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  • Recon.777 3 years ago

    So, based on this, would a self-confident INTJ be actually well paired with
    an ENTJ rather than say, an ENFP which is the classic “best match” for the

  • SSuperCuriouss 3 years ago

    So all E’s and I’s of the same type is a good match. Done.

  • Pelican Larry 3 years ago

    So for an well rounded function developed highly confident ENTP, who would
    magnify and grow my functions?

  • ember fly 3 years ago

    I would just like to chime in and say that my mother is an INTJ and my
    father is an ENTJ and they have been married for like.. idk 24 years or
    something like that. And they’re excited to retire soon and spend the rest
    of their lives together. (in case anyone was wondering about intj/entj

  • Ctrooper2011 3 years ago

    I’m an INTP and I’m considering looking for an ESFJ. Same functions, just
    different order.

  • DudeSo Win 3 years ago

    People do split up because they have too much in common. Such a life
    becomes boring and tedious.

  • Ctrooper2011 3 years ago

    What about having the same four functions but in opposite order?

  • Kevin Kerr 3 years ago

    Just curious: are you an ESTP?

  • Ollie 3 years ago

    That’s a nice tip actually, to be gay!!!

  • Kyle R 3 years ago

    You are HILARIOUS!!!

  • Luis defunes 3 years ago

    Do you think there is a symmetry as Socionics says? For instance, you say
    that the INTJ ends up draining the energies of the INTP. Do you think that
    the same symmetry applies, for instance, to an INFJ with and INFP? Also, I
    wonder to which extent the opposite functions drain on each other. In other
    words, to what extent the interaction is determined by the channel of the
    conversation they share. Some people would suggest that is not the channel
    what is important but the content of the conversation and the ethical/moral
    quality of the interaction.

  • Allie Doe 3 years ago

    here’s a tip for you BE GAY

  • Nina Mendoza 3 years ago

    he is an INTJ. ^ ^” i think its funny cause L is an INTP and Near is an
    INTJ and theyre compared in this video. (he is a little….cold….he
    always sounds like hes trying to teach this to retards only because some
    people who watch these really are slow)

  • twilightsong 3 years ago

    “We cringe”? Come on, ESFJs aren’t all that bad. I noticed you don’t have a
    video on this type. Care to go into more detail?

  • carrminor 3 years ago

    @FengHuang If you had met any INTJ or INFJ,you wouldn’t be telling that.I
    thought at start that ENFPs are all blabby and stupid,but when I came to
    know one in real life,things changed.I found them awesome in many ways.So
    you better think again before looking down on people…

  • thelithiumcat 3 years ago

    With all that Fe feeling expressiveness, I’m going to go ahead and say Fe
    dominant or Fe auxiliary. With the impatience and the explosion of
    possibilities, I’ll guess Ne. So…. Main possibilities are ESFJ and ISFJ.
    With the enthusiasm for exploring ideas, that’d come easier, earlier to an
    ISFJ, though it’s possible for a more developed ESFJ to also do that. There
    are some options for you =) Maybe also check INFP, INFJ and ENFJ if those
    don’t fit. NFJs’re more likely due to Fe expressiveness =)

  • Jonathan Rouse 3 years ago

    It’s your dominant function, that should come most naturally to you…

  • Daniel Singer 3 years ago

    HA! I’m an INFJ and me girlfriend is ENFJ been together for over 5 years
    now!! So i know this is true 😛

  • Multitasku 3 years ago

    From the INTJ forum: -“What is it with INTJ and ESFP? First, to dispel a
    myth — ESFP is not the opposite of INTJ; it’s the “inverse” or “complement”
    of INTJ. This is because they share the same top four preferred cognitive
    processes. (The true “opposite” of INTJ is ENTP!)”

  • tranquilwizard 3 years ago

    Does male INTP really work with INFJ? If so, you should explain it.

  • iloveulll 3 years ago

    i love your videos!!

  • ISTJpersonality 3 years ago

    I am an ISTJ, which means that I am Introverted Sensing Thinking and

  • americanmuslimgirl 3 years ago

    As an ENFP, I am told my best match is the INTJ, or less commonly, the
    INFJ. This seems to contradict this entirely. This would say specifically
    that INTJs and INFJs, with Ni as the lead function are the worst possible
    matches for an ENFP or an ENTP. I am so confused by this, but you seem
    smart so I hope you’ll address it later. I’ll believe you.

  • Mats Norway 3 years ago

    Haha. she is on par to me on weight and strong but not enough.

  • DoctorJuice 3 years ago

    He worked with and counseled married couples for over 30 years. Also,
    without his books I would’ve never understood temperaments as well as I do
    now. He may or may not be off the mark when it comes to compatibility, but
    his work was of tremendous value to MBTI theory, that’s for sure.

  • CaptainSrzBznz 3 years ago

    Dave, or anyone who knows please enlighten me. In this video, INFJ’s match
    seems to be the ENFJ, but from what I’ve read online from various other
    sites, the INFJ’s match is suggested to be the ENFP or ENTP; why is this?

  • CaptainSrzBznz 3 years ago

    Urgh, I’m an INFJ as well, and I know some ISTJ friends. They are not
    someone we can be around for a long time with, they’re very logical and the
    “duty fulfiller” fits their description very well. They take priority in
    things that are necessary in life, mainly their careers or anything that
    has a logical necessity for their well being or the people they care about.
    Love/rela is secondary to their careers. In my experience, they are aloof
    and very cold, just like INTJ’s. I’d stay way :T

  • ImperatorPenguinius 3 years ago

    So basically the best combinations for an INTP would be either an other
    INTP or an ENTP, then. Can’t say this really comes as a shocker to me, tbh.

  • Danny Leach 3 years ago

    Is anybody else pumped for this website? Haha. Best personality videos on

  • Willie Wallace 3 years ago

    When an INTJ and an INTP spend too much time together. All I could think
    about when you said that was Light Yagami and L from Death None. It’s no
    wonder those two geniuses hated each other.

  • raefilay 3 years ago

    IntuitiveTimes take on personality types and their different approaches to
    sexuality? Are there trends? Go.

  • legallyblonde502 3 years ago

    I’m an ENFP who’s drained by my ESFJ sister. Why?

  • maestrotech 3 years ago

    I still want to help, Dave. Let me know!

  • jinxler 3 years ago

    Anyone into the socionics relationship descriptions between types? Makes
    some sense.

  • sweetandsourapple 3 years ago

    i choose to disagree with this. you shouldn’t date based on mbti.

  • elStusso 3 years ago

    This is definitely the best dating advice I’ve ever seen/heard anywhere. It
    makes actual sense!

  • MrHavoc313 3 years ago

    How about being with someone with your shadow functions I am an INTJ and if
    I were with someone who has my shadow functions(ENTP) would it work.