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  • arief auriza 4 years ago

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  • Levente Szilagyi 4 years ago

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  • Anthony Lionel 4 years ago

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  • Hana Bindrim 4 years ago

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  • Joez86 4 years ago

    What a knucklehead !!!!

  • marjeventuresllc 4 years ago

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  • johnmas25 4 years ago

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  • Futurecop2012C 4 years ago

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  • madisonajulianalue 4 years ago

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  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    I think it`s too soon to judge President Obama. He`s only served two years. If he turns the economy around i will say he`s a success. I think the taxcuts they negotioated with the republicans before christmas was a good start. I like president Obama as a person. He seemes to be a decent man. I used to campaign for Hillary during the primarys and didn`t like Obama. I still think Hillary would have done better, but he won and i have to respect that. I`m willing to give him a chance!

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    Clinton had huge approval ratings too, and he still has. He was re-elected and did a good job as president. I`m not ashamed to say that i like him!

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    At least he wasn`t senile and sold weapons to our enemies like Reagan did!

  • gideonMorrison 4 years ago

    You’re an idiot. Sure, you put your child on the world together with your partner, but making idiotic rules, without probably have followed them yourself is bogus. 

  • dazzagazza6969 4 years ago


  • AlkalineDyl 4 years ago

    That joke wasnt funny the first time let alone the 30th time.

  • Brian Newton 4 years ago

    lmfao @ “aryanblade”

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    People are people. We were born to be sinners. There will NEVER be a perfect human being. We all have our faults and weaknesses, and that includes politicians as well.

  • th86stone 4 years ago

    as for reagan see previous comment (made 2)
    (your last)All of which serve to show their weaknesses,the only difference is that bill is still doing it & joe just did the video,neither of which seem remorseful for their actions. I guess we just disagree on this,you have a lackadaisical moral requirement for your representative, & i require a bit more from them. Grant you, its VERY hard to find a decent representative in any of the offices, but it doesn’t mean i should stop looking.

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    what about Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Harding etc etc. None of them were able to control their dicks. President Clinton has always been a womanizer, but he was a GREAT fucking president. President Roosevelt was a great president too, so was Kennedy. Womanizing and adultary doesn`t make people into perverts. You`re just being judgemental towards democrats. Again, what about Reagan. He had two wifes?

  • th86stone 4 years ago

    As for Reagan, i did not give him a pass, he just like all other will have to answer to their own actions, as well as me. As far as Judgmental, the context your putting it in then we ALL are judgmental, we all are judgmental about things in life and day long. There is a difference in passing judgment and having an opinion. Passing judgment comes with a sentence and a punishment, of which i can do nether.

  • th86stone 4 years ago

    This video, as other people in this comment section agree, makes him look creepy and a perv by his actions of repeating a creepy line, like he was picking up women in a bar, grant you, to each his perspective. But the comments in this video alone say something to that. Having researched some of bill’s dubious actions before the white house and his inability to control himself in the WH. I am QUITE convinced of bills perversions, (i’ll give you joes not even close to bill)

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    You called him a perv!! And you brought foward Bill Clinton. My question to you is 1. why do you think Joe Biden is a perv. 2. Why do you think Bill Clinton is a perv? If Bill Clinton is a perv cause he cheated on his wife, then you`re pretty damn judgmental in my book! And why do you give president Reagan a free pass? He divorced his first wife. That`s worse than cheating!

  • th86stone 4 years ago

    “@Yellyist You get “Mob rules” and the crushing of the minorities when we follow the “well he does it it must be ok” mentality.

  • th86stone 4 years ago

    Judgmental? I haven’t condemned him or anyone else, they do that quite well with their own actions. Like I said just because its a fad or what, does NOT make it OK. It is not me, that they (this 50%)should be worried about thats between them and their maker, but if you are my employee i can lay restrictions on your character in order for you to work for me, and joe & bill works for me. Moral decay is part of the problem america is having and we are so self absorbed we can not see it.

  • F33bs 4 years ago

    This is why I fucking love Joe Biden.

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    Is that all you got?? Hahaha. Well enjoy your jewish and homosexual heroes. 

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    I would love to see you try to attack the Vice President Of the United States! The Secret Service has been notified of your threat!

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    You don`t answer a question with a question asshole!! And no, i`m not gay. But i just think it`s hillarious that your biggest hero is a jew, and that another is a homo. Haha, that`s pretty funny isn`t it since you`re a nazi!

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    I`m 100% white and i don`t care about races at all. We`re all humans! Did you know that Adolf Hitler was a jew, and that Goring was a queer??

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    Well if you wanna be judgemental you should curse out 50% of the whole population cause 50% cheats. Come on, Ronald Regan got divorced. Nobody talks about that. He broke his holy promise to stay with his first wife. I don`t give a shit really.. I don`t jugde other people, cause i`m not perfect. I don`t feel comfortable being hypocritical, and the majority of the american people felt the same way about president Clinton. His approval ratings were sky high, even higher than Reagans

  • th86stone 4 years ago

    I never accused of such, couldn’t he come up with something other than human sexual relationships to speak with these girls,OVER & OVER &OVER AGAIN?! Yes, I did bring up Bill’s perversion, of which he did & we all know he did, shows character & lack of restraint doesn’t it?
    Yes the perv repub congressmen do NOT deserve respect either!
    Just because alot of people do something doesn’t make it right does it?
    No, no I haven’t cheated on my girlfriends or my wife,thats your short comings

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    you called the Vice President a pevert. As far as i know Joe Biden has NEVER been accused of adultary, and he`s happily married and has three children. You even had the nerve to bring up the Lewinsky scandal. What about the republican congressman who fucked little boys?? Remember that?? Anyway, Bill Clinton did what 50% of every married american does. So don`t be so fucking hypocritical. I`ve cheated on my girlfriends, haven`t you???

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    And you should be a little bit more humble, cause we beat the shit out of you during WWII. I think being a nazi should be a capitol offense. They should arrest you just for being nazis. That`s my opinion. You`re worse than communist. I`d like too see you in a consentration camp, being starved to death by some jews or blacks. Wouldn`t you like that you little southern white trash piece of shit??

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    Ok, you made this personal for me with that remark. Fuck u asshole, and burn in hell along with your fucking Hitler!

  • th86stone 4 years ago

    So was Dan Quail, & I bet you didn’t show him respect either. Don’t say you never laughed at a Dan Quail funny.
    How about showing some couth, & stop swearing like a teenager with a new word.
    That is why this country is the greatest, I can say & have my opinion, just like you. But unlike you I am not blind to the lies & false personas Washington feeds sheep like you.
    When he becomes respect worthy, then he will have my respect. No ne should respect a man JUST because he HOLDS an office.

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    No, he was pretty proud over his service. Sadly, those nazi bastards killed him, so i don`t like your kind at all. Go away nazi!!!

  • panzramlad 4 years ago

    pervert probably gets a kick outta perving in front of the world. its disgusting. all these scum are compromised looks like we now know what the dirty little secret joe has been compromised by.

  • greenback001 4 years ago

    Biden is creepy with all the touching and kissing

  • Yellyist 4 years ago

    I don`t talk to nazis. My grandfather fought them during WWII!

  • liamwilson123 4 years ago

    no dates til your ovaries are dried up .

  • zaat fetreta 4 years ago

    don’t take dating advice from a decrepit faggot mangina: MANHOOD101. COM