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How Koreans Date:
Modern Dating CONS:

This is me poking fun at all the online dating services available these days – that I clearly do not take advantage of (which I should…). Anyways, usually these online dating services ask that you describe yourself in one paragraph. I seriously could not do that! I am such a unique…Pokemon that I would need to write an essay!

whatever you do, do in love. Please.

x3 Woojong

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  • 이우종 (Woojong) 3 years ago

    Cat lovers – please stop thumbs downing this video. Half the things I said
    were in good fun ^^

  • 이우종 (Woojong) 3 years ago

    Another fun little video skit. This is me poking fun at all the online
    dating services available these days – that I clearly do not take advantage
    of. I realized I had so many serious videos uploaded as of recent – that I
    wanted to break the ice and show my sense of humor again 🙂

    Anyways, here is the list of covers I sang in this video:

    John Legend – PDA
    Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life
    Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be Nice
    Peter, Paul, & Mary – 500 Miles
    John Legend – All of Me

    As always. I love you – and please share the love to others.

  • TehxHope 3 years ago

    I won’t forget about you, Woojong 

  • UberEpickMKKM 3 years ago

    A+ Video. You never fail to make me smile :D

  • ChoNunMigookSaram 3 years ago

    haha that ending. Those girls

  • Fayleke 3 years ago

    My mom came in while I was watching this. I was like, “Ma, don’t worry; he
    doesn’t like cats. _” XDD

  • Tamara Kwon 3 years ago

    You don’t know it yet, but we’re going to get married.

  • Alexandra Oprea 3 years ago

    My dream is also to become a comedian/actress. Let us meet on the set one
    day haha. I`ve been watching your videos for quite a while now, and your
    one of the few people who can actually bring a smile on my face lately. So
    I want to thank you for that, and also keep up with your amazing work. I
    always wanted to make a YouTube channel, but I was to afraid to actually do
    it. What do you think? Should I give it a try? would it maybe help in my
    future acting career?(would you maybe subscribe to my channnel? haha just
    kidding, it would be awesome though.) Do you maybe have any advice for me?
    Thank you so much again and I promise to keep supporting you!! FIGHTING!!
    Love Alex :D

  • Yume Matsushita 3 years ago

    Of course i would date you!!! You are my total ideal type! Even if you are
    5 years older than me we share alot of similarities. Traveling,Cafes and
    going out to kpop concerts instead of clubs and drinking is something i can
    appreciate. And o wish i found out about you earlier because i went to Kcon
    2014 and probably passed you and i am so disappointed in myself because you
    seem like the most honest genuine and kindest man. I hope to see you if im
    ever in NY or if you are ever in Boston because i would love to sit at a
    cafe and just talk with you and be your friend 🙂 

  • Bunnie Faerie 3 years ago

    u really gonna go for k-dramas or was it sarcasm

  • HeartFelt 3 years ago

    Do not get a tattoo…I am telling you…hahahaha ^^ Answer to whether I
    would date you: (blush and nod)

  • Selena War 3 years ago

    Yes I would date you Amos

  • Andrea Davis 3 years ago

    Woo Jong……why in the name of all that is holy, do you need an online
    dating profile????? You’re a cutie patootie, don’t the girls in your area
    see that???

  • NamiiCho 3 years ago

    Looking forward to your breaking into the entertainment industry loool if
    you ever need a makeup artist, ya kno

  • Elsa Vasquez 3 years ago

    Lol omg you’re so cute and funny!!! Good job on the video! :D

  • Shai Motomiya 3 years ago

    Love the video. Congrats when you make the music biz.

  • elisa abaluna 3 years ago

    Aww you’re so cute! Hope you can persue your dreams. I will be your fan and
    support, but please don’t stop posting videos on YouTube. Also, of course i
    would date you! Who wouldn’t? But fighting! Saranghae!

  • Saci Davila 3 years ago

    Date you…? Why yes, yes I would!! Lol nice video, but dnt sell yourself
    short! You could have any girl you wanted!!! But I forgot a major part of
    ur online dating profile: what are you looking for in a girl?!? 

  • Marylou Zapata 3 years ago

    You can so make it in the entertainment industry, and I will be a your fan
    and I will always support you! Also this video brought a smile to my face
    after a bad day today so thank you so much^^ also I would date you, because
    you have such an amazing personality, you’re a rare gem so don’t ever feel
    down^^ so don’t ever stop smiling! 

  • rose elise 3 years ago

    Sweet video. I really hope you will accomplish your dreams! i will alway
    support you along the ride 🙂 ^^

  • AyeMe 3 years ago

    Idk why, but i keep staring at that bandana x’-)

  • Halle Phan 3 years ago

    can we please have that intro song

    pls please

  • NicolePopNicky2 3 years ago

    OH MY GOD When did you come to Puerto Rico?!?! OMGSH come baack I would’ve
    loved to meet you

  • Genessis Ortiz 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to see you as a lead actor in a K-Drama!

  • cezy20 3 years ago

    What! You went to PR?!!# you should of had a meet & greet… anyways if you
    ever come to Hawaii do one!!!

  • iloveAsians andkpop 3 years ago

    Oppa who wouldn’t date you .

  • Heyitsyam 3 years ago

    YOURE SO CUTEEE 🙂 & holy wow youre so tall, you dont look like youre 183cm
    in the camera though but omg Im amazed

  • Brianne Daniels 3 years ago

    Haha that was cute yes you are approved Woojong~ and the ending was funny
    Lmfao, “we give you house, we give you car, we give you everytinggggg” 

  • Almost Flor 3 years ago

    oppa of course i would date you, you have a great personality and you are
    good looking. even compared to other korean guys amos you are gorgeous no
    matter what you sayXD

  • Nicole Lent 3 years ago

    Bwahahaha … did you use one of my shots for this? ^_^ 

  • ivanas entries 3 years ago

    I can promise you that we won’t forget about you~
    But please remember us too <3
    Can't wait to see what your future will hold^^
    All the best :)

  • rabab gill 3 years ago

    Ur Dimples ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Priyanka Shilewant 3 years ago

    Seeing ur video after 6 months.. I was busy and you have changed so much..
    but still put smile on my face..:)

  • Yvonna Anderson 3 years ago

    Ok im holding you to that whole acting in kdramas thing! (Or even in the
    American industry ) 😀 hahahaha loved the video. They never fail to
    brighten my mood. 

  • ELFStarlightForever 3 years ago

    …. Yeah I’d date you so what


  • Maria Yun Jøsang 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to see you on the big screen 😉 !!
    You’re like ”the” perfect man, and I wouldn’t know anyone who don’t want
    to see you as an actor, just sayin (Y) ^_^b
    Oh and…Please come to Norway, or somewhere near Scandinavia! ^_<

  • bemj75 3 years ago

    You remind me of a more manly version of K.will. (soooo cute).Especially
    when you have the kpop hair cut. Ooo song request “Lay Back” on the ukulele
    please please please with a cherry on top and a side of apple pie

  • assia elhalimi 3 years ago

    hey i’m a fan from morocco i love your videos and i wich all the best in
    Kdrama ! much love :D

  • Auriel Alexis 3 years ago

    Hey,where can I get your background song from?

  • Matheea Negruț 3 years ago

    What dating? I would take you home! Lol :)) I still dream that one day I
    will marry an asian guy and move to Korea, haha! I’ve been watching your
    videos since yesterday and I already fell in love! <3 Good luck with your
    goal and hope to see you soon in a drama! I'll never forget you ^_^

  • Noura El Ghazali 3 years ago

    This is the first time in watching a video of yours..I’m impressed haha
    I love cats when u said that I was like oh HELLL NOOOO but then I still
    carried on watching cuz you’re korean

  • Fran Maria 3 years ago

    I can’t wait to see you in a k-drama! I promise I wont forget about you!
    Also, I would totally date you /. x3

  • Davina Bhatia 3 years ago

    Ah it’s nice to see sarcastic WooJong back!! Haha,this made me laugh! (:
    Btw do you have a sound cloud account??

    Love sent from the UK! xoxo

  • Carel Rodríguez Núñez 3 years ago

    omggggggggggg you came to Puerto Rico, next time i need to see you! so

  • Linzo lovesBozen 3 years ago

    Haha I love your videos ♥ a perfect way to start the day ♥ ^^

  • Sara Zhanay 3 years ago


  • khouloud benhmida 3 years ago

    perfect man with perfect smile ^^
    you’re the best <3
    i like your videos
    khulud--from Tunisia 

  • Jennie Davis 3 years ago

    It would be so awesome if you were in a kdrama! I can so see it happening
    xD but awesome video, I got slapped in the face today so this really made
    me happy