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Bonus Question! Ep. 2 ft. Bart and Geo: Ep. 3 ft. Lana McKissack & Justin James Hughes http://youtu.b…



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  • peler hoop 4 years ago

    I’m black but if it was me near her ill melt

  • DrinkElectrolytes 4 years ago

    ask him out. It works because guys get asked out by chicks super rarely. Don’t fear your feelings, embrace them, and if he turns you down, it’ll make you stronger if you can embrace those feelings. Never trying isn’t going to help in any way whatsoever, that’s what the comfort zone is for — being comfortable but never growing.

  • DrinkElectrolytes 4 years ago

    I did have some fun watching a couple of guys who don’t get it give questionable advice and the one chick on the left giving strait up bad advice. The real advice to “she’s not responding to my texts”, is, it’s probably already dead, stop texting her, work on becoming attractive, and if she never texts you back it’s dead anyways so you may as well take a shot at being direct but assume it’s over. Never get needy, always improve game as the priority, the woman isn’t the priority.

  • santiago13mendi 4 years ago China

  • Martin Ecclestone 4 years ago

    I am what most people might call a little nerdy, as a result dating always was quite a challenge for me. I am not confident at all when I am near girls I like. My best friend is a expert in that and seems to get all the girls. Then I found out how he does it and I created a free video. check out the link I posted on my channel and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Christina Jones 4 years ago

    Dating a guy who’s being accused of being the father of his ex’s baby

  • Vina Tran 4 years ago

    How do I get a guy to notice me

  • Andy Hong 4 years ago

    “Hey what’s the homework assignment” is a conversation starter for flirting doe!!!

  • sareesh madhu 4 years ago

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  • EJ domingo 4 years ago

    Girls play game

  • Determinedbookworm 4 years ago

    Also, there are smart men and women who have good taste in partners (I see it all the time), and maybe you overlook them because it’s easier to dwell on the negative then to critique yourself enough to make better choices. I hear guys complain about liking girls who don’t appreciate them but my question is: doesn’t that call your taste in girls into question too?

  • Determinedbookworm 4 years ago

    As for the whole Nice Guy/Nice Girl, it’s easy to preach to others that your bad luck comes from other people’s bad tastes and failure to see a good thing (good thing=you, of course). But if you keep falling for people who have such bad judgment, then maybe it’s YOU who has the bad taste. This was a hard lesson for me to learn but it’s important to take accountability for your actions.

  • JACkieLUVINthaDANCe 4 years ago

    Chris gave some really good advice!

  • Determinedbookworm 4 years ago

    If you or anyone has reoccurring problems in dating life, YOU are the common denominator. Rather than judging and dismissing a whole gender, maybe try taking a good look at yourself. It’s easier to push the blame outwards but you are responsible for your own happiness.

  • Determinedbookworm 4 years ago

    Right… Because men are so perfect and say and do everything right. Dating is complicated and flawed because human beings are complicated and flawed. It’s annoying and petty when people make sweeping judgments about a whole gender (be it men or women) just because of their own personal, bad experiences. Like men, women aren’t a monolithic group. We don’t all have bad judgment, we don’t all have a million suitors and that goes for every other stereotype about us.

  • Matthew Lauj 4 years ago

    Strangers again .. That’s was good thou

  • Rhee Chand 4 years ago


  • Matthew kimmy 4 years ago

    Phil and Cathy make a good couple xD

  • Amuna Moe 4 years ago

    Ten and his fiance ???

  • Serena Chheuy 4 years ago

    You guys r my heros when im sad

  • Determinedbookworm 4 years ago

    Yes, unrequited love can hurt, especially when you thought something was there but it doesn’t turn romantic. But Cathy makes a good point, girls (and guys) shouldn’t have to feel that someone’s being friends with them just to date them or get in her/his pants. Also, girls can sympathize with Phil as well. Because in these modern times, there are instances where the girl makes the first move and gets rejected in a vague, indirect way. I was one of those girls.

  • phoenixstar5000 4 years ago

    Women make dating complicated period

  • Jaaziel Lira 4 years ago

    Didn’t these guys worked with WongFu Productions?

  • Silver Fern 4 years ago

    Omg Cathy dyed her hair! It’s so pretty! 😀

  • Ali Iqbal 4 years ago


  • Abigail Booth 4 years ago

    Last bit just pretty much explained the whole thing with my ex, thanks guys. 🙂

  • Rachel White 4 years ago

    Phil do you speak Vietnamese

  • Moon Ann 4 years ago

    Yay !, I love this ^^

  • lawson OHlaw 4 years ago

    It all related to ME !! Thanks xD

  • Katia Workman 4 years ago

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  • a6454 4 years ago

    really cool logo

  • Yer Lor 4 years ago

    I like Christopher’s advice!

  • kpop-stuck 4 years ago

    This was awesome! I think Christine is really pretty, but maybe her blush goes up too high a bit..? Idk, I don’t know make-up too well, just my opinion 🙂 Also, the pink and brown heart design bothers me cause on the bottom left there seems to be too much pink haha