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Discover the Secrets Women Are not telling you. get your copy here: Review and link to The Tao of badass below http://the…



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  • doroty valasques 4 years ago

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  • Kevin W 4 years ago

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  • MightyBostonAccent 4 years ago

    The problem is easily solved by not dating or trying to date American women.

  • TheOceansofPeople 4 years ago

    Fantastic social experiment.

  • Риф Габитов 4 years ago


  • RonPaulIsHope 4 years ago

    Got a copy the other day to see what all the fuss was about. Must admit lol the techniques taught was used on the lady on her period and worked like a charm. The guy knows his shit.

  • macbenlala 4 years ago

    Awesome all around,loved the video

  • HardstyleGermany11 4 years ago

    nice vids..

  • Theim Nerdo 4 years ago

    Super cool 

  • Frostyscape317 4 years ago

    I dont often leave comments but I felt like I had to this time, Really nice video! I dont know what it was about it, but I really enjoyed it!

  • kenvine123 4 years ago

    I love it so bad! Nice work

  • WarlordEditsHQ 4 years ago

    (Holy SH1T it is friCKINg awSOMe )

  • madiwilson096 4 years ago


  • divergentfan12345 4 years ago

    Nice video, keep it up!

  • David Buthlay 4 years ago


  • TT CN 4 years ago


  • Razvan Petrescu 4 years ago

    Thanks for the help.

  • AppleDeviceTutorial 4 years ago


  • PaulJohanson69 4 years ago

    dude wtf sick

  • YoloKRECK 4 years ago

    u r so pro

  • Juan ma Manieh 4 years ago

    finally someone posts a tut on this, thanks!!!!!!

  • HexDeme 4 years ago

    dude pwnage!!!!!!

  • vukmilenkovic9 4 years ago

    Pfft. You make it look so easy

  • MineCraftLerGamer 4 years ago

    Sooo aweeesomeeee. You should make more videos. You really know what you’re doing!!!!

  • Bla Blub 4 years ago


  • psykopaten666 4 years ago

    dang great, thanks!

  • RonPaulIsHope 4 years ago

    Well the dude has alot of skills. I checked out the blog and found the information given for free useful. Thanks for the upload. 

  • swaggashitty 4 years ago

    dang l33t!!!!

  • SniffishMr 4 years ago

    sik skillz

  • Anne Balen 4 years ago

    chuck norris called, he wants his skillz back

  • LowKii TownzGang 4 years ago

    can i buy some of dat skill?

  • craciun ion 4 years ago

    Thanks dude. Really helped out!!!!

  • June Val 4 years ago

    Thats kinda the point they were trying to make. That you don’t need to be the worlds best dresser, or look like fabio or have a fancy car to get the woman you want. Its all about attitude, confidence and a little psychology on the side. :).

  • 86thislove 4 years ago

    I was just talking about their clothes, maybe they would look better if they wore something else for the interview. Based on looks I wouldn’t date any of these guys.

  • Sayne FuzL 4 years ago


  • June Val 4 years ago

    The macho mentality is not gonna take you anywhere. The world is changing and so is the mentality of most women. Those guys you criticize as “gay” found a way to become more alpha. The definition of alpha is not some “pick up lines”. its a balanced male between female and male. They are more confident and true to themselves which is why women go for the Alphas. Yes they are the leader of the “pack” but there is a reason for this. Its because they have the wisdom most males do not have.

  • 86thislove 4 years ago

    I’m not sure if it’s the clothes these guys are wearing in this interview but they all look gay to me

  • CAksregulating 4 years ago


  • TheSeussOfDoctor 4 years ago

    good job these tips seem like they may help

  • Yuuki Terumi 4 years ago

    How to seduce women. 1. Lie about your salary, 2. Lie about your profession, 3. Slip them a micky