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Kissing on the first date. FREE E-book here: Should you kiss on a first date? How do you know when to do it? Where is the best pla…



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  • Christine Han 3 years ago

    Going on a kiss on a first date is a total deal breaker… Don’t do it guys!!
    it looks too needy and creepy. Girls have a million questions on their
    heads about a guy.. Like insecurities etc. And to suddenly lean over and
    kiss is a big no no… No matter how hot and interesting you are.. If you
    don’t kiss and play it cool on the first date, it’ll make girls more
    curious and wanna do a second date!

  • mimosa coyotte 3 years ago

    guys this is the second time im writing what’s going on with me here ‘s
    the deal i had a date with some one i met in the street he got my number
    immediately when he parked his car and followed me asking my number
    honestly i consider my self as stringent girl im 33 years old and dont go
    for dating at all because i have to feel something yes the spark but with
    this guy i felt something really amazing so after one night he called me
    for a date and we went for a lunch it was nice we talked a lot and going
    back home he Grabbed my hands and i loved it , he asked me to kiss him
    goodbuy , but he kissed me on the lips, and i kissed me back after a while
    he called me asking me out again but we cudnt manage our time , on friday i
    was on the beach to exercise and i texted him and he immeditely called me
    back and he was picturing me on the beach , and he said that he wanted to
    be with me and i asked him to come , after a while he agreed to come , but
    he didnt come at all ?? i called him once , and i texted him and there’s no
    repley ?? over one night there were no answer im so stressful and
    frustrated though i know he doesnt want me to feel that way but he did , im
    very confused im a type a ladies who protects her feelings not to be hurt ,
    shall i strop calling this guy , and stop him to call me again in case he
    will ??pls guys i need ur advice thanks

  • manansis86 3 years ago

    I’m a guy and I think I just went on the best date I’ve ever been on. This
    girl was awesome. It felt like we’ve known each other for so long. She was
    hot too lol. We went site seeing, took pictures, and held hands. I was
    shocked because I’m not cool with PDA but for some reason I wanted to hold
    her hand. I could just see her being my woman. We hugged at the end of the
    date and she kissed me and it was great. I can tell I was one of the best
    dates she’s ever been on lol. I myself will say if a man doesn’t want to
    kiss you something is wrong and you might not get another date. Then there
    are situations so in my situation I was in her car and we kissed before I
    left to go home. Now if we departed out in public I probably wouldn’t have
    kissed her.

  • Brenda M 3 years ago

    So right about the PDA thing. I just recently went on an amazing first
    date, and we kissed but it was so awkward because there were people like
    right there lol but it was wonderful nonetheless

  • predator765 (Jesse Fontaine) 3 years ago

    dude, thanks!

  • eva kuaci 3 years ago

    Im 13 and never get kiss:'(

  • Maddy Santamaria 3 years ago

    Hello after watching your video I realized that I am in a difficult
    situation about the first date. The reason why is because there is this guy
    who likes me and I know him for about a year at school, but I am not close
    to him since he just recently got out of a relationship with my
    friend….Then He ASK ME OUT on the very first date and tries to cuddle
    with me and hold my hand???? What does this mean? and what should I do? Can
    you help me make my decision!!

  • Vava Billy 3 years ago

    A lot of women carry concealed nowadays. Either she kisses u back or shoots
    u in the balls n screams rape. It’s one or the other. 

  • Brandon McSheffery 3 years ago

    here is my story i went on a date i was a perfect gentleman at the end of
    the night i tried to kiss her even though i knew she did want to be kissed.
    Why did i try? because if i did not try i was going to regret it. She gave
    me your a sweetheart but i just want to be friends line

  • Jay Pey 3 years ago

    No, just kiss her.

  • Sean J. 3 years ago

    anyways after that she stopped txting me and started talking with her ex…
    wtf.. any advice or input is appreciated

  • maskilady 3 years ago

    like on 2# !!! this is the deal guys.

  • Max fawcett 3 years ago

    Theirs this girl in my form, I like her and I think she might like her, the
    only problem is I sit like no way near each other, so I can’t break the
    touch barrier, and also i can’t see her at breaks because she is not in my
    year and she has different breaks at my times, sometimes she comes over and
    speaks to me at form and I go over and speak to her, I want to try invite
    her to town or somin but we know a lot of people at that town so what will
    people think when they see us? And what if she says

  • funkiesan 3 years ago

    I havent watched the video yet but guys be gentlemens do not kiss the first
    time if theres a date, make them feel special and leave them with that
    special exitement, put your hand on their neck look into their eyes and
    tell them they had a wounderfull time, lets do it again and just leave like
    that ^^

  • funkiesan 3 years ago

    Tripp I love your stuff its so genuie and legit!

  • gekvandehel 3 years ago


  • ashikombat 3 years ago

    Hey Tripp Just Subscribed your channel is pretty awesome keep it up. I have
    a question, I can almost always attract the girls that i’m not into, but
    the instance that i’m into a girl I become less attractable or unnatural.
    How can I be myself when I’m talking to girls that I’m into . B/c I think
    the natural me is quite a character lol.

  • 20twelvevolution 3 years ago

    Even if I am interested, I wouldn’t want a guy to do this too me. It’s too
    forward on the first date.

  • Joseph Anderson 3 years ago

    I just asked if she wanted to lol that works to

  • Jabikz 3 years ago

    Give her a sloppy wet one to remind her of her pet dog.

  • besthmaster101 3 years ago

    Man thanks soooooo much you saved me with my girlfriend we are closer than
    ever!!! THANKS!!!!

  • Sean J. 3 years ago

    hey tripp im lookin for advice. so i was talking to this girl for a while,
    i liked her and i could tell she liked me too. one night we were with some
    friends and she kept flirting and touching me and we ended up cuddling on
    the couch “watching a movie” haha and she was gonna spend the night but her
    parents said no. we had plans to go to the city early the next day. well i
    sent her a text that said “goodmorning beautiful” and she didnt reply. we
    ended up going to the city but it was kinda akward

  • Teddy Rubin 3 years ago

    I have the book but it’s on my laptop which is getting repaired for a
    couple weeks XD

  • WasabiMeal 3 years ago

    I was about to be pretty sad thinking you were going to tell us to buy a
    book for the last tip. But then you said it was free, so I am happy about
    that 🙂

  • Sky Truckey 3 years ago

    Definatley don’t ask to kiss a girl. For me, its such a turnoff.

  • Steven Stifler 3 years ago

    Fuck her man. You got to tell her you wanna fuck and u do it now

  • Derek L 3 years ago

    I think it’s better to hug than go for the kiss on the first date. To me
    kissing on the first date could be deal breaker even if the signs are

  • Most of the time, eye contact is the main and only thing shy girls do.

  • John Smith 3 years ago

    On the eye contact what if she’s shy?

  • chuee1000 3 years ago

    you seem to have some good advice…but this video just seems so awkward-
    the completely white background, you just standing there

  • YoYoGuy951 3 years ago

    So I didnt kiss her after the first date (like an hour ago). She showed a
    lot of the signs. How do I get her to think im not just a friend I guess.