Added by on May 1, 2014 Kat Dahlia sits down with Nessa and talks about how her ex boyfriends tries to hit her u…



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  • FotonicBeats 3 years ago

    I don’t really dig nessa’s logo thought…

  • Rosa B 3 years ago

    if you wanna feed me then feed me motherfer lol too funny

  • Riaenal Iramas 3 years ago

    Is Nessa on television, cuz she looks familiar?

  • LadyTouchus 3 years ago

    I expected her to have a Cuban accent idk why

  • Joseph Jones 3 years ago

    that live performance sucked, what do you mean she can sing live? Wtf?

  • southcobbviper 3 years ago

    kat and nessa dont listen to know body tellin you to cut your rabbit teeth.
    that ish hella cute.

  • codybball33 3 years ago

    shes bomb

  • Richard Vansiclen 3 years ago

    I would stay in the studio all night with Katriana Huguet, just listening
    to her voice, then go to work on no sleep and be game for the same thing
    everynight. shes flawless =]

  • Giovanni Walden 3 years ago

    are you retarded?

  • Twizz theWhizKid 3 years ago

    I’m loving this chick… use 2 date this Bosnian girl who resembled her,
    but totally different personalities. And by the way, Drama who? The old
    Drama from Atlanta or Rob Dyrdek’s cousin Drama beats?

  • Rae Rae 3 years ago

    Kat Dahlia. You are my favorite female artist. Hands down, AIN’T NOONE GOT

  • Brittany North 3 years ago

    Every woman likes crab legs.

  • RubyMuyCaliente 3 years ago

    ‘pretty damn ugly’ = oxymoron…. so i’m thinkin you must be just a MORON.
    women in the us are some of the most beautiful women in the world because
    its a mix of women from around the world. diversely beautiful instead of
    the same ol’ shit like russians

  • MsLluvsherFans 3 years ago

    WOMAN!! Your voice give me chills,big up!!

  • 305graffartist 3 years ago

    you two girls look great and interview very lively and fun hey kat if you
    like me to take you out for dinner let me know and yes i pay for dinner and
    a dance lol

  • Felipe Moreira 3 years ago

    typical brainless woman interviewing…

  • jay benjeddou 3 years ago

    feed me mother fucker <3 I CAN FEED

  • DEmM0vies 3 years ago

    she’s bad as fuck!!! and she’s sexy!!!

  • AnimaniacPro 3 years ago

    She’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  • Нурбек Жумабаев 3 years ago

    If you think that she is beutifull than I guess you have pretty damn ugly
    girls in US

  • Dina Musix 3 years ago

    ♡♥ kat dahlia

  • ahmad basheer 3 years ago

    i feel bad for her she keeps singing the same song over and over lol

  • Kevin Garcia 3 years ago

    She’s so hot

  • Нурбек Жумабаев 3 years ago

    A ha ha ha)))) Than why americans always come to Moscow and say that here
    are the most beautiful girls in the world? And yeah you have mixed girls…
    like mix of fat ass and horses)

  • Нурбек Жумабаев 3 years ago

    Yeah and I have nothing against american girls, in every country there are
    beautiful women, i just don’t why somebody thinks that this girl Kat Dalila
    is beautiful.

  • RubyMuyCaliente 3 years ago

    Oh WOWWWWW! yeah ok, cuz theres such an influx of americans racing to
    russia to get women. princes, kings, sheiks etc try to get american girls.
    american girls are where its at…… your just spitting garbage at this

  • Dahnari Hamilton 3 years ago

    isn’t she from girl code

  • RubyMuyCaliente 3 years ago

    dont worry about who thinks this bitch is beautiful… its not like your
    (tiny) dick will be getting to fuck her. shut ya mouth and go shovel some
    fuckin snow