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  • Andy Born 4 years ago

    Marriage Hurts men

  • soberek 4 years ago

    Two women that are not honest. Why? Just because the sheer amount of makeup. I’d love to know what a girl looks like. But with these two it’s masks as fake as photoshop. So excessive, that it kills my confidence. News flash to all girls out there: Most guys me included don’t want or expect “perfection” in looks. At all. The effect is reverse. Do you really think it makes you attractive and appealing when you look like a mannequin in a Louis Vuitton boutique?

  • Γεράσιμος Μηνάς 4 years ago

    it’s not good when the other people -woman in that case- don’t understand and won’t something that she don’t find, for years to come. And all she want, is her job and have fun. That feels she don’t have brain. And that the problem today. People don’t want to respect the other soul, because this want’s time and love. They don’t want, love. That is the problem.

  • HelleniCowboy Sei 4 years ago


  • HelleniCowboy Sei 4 years ago

    Erica I think you are related to Ian Somerhalder , you are his siter or something :P?

  • Brent Haley 4 years ago

    Kinda new to the dating scene, and this really helped thanks!

  • Sentry5K 4 years ago

    This was a lot better than I expected it to be.

  • Christine Allocca 4 years ago

    @christabelle28 Thank you! :)

  • Christine Allocca 4 years ago

    @erofail love working with you to!

  • dwildkat 4 years ago

    Erica’s got beautiful eyes

  • christabelle28 4 years ago

    Loved it girls! keep em coming!

  • Lisa Raphael 4 years ago

    Loved working with you girls!!

  • jjjuchasss 4 years ago

    girl on the left is cute :*