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Trisha, Matt, and Will talk your topics on #TableTalk. GET OUR OFFICIAL APP: More stories at: Follow us on Twitter:…



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  • UnrealRealityTV 3 years ago

    Geschichte is German for History :S

  • theF0R3N 3 years ago

    trisha vlogging naked is a bit misleading, saying that makes it seem like
    its all out there for the world to see. not the case haha =P

  • Kaden Siglin 3 years ago

    The only reason you would get called a whore for vlogging naked is because
    secretly, (or openly) everyone likes whores. I personally don’t think
    you’re a whore, because it would takes guts to vlog naked, but you’re
    really beautiful, so who’s going to complain? People who are less
    attractive than you? Maybe. I don’t know.

    My opinions suck, Lol.

  • awsomoo8000 3 years ago

    Matt sounds like Snot from American Dad.

  • Benjamin Irwin-Gordon 3 years ago

    Think will is coming out of his shell a lot more, he’s really funny

  • jedimaster1138 3 years ago

    Every Table Talk I love Will more.

  • HIM4NOS4WXZ 3 years ago

    Oh shit Will’s a virgin? it’s stt88 bro. what is he 20 years old?

  • GregorySpikeMD 3 years ago

    ‘I think I just saw the future’ damn, that’s one good phrase :p

  • ZEGS i 3 years ago

    Are William and Trisha together?

  • rageboyRM 3 years ago

    Swag Police is going to be in the next Sourcefed Animated, I’m calling it.

  • S. Hinzman 3 years ago

    I love the control issues that Matt has, he is a bundle of wonderful
    neurosis! (appreciate it so much)

  • jax191 3 years ago

    Trisha just isn’t my favorite. Just something about her voice…

  • Frithjof Ingwersen 3 years ago

    Geschichte is german for history, I was really confused by this

  • iamlegend128 3 years ago

    i think trisha has a thing for will ;)

  • OnClicked 3 years ago

    People seem to think Matt talks a lot, but if you like him then it’s great.
    I like Matt.

  • Logan21 3 years ago

    So Matt’s celebrity deathmatch involved interracial sumo wrestling with
    some bluster from him and some sass from her. Well then… “Coming to an
    arena near you, ‘Blust-her-ass’ feat. William Howard Taft and Jackee Harry”

  • Carlos Linares 3 years ago

    God damn it, Lieberman, you’re hilarious, sir!

  • pikap864 3 years ago

    hilter vs. napoleon

  • Targuus Targus 3 years ago

    gahhhh i wanna hangout with steve i feel like i have the same exact humor
    as him

  • 96wajahat 3 years ago

    Major bro moment at 16:46.

  • Beauty By Destinee 3 years ago


  • Koen Beaulieu 3 years ago

    How are they straight?

  • millhouse916 3 years ago

    when it said Celebrity Death Match in the title, i automatically thought of
    the claymation show on MTV called Celebrity Death Match, and i got so
    excited because i thought they were gonna talk about the show, and then
    they didn’t. but i was imagining all those match ups as claymation fights

  • the hananimal 3 years ago

    What ever happened to Ross?

  • MrAilastar 3 years ago

    I have never really watched source fed…. but now I have fallen in love
    with yall lolololool :D

  • Lauren McArthur 3 years ago

    WILL. More like WILL you date me. 

  • Andrew Feminella 3 years ago

    Comfort Zone went like 2 episodes

  • June Keke 3 years ago

    I’m gonna do that now!

  • la al 3 years ago

    Did ross quit sourcefed?

  • Noah Miller 3 years ago

    Hey Matt, Geschichte also means “history” in German

  • TyrionVlogs 3 years ago

    This was one of my favorite TableTalks ever! Love these guys! <3

  • al petraske 3 years ago

    remember 20 minutes or less?

  • ootiann 3 years ago

    lol i love these 3 together

  • Stephen Caputo 3 years ago


  • Andrew Green 3 years ago

    Oy Vey is Oh God.. 

  • Aartie Ramlochan 3 years ago

    if a guy squints all the time i’d think he’s high all day everyday 

  • Cal Blake 3 years ago

    Geschichte is actually German for History, fun fact right?

  • TrentenHiggins 3 years ago

    Comfort Zone
    Bring it back SF Nerd 

  • Anthony Woelke 3 years ago

    Samuel Jackson is THE swag police

  • iAmit93i 3 years ago

    I can easily say now that Matt is my new favourite host. 

  • Chris Macias 3 years ago

    Nobody knows what happened after the 17:00 mark