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How we coached three single women to date better in just four weeks, using The Rules, the NY Times dating bestseller on how to be a challenge to catch the he…



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  • jrmetmoi 4 years ago

    These ladies are so hilarious and so ‘Noooooh Yawwwwk’ I LOVE it and that’s why I miss NYC so much! That’s why even I’ve lined their pockets by buying two different Rules books! LOL

  • Zaida Boltman 4 years ago

    It would interesting to see the rest of the documentary

  • KissOfDanger 4 years ago

    Get a life.

  • mbb03f 4 years ago

    those authors look like whores with their legs showing lol

  • Stephanie Barbour 4 years ago

    where can we watch the rest of this? xx

  • Stephanie Barbour 4 years ago

    whether men like it or not the rules work!

  • KissOfDanger 4 years ago

    You ladies deserve a movie.