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Eight Flirting Tips Men Should Know That Tell You She's Really Into You

Gentlemen, are you ready for our flirting tips test? This will determine if you are a dating stud or a dating dud. Here's the first question:

On a first date, do you pay attention to a ladies' body language …or just her body?

If you are a typical male, you already failed the test, which is too bad because as Tamera reveals in this short video, a lady says more on a date with her body than she does with words.

So, how do you pick up on the signals to know whether she likes you or not? Tamera gives the first hint, then invites you to click on the link below the video for answers in a series of articles on, including free e-books to help you guys pass any dating test.

Flirting is an art form. Her body language will tell you how your date is going.

Enjoy the video and the read. Then, happy flirting and Happy Dating.



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