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Jake here is teaching you how to date.



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  • PhenoxMinecraft 3 years ago

    did you know that jake is explaining sex to fin not the best thing for a
    children program

    1. huging
    5.well let you discover there boobs and vaginas (I don’t wanna be perv)
    7.when you touch her boobs
    15.make sex

    o3o what da fak

  • John Fitz 3 years ago

    I just realized that Jake was talking about Lady Rainicorn. *facepalm*

  • Kyle Broflovski 3 years ago

    O.o i’m at tier 1..

  • 2B or not 2B 3 years ago

    Tier 15 is anal

  • Roopa Niedu 3 years ago
  • The Lich 3 years ago

    Subliminality of the tiers is so high :D

  • Sophia-Marie Lopez 3 years ago

    jake has gone to tier 15. he has kids doesn’t he?

  • Fluttering ASMR 3 years ago

    They really show this to kids???

  • The Lich 3 years ago

    Subliminality of the tiers is so high :D

  • MrSkeletonpants 3 years ago

    @ gailwy

    This was from the episode “Burning Low”

  • Roopa Niedu 3 years ago
  • Jordan Guy 3 years ago

    Come on Cartoon Network it’s tv PG not tv 14 X)

  • Lily Glory 3 years ago

    Jake is refering to Lady Rainicorn
    And Tier 15 is actually Kissing her and ik that Jake wont want anyone
    especially Finn to do that with Lady Rainicorn 😛
    Jake is only refering about Lady Rainicorn and that isnt helpfull thought

  • AmbiPieandDashachu (a.k.a. E.S. Gryph-Nyx~) 3 years ago

    discover stomach= first seeing naked

  • Sharmila Pandey 3 years ago

    I found that truly informative. I had been so confounded watching my mate
    change from being lame to a ladies man. He went from a no-one into being
    superb. He acted as if it was normal for a little bit. He then told me when
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    right now with a gorgeous girl… Lucky man!

  • Yellow Bunny 3 years ago

    If you don’t know what’s tier 15, then you are too small to know it.

  • Simon Davies 3 years ago

    I’ll give you a hug

  • theguywhoannoysme 3 years ago

    … in addition, I think when he mentioned ‘long beautiful stomach’ and
    ‘touching her horn’, he’s taking cues from his own relationship with Lady

  • pramod maharjan 3 years ago

    I looked over some of the observations on here. I think that’s a first-rate
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    heard them all. Disgusting.

  • SUMpoindexter 3 years ago

    “Ay gurl, if you weren’t a figment of my imagination, I’d wanna have yo

  • gailwy 3 years ago

    What episode was this ?

  • theguywhoannoysme 3 years ago

    I think Jake’s telling Finn to stay away from Tier 15 because he knows
    what’ll happen if the Flame Princess experiences ‘extreme romance’. And cuz
    it’s dirty.

  • justin young 3 years ago

    i wanna b a tier 15 lol

  • tdjohn1135 3 years ago


  • Chrnan6710 3 years ago

    Just imagine it this way… It’s how we are made. o_o

  • Virtual Insanity 3 years ago

    Hello tharrrrrrrrr. Nice video.

  • MattakuNoKoohai 3 years ago


  • Jerrold Samonte 3 years ago

    finn is too young to get his dick roasted.

  • Colton Brewster 3 years ago

    He told finn to stay away from teir15 cause its dirty and finns only 14and
    jake in dog years is an adult and it would just be weird trust me you will
    learn about it when they give you a talk known as ‘the birds and the bees’

  • xAceOfSpades55x 3 years ago

    What’s on tier 15 lol

  • David Cordin 3 years ago

    Tier 1- Hugging Tier 2-Kissing Tier 5-Finn sees her naked Tier 8-Finn
    touches her boob or private area Tier 15-Finn and Fp have sex

  • Zack Wilson 3 years ago

    There is a reason Jake and Lady had puppies.

  • MeaninglessCloud 3 years ago

    you dont need to know

  • kyle pina 3 years ago


  • MrEminemfan56 3 years ago

    Sniff. I can’t even get to tear 1 :,(

  • MeaninglessCloud 3 years ago

    burning low

  • AmbaBearxo 3 years ago

    Its basically sex .-.

  • David Segura 3 years ago


  • Raju dhakal 3 years ago

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  • Tenka Yoru 3 years ago

    tier 15 is sexy time.

  • Obey MyMindlessness 3 years ago

    What about Tier 69

  • DESTROYER pig 3 years ago

    I think Finn shouldn’t stay away from tier 15

  • Tabithia Taritha 3 years ago

    Fin: Whats on tier 15. Me: bad things Fin, well at least for people your

  • MrEminemfan56 3 years ago


  • Simon Davies 3 years ago

    children’s show my ass

  • Bhejendra Pun Magar 3 years ago

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