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Was your crush looking at you, talking to you and flirting with you? Did your friend ask him if he likes you? Here is the REAL reason your crush is acting weird!

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  • Alexis Smith 2 years ago

    I totally agree and can relate to this and this thing about my friend
    approaching my crush scares me every day. I have sat my best friends down
    and talked to them about this but they won’t listen and would just approach
    him if they want to even though it doesn’t need to be done because I know
    he does like me. Its so easy to see by his body language always facing me,
    like every class we would moments when he would just stare and me and I
    look back and he looks me in the eyes for like five seconds and then he
    will smile and look back at me when I’m not looking, he always teases me
    and its one of those situation when you can just tell , even his best guy
    friends have told me that even though he isn’t a guy to share his feelings
    its pretty easy to see he likes me. So the last thing I need is my friends
    to approach him :(

  • Mahaley Olson 2 years ago

    HELP IM SOOOOO CONFUSED !!!!!!! Ok so there was this guy I liked and I told
    him I liked him and then a football game I told him I didn’t but when I
    told him I liked him he said really and I answered yes yes I do and he just
    didn’t seem like was true then some point I told him I liked him again and
    then I told him I did not later at another point in time but I still like
    him and it’s the second semester already like the beg and I go to school
    tomorrow but I don’t want to

  • angeltaylor90 2 years ago

    I need your help. So, I really like this guy and we dont talk at all. He’s
    in grade 11 and Im in grade 10. I asked him what his name is and I talked
    to him yesterday on instagram. How am I gonna make our convo interesting? I
    really need help. And I dont want him to hate me. Also, he just moved to my
    city so he doesnt really have friends but he has 1 friend he always hangout
    with. I wanna talk to him in person. I always see him in the hallway but I
    dont know what to talk about because I dont wanna be like “HEY HOW ARE
    YOU?” and thats it. Like it’s so awkward. I always see him around lunch
    time. I need help.

  • Bernadette Ward 2 years ago

    What about walking his route? 

  • Sarah Nimmo 2 years ago

    I’m in 8th grade and theres this rrly annoying kid that slalks me and he
    accused me of liking my crush in front of him, of course me being me, i
    denied it and said i liked someone else. I feel stupid. know he treats me
    normally. Before he would always flirt with me and talk with me. Now hes
    all different. im so sad. what do i do? PS i gave it time ( like two weeks)

  • Mahaley Olson 2 years ago

    And I can’t not think about him for example if I see a cute guy at the
    store I just think of him but I don’t know why and I don’t know what it
    means please help

  • uniquieful 2 years ago


    Its much to say: “Yeah we’re dating.”

    What do you actually do when your labeled.

    I’m thinking its just having the joy of being with someone but with more
    personal affection. Am I wrong? It’s just like hugging is now a friendly
    thing not just a couple thing anymore, I see couples who immediately start
    holding hands after just getting together without even knowing each other
    but they do that because that’s what we all see. What I’m basically asking
    is what do you do when two people like each other and decide to go out. Is
    PDA good? Bad?

    I just need to know. Thanks

  • Ewelz beitz 2 years ago

    A friend asked me to talk to her crush. When I talked to him he admitted he
    liked her and everything. The next day he asked her to be his boyfriend,
    and they are still together. Luckily it ended good for her! 

  • Aria and the dazzlings 2 years ago

    What if ur friend likes the same guy? D:

  • neslix33 2 years ago

    Shallon I need you!you’ve been saving my ass These Last couple of months so
    i hope you can help.
    So there is this guy i really like. We See each other a few times a week
    and i truly have feelings for him. Now he texted me and it was the Most
    obvious booty Call i can imagine!I don’t know if i have sent the wrong
    Signals somewhere along the time since i am a very flirty and joky person
    and have a lot of good guy friends.

  • Emma Bumann 2 years ago

    Shallon please help!!! There is a guy I like. I’ve know this guy since 3rd
    grade, We go to different middle schools and now i realize i have a crush
    on himm so I barley see him. How do I get in touch with him without being
    creepy, and maybe start flirting!?!? Here is the problem, we see each other
    2 or 3 times a year, and in elementry school he talk to me about other
    girls, of course I helped him, because i didnt know I liked him then. BUT
    when I do see him he ALWAYS gets really close to me and then I panick and
    move, and then regret. piont is how to I ethier tell the guy how i feel or
    let go of him, and do you think he likes me?

  • Liana Banana 2 years ago

    Ok so there’s this guy i like and I’m pretty sure he likes me to. I’m also
    pretty sure his friend likes me who is also my guy friend. So in science
    class we sit at this big table thing and my friend sits to the right of me,
    my crushes friend/my guy friend sits to the right of me and then my crush
    sits next to him. My crush was being all clownish and moved his spot next
    to me as a joke but was probably an excuse to sit next to me because he
    probably likes me. Then like 10 min after that my guy friend (that I think
    likes me) says to my crush “wait I though you sat there. Ohh you must have
    a crush on liana.” Me and my crush both kinda just quieted down. 1. Will
    this ruin me and my crushes relationship? 2. How do I ask for his phone
    number because he doesn’t have any social media but he does have an iPod so
    I still would be able to text him. 

  • Jo Da Bomb 2 years ago

    Hey Shallon, so I met a dude through my best friend, we seem to be in a
    good path, I asked for his number, we don’t text a lot though, and he
    requested me on Facebook, but I’m not too sure if we’re just friends. We
    touch each other (farthest were “awkward” hugs/he carried me princess style
    to see how much I weight, I don’t know), we laugh at funny things, and
    teases me, plus plays with my hair, and just recently started “booping” my
    nose. No compliments, just deep stare downs. P.S. Our conversations are
    mostly casual/playful. The other day I was feeling tired and not acting my
    goofy self, and he asked me if I was ok. And a couple days ago I wore a
    dress to school (formal event for a class) and he seemed to like, not
    positive. I’m asking cause I’m new to this boy stuff, and I have a tendency
    to overreact to male actions, haha, if you could answer that would be great

  • Bernadette Ward 2 years ago

    Why does my ex boyfriend keep touching my hair? Is it because it’s very
    long to my butt,is it because he likes me ?,is it because u dyed it dark
    brown an he’s noticed or is it just a normal thing? Help?

  • salwou 2 years ago

    That is very very very true. One of my friends has a boyfriend since 2
    years and we girls do not even know him. We know his name and what he looks
    like, but that is ALL. We have no contact with him, we do not talk to him
    and she never asked one of us to interfere with their relationship. Maybe
    that is a reason why it lasted? It’s their own business. She talks about
    him yes, but we do not talk TO him. So Shallon’s advice is THE best really!
    Guys will just think you are immature if your friends are always always
    always in the stories between YOU and HIM.

  • Nina Werger 2 years ago


  • MsHimza 2 years ago

    Hi! Idk if you will respond or not, I’ll just try. I have a guy that I
    dated 3 yrs ago. We met at school. We got together my freshman year but he
    had to move away that summer. But I broke it off cuz I had trust issues.
    This is my senior year now, he wants to get back together. It will be long
    distance relationship… What do you think I should do? Do you think a
    relationship can work out??

  • Kelsey Leigh 2 years ago

    How can you get rid of that “victim” burden on yourself? It’s hard, you
    know? Especially when you’ve been in that mindset for a while… Just…
    ANY tips of how you can work at it, and get rid of that burden would be
    absolutely amazing Shallon. Thank you :3 X

  • Mahaley Olson 2 years ago

    Btw the boys name is Micah M. and I am in middle school in 7 grade

  • Shallon Lester 2 years ago
  • A Wright 2 years ago

    Hey. There’s this guy I really like, and he used to like me too. One day we
    were hanging out and his friends came up and pissed him off. I ask him what
    was up, and he said nothing and stormed off. Later that day in class, when
    he usually would have come up and sat next to me, he sat with his other
    friends (not the ones that angered him). He’s made up with his friends, but
    is turning a cold shoulder to me. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

  • J'Khari Lamar 2 years ago

    Hey Shallon I really need your help. I’m in 8th grade and I started talking
    to this guy about 6 months ago and yesterday when I saw him he cussed me
    out. I don’t know why he did this to me but I’m really hurting can you help
    me figure out why he did that?

  • BeautyLoverAri463 2 years ago

    So I really like this guy but there’s like a million and one reasons not to
    go for him but I’ve liked him for 2 1/2 yrs. First reason is he’s a gymnast
    which is not a problem I am too, but my uncle owns the gym and is his
    COACH!!! Second reason is he blocked me on Instagram because I freaked out
    one day when he was liking my pics and I blocked him 🙁 . Then I think he
    has a girlfriend. Then last but not least I’m a sophomore and he’s a junior

  • liana gao 2 years ago

    hey shallon! im in 6th grade and i like a guy who i think likes me back. im
    not that sure though. we sit across from each other in math, and he always
    flirts with me, and im really comfortable around him. i want to go a teensy
    bit farther than the friend zone, but not like…boyfriend girlfriend zone.
    how do i let him know that i like him? cuz im not really the flirty type of
    girl. thx ! :)

  • Bernadette Ward 2 years ago

    Why does my ex boyfriend keep touching my hair??? Is it that he likes me?is
    it just a normal thing or is it because I dyed it dark brown and he’s

  • Oh myyyyy goshh!my crush’s best frnd did that and he startd ignoring me
    aftr dat.. U think dis will evr get back to normal? Because i kno v really
    lykd eachodr at d start.. :(

  • Jenny Beauchamp 2 years ago

    Dear Shallon
    i like this guy whos my best guy friend but i like him but hes super
    popular, anyway when i hang out with him its a little awkward but then in
    class he’ll look at me for a few minutes, then ill say “what?” then he’ll
    say “nothing” then turn away. then sometimes he’ll wink at me, then i asked
    him why then he said he wanted to see my reaction.
    i dont know what this means please help me. +Shallon Lester 

  • Jennifer kross 2 years ago

    I’m in the sixth grade and I like this guy and we always make eye contact
    and smile at each other and talk every now and then but we don’t follow
    rack other on instagram so I was over my friends house the other day and
    she hit the button to request to follow him on my account then I in did it
    then the next day he stared following me and I asked to follow him I’m
    following him but he’s not following me anymore what does that mean?I just
    don’t want thongs to be awkward when we go back to school.

  • Kailyn Green 2 years ago

    Shannon I need your help. There’s a guy I like and I think he likes me too.
    He’ll take my stuff as an excuse to touch my hand and he’ll always try to
    make me laugh and stares at me. But… He’s never said anything about
    liking me. We also recently had a dance and he asked if I was going but
    never asked me to it. I’m not sure if he likes me or were just friends.
    Please help me!!

  • Leko N. 2 years ago

    Your hair looks soo good! Is it shorter because you got a new haircut or
    because it’s so curled?

  • Sims R Us 2 years ago

    You look really pretty in this video 

  • Olly Gray 2 years ago

    Hi I’m a 14 year old boy from England I asked this girl out and she said
    she said it’s not me in particular it’s because she doesn’t want a
    boyfriend what does that mean??!! 

  • Maya Potter 2 years ago

    It’s hard to keep my “friends” away from my love life. They r always asking
    me stuff and being nosy. Talking to my crushes:( 

  • nancyinwonderland 2 years ago

    Love the new hair!! <3

  • Trish 2 years ago

    Hi Shallon, what happens if a guy that like always tries talking to my
    bestfriend and she’s TAKEN. How do I grab his attention or grab the courage
    to flirt with him in front of my friends? Love your channel btw!!

  • Jose Partida 2 years ago

    People change

  • Liana Banana 2 years ago

    Btw were both 13 

  • Maya Potter 2 years ago

    Pls help 

  • itscindy x 2 years ago

    so true!! hahaha