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Ellen talked to her audience about the new and interesting ways to meet people online.



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  • FOUAD HIPROCK 3 years ago

    Ellen , plz do the Ice Bucket challenge you’re nominated by justin bieber !

  • HelikerX 3 years ago

    why does the video stop when she says “watch me dance” all the time

  • Oliver Freeze 3 years ago

    Has anyone else noticed the new noice it makes when you like a comment???

  • Peter Petelski 3 years ago

    **Usually ELLEN shows are Funny..
    **And this monologue is Hilariously Funny..
    **Enjoy — Thank you..

  • belieberbitch 3 years ago

    I just laughed my ass off

  • Abigail24387 3 years ago

    Who would want a person behind bars?!…………me.:{

  • mira fraij 3 years ago

    first like

  • Gabriel Lee 3 years ago


  • leaevain 3 years ago

    What is the Ice Bucket challenge that is everyone is talking about ??
    (sorry I’m french)

  • Simon Credible 3 years ago

    Ellen please accept Justin bieber ASL ice bucket challenge

  • The Guy That's Done Everything 3 years ago

    3 years ago I had a health scare and it made me realize it was time to
    start making the most out of life. Thanks to that health scare I decided
    to write out a giant bucket list and get started on it! I created this
    non-profit YouTube channel to try and show people how amazing life can be
    when you’re making the most of it and to motivate as many strangers as

    I even found a couple random strangers that were willing to go out with me
    and cross the #1 thing off their bucket list that day! Sorry to spam but I
    believe it’s for a good cause. If you have some free time come check it
    out for yourself! 

  • Vinnie Takair 3 years ago


  • bcgrote 3 years ago

    I just wonder why the “Farmers Only” commercials are shown during football
    – in the Los Angeles area!

    I met my husband on a very specific type of dating site nearly 15 years
    ago. Still devoted, happy, compatible! I decided to start dating online
    because “that’s where everyone was” even well over a decade ago. I dated
    for about 4 months before I found hubby, so join several sites and take a

  • trainfart 3 years ago

    How can I join this site? :D

  • Alromani™ 3 years ago

    I’m single and ready to mingle

  • Everything Cool 3 years ago

    lol dory

  • Abhishek Roy 3 years ago

    What new sound?

  • David Blaze 3 years ago

    check my channel i remixed shrek 8 with the sims 1337, turned out to be
    pretty [MLG]

  • Sophie WithAnE 3 years ago

    There’s a dating website for people who are ghosts or vampires

  • Connor Contastic 3 years ago

    28th comment

  • Da Boom 3 years ago

    Under 301 :D

  • IcyGlimmerPlays 3 years ago

    Under 301 Club!

  • sweetiecandy100 3 years ago

    Will me I find myboyfriend in school. Haha!!!

  • Sonam Pelden 3 years ago

    Ellen, do the ALS Ice bucket challenge :)

  • Amr Alamr 3 years ago


  • Robert Yang 3 years ago

    Farmers one has commercials all the time now and they’re successfull, probs
    cuz of Ellen XDX dD

  • lori25hu 3 years ago


  • Lily Petteway 3 years ago

    Justin Bieber nominated you to do the ice bucket challenge.

  • Mariam Amr 3 years ago

    233 ohhh 

  • Margarette Feliciano 3 years ago

    I saw a commercial for the farmers only one o.O

  • Peter Petelski 3 years ago

    Thank You so much..ELLEN !! Soooo Funnyyyyy…

  • Alexis Carmon 3 years ago

    Connor Franta should go to the cat site! lol jk

  • Avo Guedekelian 3 years ago

    i want to see the dancing part ! :’)

  • Alistor Banks 3 years ago

    This world is strange. :)

  • Justin Macosky 3 years ago

    For a Sci-fi dating site… that looks pretty plain! I was expecting a cool
    looking website… Just sayin!

  • trinisun 3 years ago


  • SuuzieQ 3 years ago

    OK this is kinda funny.. first she asked how many have a date night and one
    particular woman in a black sweater in the second row on the left, puts her
    hand up in a doubtful way. Then she asks how may are in a relationship and
    again this woman puts her hand in the air xD So that means she’s kinda
    cheating lol

  • Kristina 3 years ago

    Why do you always cut out Ellen’s dancing! I wanna see her dance <3

  • Apple Care 3 years ago

    one of the sites is mine, thanks for promoting my site Ellen

  • Aarsh Bhatt 3 years ago

    Ellen u got Ice bucket challenge from Steve Harvey & Justin biber