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Hi little rays of sunshine, So here is part 2 of yesterday's ramblings. In this one I talk about general tips on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, ekhm I m…



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  • Beauty by Nura 3 years ago

    Lol. That was funny
    Great video! !!

  • Patty Sway 3 years ago

    Hi guys so now we have the fashion covered let’s talk about general first
    date tips :)

  • Elle Is For Living 3 years ago

    Absolutely loved this. You are so great 🙂 ♥ Elle

  • RawrAuri28 3 years ago

    Dates are fun, sure some are horrible but you keep learning from experience

  • katrina kat 3 years ago

    You’re super funny. ‘Tell me HOW MANY children you want to have’ :))

  • annabelle7123 3 years ago

    Did you make two videos at the same day? Anyway the Oscar scene at
    Starbucks was really funny again, and the interrogation on how many
    children! So funny! You are a good actress 🙂 Would you say such question
    on first date? I guess probably not! 

  • grachious 3 years ago

    ive done all of this, never scored a second date. They talked about
    THEMSELVES the whole time and one was very negative.

  • brightstar301 3 years ago

    Great advice <3

  • Anca's DIYs 3 years ago

    great tips! I remember a date with a guy passionate about motorcycles.
    Actually he was a motocross champion. He only talked about motors and his
    competitions and how good he was. He didn’t ask me anything about myself,
    about my passions, about my life in general. We watched some videos with
    him jumping with his motorcycle, making all kind of tricks. I was so bored
    on that day and he was so surprised that I didn’t fall in love with his

  • iheartcoffeenmakeup 3 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Anthony Craft 3 years ago

    XD Great video BTW

  • iheartcoffeenmakeup 3 years ago

    This was a fun video lol
    Your hair looks really really good!!

  • Anja Kindyakova 3 years ago

    U’re rly lovely and nice!!! :)

  • Warren Haydon 3 years ago

    wow you’ve blown me away with your tips. I feel like a new person now,

  • LESTER N 3 years ago