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Ken's Dating Tips, For Today's Bachelor. #48 Communication is Key Ken knows how to make a good first impression, and with his help you can too! ‘Hello!' ‘Hey…



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  • jadestone980 4 years ago

    lol ahu ahu sorry I wasn’t listening

  • Gamercrazygirl2468 4 years ago


  • MegaKoularos 4 years ago

    what’s the name of the song banana choop choop ?

  • BlackTaffi 4 years ago

    LMFAO they said JEN’S DATING TIPS instead of ken’s dating tips xD

  • peaceandlove22999 4 years ago

    i like banaana choop too lol

  • peaceandlove22999 4 years ago

    I guess they are pretending he dosent have FAKE hair lol anyway thats my question too

  • Mad Hatter 4 years ago

    Why does Ken need to fix his hair? I mean, it’s made of rubber, right? Or maybe he just puts so much gell in it you can’t tell the difference.

  • jessebrown1996 4 years ago

    wow these dating tips really help im gona have a girl by the end of tommorow LOL

  • 0kiccc0 4 years ago

    i sang along to your lyrics

  • MysticalPopTart 4 years ago

    is it just me or did the guy in the begining say “Jen’s dating tips” instead of “ken’s dating tips”????

  • nenshche1516 4 years ago

    does he say “Jan’s dating tips” ? o.O

  • tsonukarabocado 4 years ago

    I’m 20, and my comment about my age was totally random.

  • kazzeranini 4 years ago

    dont worry.. even 50 years olds still watch this movie.. its universal..

  • ChasingGracex 4 years ago

    hey thar ;]
    ken makes me laugh so much >w<

  • Lydzy Dee 4 years ago

    ken looks like justin bieber but more manly. >_>

  • AAFProduction 4 years ago

    listen in the begining…..jens dating tips instead of kens dating tips

  • Nina Katavić 4 years ago

    Banana Choop Choop Choop XD

  • Malak Essmat 4 years ago

    0:12 0:14 0:15 cool hehe and he got his glasses on after that groveing with ken vid 😀

  • Jemimah Ibardaloza 4 years ago

    i <3 toy story 3 i can almost cry

  • Marklar 4 years ago

    I’m 21 and I already have seen this movie

  • Mars Wong 4 years ago


  • tacy0301 4 years ago



  • TheCONNORCO 4 years ago

    Banana Choop Choop Choop Bana Choop Bana Choop Banana Choop Choop Choop Bana Choop Bana Choop Banana Choop Choop Choop Bana Choop Bana Choop Banana Choop Choop Choop Bana… LOVE THAT SONG!!!

  • lostloverboy21 4 years ago

    ken: its also important to practice listening.. oh sorry i wasnt listening!

  • secretboombang 4 years ago

    kens a doshe in the movie

  • Joanna Sutia 4 years ago

    Im 19 n i REALLY DO want yo see this movie.. 😀

  • Joanna Sutia 4 years ago

    Im 19 n i REALLY DO wany yo see this movie.. 😀

  • Turbo Bark 4 years ago

    im 17 and I saw this!
    Ive seen all of them
    I was 3 when I saw the first one I think?

  • ThaAwesomeness 4 years ago

    hahahaha, im 13 but i REALY want to see this movie xDD

  • fosterchild47 4 years ago

    Toy Story 3, just got back, it was the most amazing experience of my life. Bordering on religious. I love this movie, and this franchies. And now, I’m crying at the amazingly amazing ending of amazingness.

  • Pedro Amaro 4 years ago

    first comment kens a moron

  • 29Miktrish 4 years ago

    lol. It’s funny when ken said ‘oh sorry I wasn’t listening.’ lol!!

  • ch583 4 years ago

    Haha! Even the listening is practiced! Haha

  • Pupdoug 4 years ago

    ♥ it!

  • havoc bringer 4 years ago

    this guy is funny

  • yensid1928 4 years ago


  • Rach2625 4 years ago

    Phaha. Toy Story, ftw :)

  • greenemu 4 years ago

    cannot wait!!