get right to what you're looking for. Enough clowning around.



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  • Lucian Roban 4 years ago

    i LOVE the way Ellen explains a joke like after everyone laughs…. with
    soft voice.. hahaha the best

  • Rebecca R 4 years ago

    gluten free singles is good for people who need to live strictly on a
    gluten free diet due to celiac disease. it makes things easier and less
    risky if you’re both avoiding gluten

  • mileyfansinga 4 years ago

    but lol you dont freaking limit yourself and base your spouse options on
    whether he eats gluten or not.

  • jayenkaycee 4 years ago

    Nope, I’m having a wonderful day! Thanks for asking! πŸ™‚

  • Justyen .Okukaro 4 years ago

    Opposites do attract, its your contrast of your soulmate, and its NOT
    always gender, like most small minded seem to believe… I am a quiet
    Canadian boy, and I love my british boy who talks so much and we
    connect…. πŸ˜‰ Love is amazing and feel sorry for those who judge, they are
    just lonely bitter people with half a soul. πŸ™

  • LoserlyCool 4 years ago

    I agree opposite attracts. My boyfriend is vegetarian and I’m a carnivore.
    Sure it’s hard to pick a restaurant but that’s the thrill. ;D

  • edsheeran4ever4 4 years ago

    I looked them up!

  • Carol Smith 4 years ago

    Kind of you! When I was first diagnosed & bewildered at what would make me
    sick I found out that 1 of the things was beer. I told my GI specialist
    that my husband drank beer & was it a problem if I kissed him after he had
    some. The specialist said yes, he needs to brush his teeth & rinse well
    before kissing, as a tiny amount of gluten exposure can cause the immune
    system to activate & damage the small intestine. I can only imagine what
    managing a nut allergy must be like. All the best to you!

  • FQpopart 4 years ago

    “Remember bars???”LOL

  • Sophia Hern 4 years ago

    I am gluten free but I don’t date I am only 14 goodness

  • prabesh gautam 4 years ago

    So freaking funny, can’t stop laughing

  • eliseandjenny09 4 years ago

    “whatever happened to opposites attract?” hmmm, well, she’s one to talk.
    but still, i love ellen.

  • Don Jon 4 years ago

    and to think people make money out of those sites

  • Ressa H 4 years ago

    When I got on utube I was thinking to listen Cher Lloyd but I got on here.

  • Angela Karni 4 years ago

    She’s the best..!

  • slideshowgurl 4 years ago

    Celiac isn’t the only disease that needs to be gluten free. My Dad has
    chrones and going gluten free has put him into remission.

  • Rosanna Luis 4 years ago

    Lol:/)very funny

  • starliight54 4 years ago

    LOL ..remember bars ?

  • Evie Hunter 4 years ago

    Clowns are scary….

  • Sunsets And Love 4 years ago

    Heh XD

  • Noelle S. 4 years ago

    the fact that i actually looked up these two sites and they are 100% real
    is scary LOL

  • L Blagnac. 4 years ago

    lol that’s ironic Ellen saying “Whatever happened to opposites attract..”

  • Samantha Shih 4 years ago


  • Alicia Payan 4 years ago


  • Mariana Vazquez 4 years ago

    you’re not the only one

  • Kayleigh Maijala 4 years ago

    If they have celiac, avoiding wheat gluten is mandatory or else they could
    be seriously sick, or die. Equivalent to peanut allergies. You don’t wanna
    be kissin’ up on that gluten.

  • Achol Manon 4 years ago

    Rffscszxxxxxxxxxxvbbbnnnnz:-):-):-):-) x:-)

  • Achol Manon 4 years ago


  • Jennifer Mota 4 years ago

    theres also farmersonly. the commercial is hilarious

  • Irina Maritoi 4 years ago

    ghosts cant kiss dumbass

  • Liranamosh 4 years ago

    my friend found a dating site for ghosts…

  • iamseancandirock 4 years ago

    Iphone dating site… this is a real site

  • ducheswannabe 4 years ago

    clowns scare me…

  • TheSirenNymph 4 years ago

    But what if you’re looking for love and have Coulrophobia?

  • scarlett8895 4 years ago

    And the moment you’ll find GhostSingles , you’ll realize those aren’t bad
    at all! xD

  • Ryan McCormick 4 years ago

    None of the dating tips on the gluten free dating site is “Dont bring the
    other to an italian restaurant.” I would have really like to see this, even
    if there are gluten free options. lol

  • Erin Sutherland 4 years ago

    Whoop whoop

  • Jaspreet Singh 4 years ago

    Ellen vs Jimmy Fallon nice off lets do it

  • KITTYXX CHAN 4 years ago

    Hahaha xD

  • Amy stephen 4 years ago

    Love this channel!

  • Ronnie Warren 4 years ago

    First like!

  • pokeyoaks86 4 years ago

    That was the first thing that came to my mind were those living with celiac
    disease. That’s a difficult thing to contend with, and I can’t imagine it
    being an easy thing to live with being in a relationship with someone who
    wouldn’t/won’t ever understand.

  • YeahThatsJustMe 4 years ago

    I just need to say this, even though it’s not the right video, (can’t
    comment on the video): Robyn Lawley is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • itzel lopez 4 years ago

    I’m scared of clowns

  • Stephen R 4 years ago

    I lol’ed at the clown one. “Honk, honk, honk”