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Van proposes some date options for the two of them..



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  • Layvba 3 years ago

    What is missing from this clip is when Shannon says, “Just when you think
    you know what you want, something better comes along. Know what I mean.”
    The smile on John’s face was amazing. 7.20.12

  • Tee958 3 years ago

    You are most definitely welcome.

  • blackmasterpeice 3 years ago

    Ok I’m grinning from ear to ear right now, I how sweet. *sighs* back in the
    good ole days

  • KarinaGahan 3 years ago

    Thank you Tee for adding all these great Jovsn scenes.

  • Soaptress 3 years ago

    Anyone notice where Evangeline’s eyes go after she says “Somehow I’m not
    surprised” lol

  • JoVanLives 3 years ago

    These two are so damn good – I’m willing to watch them even on mute!

  • aboverubies 3 years ago

    Loved how Van ran her hands through John’s hair. Sooooooooooooooo sweet
    together. In fact, so much realism. JoVan rocks! “People can say alot
    without talking.”

  • 94take 3 years ago

    At this time I don’t believe ME/John was married yet, so I feel like there
    was a very real attraction going on here. Not saying that anything happen
    and I don’t believe it did. But boy did they use whatever under current
    feeling that was going on between them because it was very transparent on
    screen. It made you feel like you were watching something you was’nt
    suppose too.

  • marshajone 3 years ago

    van is women john is a man nat is a kid it was crazy to put such a vital
    man with a kid they should of never let van go but i think her husband
    probably put a stop to it he is a lawyer

  • Crushed26 3 years ago

    I love the song.

  • bella50008 3 years ago

    @JoVanLives … you are so funny! I am with you though.

  • labodorlover 3 years ago

    I don’t think she needed her husbands help with that, she did take the Bar
    to. REG is a very smart and talented woman and I think that’s what
    attracted ME to her and if they weren’t already married they would have def
    been together IRL.

  • callynt 3 years ago

    So the writers went from this, to the crash and burn of 05? John looked
    genuinely smitten. Not giving John and Evangeline a real romance instead of
    angst for the John/Natalie pairing was a big mistake.

  • Anmilbeth 3 years ago

    Does anyone know why this clip is muted?

  • 94take 3 years ago

    And did you see how happy he got when he open the door and she was there!

  • Laverne McRae 3 years ago

    Love ME/REG beautiful couple!!!!!!

  • PiNkYaBsOlUt 3 years ago

    this video got my pusssssyyyy wweeeettttt!!! you will c me soon! sW