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  • damien lamy 4 years ago

    a thank you card ? bad idea

  • mzsassy25 4 years ago

    I agree with you April100 percent! Men have to be allowed to be men when it comes to courting.

  • Walter Sobchak 4 years ago

    lol.. Someone commented that with my attitude, I’ll be single for a long time? I guess there are a lot of women out there who are way more worried about money than a relationship. Why would money be important if they’re trying to get to know me? I don’t owe them anything, just as they don’t owe me anything.

  • Walter Sobchak 4 years ago

    I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t know the girl like that, we’re going on the dates BECAUSE of this. If the girl is not OK with me not paying for a total stranger, she’s probably more interested in the money than getting to know someone, probably not too sympathetic, or maybe she has no money or life of her own, not someone I want to be with in any case.

  • Walter Sobchak 4 years ago

    I’m willing to be that women probably do go after plenty of guys, through texting and whatnot, it’s more subtle and private, I’m sure, so while they’re passive aggressive and mostly unreadable out in public, I’m sure they’re hitting up a cute guy’s facebook trying to get him to come over and bang them without making themselves look too slutty.

  • Walter Sobchak 4 years ago

    Weird, you’d think it’d be the other way around.

  • Walter Sobchak 4 years ago

    Wait a minute.. If you’re on a date, but not dating, why would a guy take pleasure in paying for a total stranger’s meal who could (and often will) totally bail after the first date or so when they know for sure that they’re not interested? Hell, I take some small amount of pleasure in holding the door for a total stranger, but that doesn’t cost me my time and hard-earned money. If I know someone’s sticking around, I’ll put in half.

  • Claudia kimsleW 4 years ago

    when I dont let a man pay the check, its because I dont want anything with him hahaha so it does means that but it he insists I let him pay because its a masculine trait and I enjoy it too !! hehe 🙂

  • papertreegun 4 years ago

    Most men dont mind being asked out its just that the women who ask men out are usually unnattractive or not the type the men would be attracted to in the first place. Men’s egos arent that fragile and we dont like too much work so no we dont like the chase. She obviously speaks from a female’s perspective. If a woman really cares about getting to know the guy then paying for her own meal is np . Btw wouldnt it be emasculating to challenge a man in an argument yet soo many women seem to do it?

  • William Miller 4 years ago

    I watched this video with skepticism, but as a guy, I can say she’s on point.

  • Daniel Guevremont 4 years ago

    Men should definitely treat on the first date, although an offer to contribute by the woman is a welcomed gesture. Men may feel comfortable treating for the next couple dates as well, but women shouldn’t automatically expect it. But, definitely after the third or fourth date reciprocation is usually appreciated. Men want to show value in the women they are dating, but appreciation goes both ways.

  • OMG, this lady is soo wrong. I wanna be treated equally so I would pay for my stuff and she pays for her stuff. Why would men not like that? I would feel it’s a breath of fresh air.