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Do you think you know the Mormon Dating Rules? Well here are some just in case you forgot!



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  • Natalie Mitchell 2 years ago

    omg i love this

  • tattat44 2 years ago

    You realize about 0% of people wait for marriage now right? Virginity means

  • boxout45 2 years ago

    @tattat44 i bet there are a lot of people who wont admit that they are a
    virgin and really are. virginity does mean something, it means you are
    comfortable enough with yourself to not have to give away everything just
    to get or stay in a relationship. and i can tell you for sure that at least
    90% of my graduating class is still virgins.

  • tattat44 2 years ago

    Why? (No god answers allowed.)

  • sccrchick27 2 years ago

    haha anytime =]

  • jabakokolo 2 years ago

    a retard.

  • TENNA103 2 years ago

    Hahahaha! Yes! I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • joyhubble6 2 years ago

    Not impressed!!!

  • bugboy3000 2 years ago

    I hear they do the camel toe slide in Provo these days. Also something
    called “docking” That’s when you place your erect penis inside the vagina,
    but no pumping or you will lose your virginity! I always trusted anal and
    oral activities cause that kept me and my wife virgins until we were seal
    in the Los Angeles temple.

  • lauriemollyanne 2 years ago

    uhhhh….actually i know a lot of people, me included, saving virginity for
    marriage …and yeah if you do anal and oral your not a virgin…sorry

  • kipman11 2 years ago

    Celestial dating rules? ha nice. Fucking cult. That is how I act every day

  • zachre32 2 years ago

    ah thanks

  • scholesie101 2 years ago


  • TheCoolGuysInTown 2 years ago

    Learn to spell, fule!

  • atcnick 2 years ago

    Silly children.

  • grandpalovessteak 2 years ago

    Whoever made this video should remember who they represent. Swearing is not
    funny and it is definitely not attractive. Good luck finding a date after
    someone sees this video 🙁

  • jtd32 2 years ago

    Um… that was sadly not funny at all. Nice try though.

  • sccrchick27 2 years ago

    omg hahahaha this is the funniest thing zach columbine isn’t the same
    without you! even though we like rarley talked haha