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QA on local Texas Tech football show.



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    …..worked 😀

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  • ManicMonkey84 4 years ago

    Mike Leech is a spoiled little child who needs to be spanked and sent to his room to think about it. What a moron.

  • Colby Foote 4 years ago

    Lol “Computer Schemes”

  • Earl Dyson 4 years ago

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  • herogibson 4 years ago


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  • nsd1901 4 years ago

    mike leach might have a fat fetish

  • The Steve Whiddon Band 4 years ago

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  • yonsoon 4 years ago

    best part to the last … “i know nothing about”

  • Matt Richardson 4 years ago

    bahahahaha this man is a true american!!!!!

  • wvushane46 4 years ago

    mike leach is awesome

  • Sandeep Prasai 4 years ago

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  • Baylorfan27 4 years ago

    Great tips from a great man

  • nevercosigndude 4 years ago

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  • AllPro777 4 years ago


    So in other words, completely stay away from any woman born and raised in western society and date women from non-western countries, exclusively? Agreed.

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  • johnmas25 4 years ago

    Very cool video!

  • tpcordes72 4 years ago

    “their true self”= fat little girlfriends

  • Lukas Johnson 4 years ago

    Welcome to Pullman, Leach. We already know his hangout. I was playing at rico’s and he was there from 8PM to closing with his coaching staff. The man can run up a tab… a true Coug!

  • Brad Steeples 4 years ago

    6 people clearly have fat girlfriends.

  • Ismael Cosio 4 years ago

    “Your fat little girlfriends will tell you everything you want to hear”

  • dcdocen 4 years ago

    I’m an aggie but I love me some tech girls

  • Kevin is Nice 4 years ago


  • Bob Marlos 4 years ago

    “Some cool coffee shop type of place where there’s bizarre looking characters going in and out so that if the conversation isn’t going well, you can reference some of the different characters coming and going from the place.”


  • Bingly Binglyhhbhb 4 years ago

    go cougs!

  • SuperBigbrian 4 years ago

    he is a virgin!!

  • ixcuincle 4 years ago

    Mike Leach is a genius.

  • Jason Owen 4 years ago

    all of a sudden, I want to date Mike Leach. And I’m a married 40-year old fully heterosexual male. HE’S AWESOME!!

  • 79barkingspider 4 years ago

    Shit, take your fat little girlfriend to a steakhouse??? Then she’ll just get fatter! God I love football coaches. They have all the answers. We could handle all our problems this way. “The god damned economy would be fine if employees wouldn’t listen to their fat little girlfriends.” “We’d have a solution to terrorism if the terrorists would lay off their fat little girlfriends.” “if everyone would ditch their fat little girlfriends, I could get laid again.” This is great stuff!

  • flattsboi32 4 years ago

    Mike Leach is a pimp

  • will H 4 years ago

    that kid deserved it.

  • tekon1994 4 years ago

    should be titled ” Mike Leach teaches us how to get a fat little girlfriend”

  • John White 4 years ago

    The “pandoras box” program from Mack Methods


    Enough said!

    Picking up girls is a joke after reading that.
    I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning it but whatever.

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  • Varg Elysia 4 years ago

    this dude is great lol

  • datingwomensex 4 years ago

    I watched and enjoyed the video

  • JBear 4 years ago