Added by on November 6, 2014 This is the first episode of Maggie's Dating Tips! The purpose of this channel is to help guys become more successful with women…



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  • Reed Rothchild 3 years ago

    How to attract women, easy:
    1) Be at least 6ft tall
    2) Be good looking with a full head of natural hair
    3) Be muscular with less than 5% body fat and have visible abs.
    4 Earn at least $500,000 pa.
    5) Drive a Ferrari
    6) Own a mansion
    7) Be in the possession of a black Amex card.
    8) Be an evil bad boy/sociopath.

    If I left anything out, please feel free to add some more, but given the
    fact that women are never fucking happy, I am not holding my breath.

  • dubified89 3 years ago

    I’m really not primarily attracted to looks, I need a sweet feminine
    personality. Not a narcissist. Looks is important but it’s only one part of
    it. I’ll take a 7 or 8 who’s a sweetheart over a 10 who’s a bitch any day.

  • Reed Rothchild 3 years ago

    Women attracted to personality??, bullshit!, women are way more shallow
    than men.

  • Steve Peniston 3 years ago

    I would love to fuck you in your tight shit hole

  • Don Rayner 3 years ago

    In short. Girls don’t want a lap dog, they want someone they feel doesn’t
    necessarily NEED them, especially in the beginning when it just comes off
    as creepy and obsessive. Be chill bros 

  • Nate Cassidy 3 years ago

    The only girls i wouldnt date are fat not to be mean or nothing but i dated
    two a while back and didnt last long needs to be my type

  • MrHav1k 3 years ago

    You said what I was going to say better than I ever could. And sooner! Well
    done! LMS all day.

  • saad islam 3 years ago

    yeah youtube vids do make it simple to meet ugly chicks but if you want to
    mac fit girls you really need to have game or you will get crushed have a
    look at the clip on PUA66.COM إن إحدى مآسي الإنسان الكبرى هي أنّه لا يملك
    عُنقًا طويلًا مثل عنق البعير ، يسمح له بمراقبة الكلمات وتنظيفها

  • Nihil2005 3 years ago

    “USUALLY decide whether ur boyfriend/lay material within 5 seconds.’
    Actually I think it’s more like 1-2 seconds. Probably even shorter if
    they’re menstruating.

  • Taheelur123 3 years ago

    buy yourself a neck brace to help you keep your fucking head still

  • Maggie's Dating Tips 3 years ago

    i’m glad you loved the video! more to come!!

  • marshallh101 3 years ago

    Thumbs up if you like my comment!

  • patrick Day 3 years ago

    Good video…..#takingnotes

  • Alisa Miroyan 3 years ago

    I quitely disagree with this author. Just imagined a guy telling me I am
    fat in those pants.. Hm! I would think he is rude and he dislikes me.

  • jakc3d 3 years ago

    i soooo agree with your statement. i feel like when women say that looks
    don’t matter, they’re fucking lying and giving men false hope to the
    reality of things. Great post!!!

  • Aexexx 3 years ago

    Realize that these aren’t tips thought up by this girl! This is plagiarized
    David DeAngelo and Mystery PUA shit. Also, she didn’t even rip those PUAs
    off. There are a bunch of guys telling her what to say. When she goes into
    a club, you just try being average looking and trying to attract her with
    your personality. Her: “I have a boyfriend”, “I gotta go see my friends”.
    Or she’ll flake. Analyse whether your results prove that PUA works! Penis
    in vagina is the yardstick! Not numbercloses LMAO

  • Aexexx 3 years ago

    I agree. 5 seconds is too long. I sum it up here: youtube dot
    com/watch?v=2V7TcSr9GiM LOOKS MATTER. Anyone who tells you different is

  • Assassins421 3 years ago

    who the fuck is maggie may? and why should i care?

  • Maggie's Dating Tips 3 years ago

    what makes you say that??

  • Sony Bhomi 3 years ago

    I’ve read through most of the replies. I feel that this is a solid clip. My
    younger brother would like to get powerful with women of all ages. He
    picked up alot from a website called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The
    guidance on attracting chicks in night clubs from Master Attraction got him
    his 1st sexual encounters in around 4 yrs. I became irritated however coz I
    heard them all.

  • Aexexx 3 years ago

    This! What the FUCK NON SEQUITUR did she just say?: “Attraction isn’t a
    choice”. Why does that mean “you can attract her with her personality,
    behaviour, confidence”? It’s more like: “attraction isn’t a choice, so if
    she isn’t attracted to your looks, she can’t help it, nor CHANGE IT. Nor
    can YOU change it.” You know the girl in this video rejects average looking
    guys based on their LOOKS, HOURLY. There is 0 proof that she believes what
    she’s saying in this recycled PUA rehash camel shit.

  • SoggyPizzaPockets1 3 years ago

    Rule number one. Take advice from MEN who are successful at dating. Rule
    number two. Refer to yourself as a “man,” not simply a “guy.” Don’t
    marginalize yourself, and actually embrace your manhood.

  • Reed Rothchild 3 years ago

    True, but the major difference is that men are humble enough to know that
    they can take what they can get, modern women on the other hand, are a
    different story, and even fat and ugly women demand nothing less than Brad
    Pitt or Zac Effron. Women only date up, they refuse to date down.

  • Reed Rothchild 3 years ago

    At the 0.43 second mark of the video, this woman lost all credibility when
    she claimed that women are mainly concerned with personality, and that men
    mainly go for looks, What a complete load of horse shit. Anyone with half a
    brain in their head, knows that women go for looks first, not men.

  • Aexexx 3 years ago

    mdatingtips – an OPEN CHALLENGE. Post a picture of the UGLIEST GUY YOU’VE
    EVER DATED, and tell us for how long that lasted (one date lasting an
    evening doesn’t count). The WHOLE WORLD IS MISLEADED into thinking that
    women are attracted to CONFIDENCE and PERSONALITY. Women are LIKE MEN, you
    NAIVE UGLY FOOLS. They USUALLY decide whether ur boyfriend/lay material
    within 5 seconds. It is harder for short, balding, pale men with glasses to
    get hot women. Tell me it’s cuz of their “CONFIDENCE”. LOL

  • SpyWhoLovedHimself 3 years ago

    Dating tip #1 – Be good looking . Job done

  • Maggie's Dating Tips 3 years ago

    That’s great! Shoot me a link to your channel. Thanks for the kudos too. 🙂